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  2. open Map's Bug help!

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  4. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    Nice, thanks !
  5. open AutoAttack "Bug"?

  6. open problem scale pet and sash system

    you can help me with code?
  7. Website with itemshop and psd

    yes. add me
  8. Website with itemshop and psd

    Can I see some parts of the code to prove the quality? I am interested.
  9. Website with itemshop and psd

    Web: - Standard services such as a forgotten password, e-mail confirmation registration (deactivated and can be activated) and all possible. - multilingual system - romanian ,Italian ,french ,english and czech - Affiliation system - Anti-hTTrak security and other copy programs + logs; - Anti-injection security + logs; IS: - The destiny wheel with 3 levels and 12 functional keys. - Accept Unlimited Servers; (it was tested on 3 servers it accepts more) - Allows the player to choose the server he / she wants to buy; - Information about the last items purchased or earned; - Latest payment logs - Possibility to buy with Dragon Coins or Chips; - Offers to buy Coins; - Payment through PayPal can be done without the server administrator approval and the coins automatically enter into the account; - Anti-hTTrak security and other copy programs + logs; - Anti-injection security + logs; - Ingame login (i have c++ for it) - multilingual system - romanian ,Italian ,french and english http://www.sanerion.cz/stranka - Website full 250euro - Itemshop 50euro - psd 50euro - Website wihout psd 200euro - Website wihout is 200euro - Website without is and psd 150euro - skype: riyuuku.haruyuki
  10. Hello guys,i have 1 problem. i have both Scales (item_scale & mob_scale)But only 1 is working...i have 2 different codes @ ThingInstance.cppif i use the sash part -> Scale is working - but Mob_scale isnt working...if i use the pet part -> Scale is working - but item_scale isnt working... Can anyone help me?
  11. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    Yes you press "fight" and then you whrite the amount of yang/gold then you accept on player's 2 game-window will apear same window he accepts and the timer starts
  12. open Python dll help

    Please help..
  13. Pay for resolve polymorph problem

  14. Is a betting system then?
  15. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    80 is the amount of gold (yang)
  16. open Python dll help

    This is a request to use hacks? Good luck having people answering you then.
  17. open Urllib

    I try few things but not worked... If you now how to fix it please tell me.
  18. Change Items Drop Time

    Following this guide you will be able to change the collection time of the items Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CPao8Z_mVc Code: Client Source /UserInterface/PythonPlayer.cpp // Search: void CPythonPlayer::SendClickItemPacket(DWORD dwIID) // Replace: s_dwNextTCPTime = dwCurTime + 500; // with s_dwNextTCPTime = dwCurTime + 80;
  19. open Python dll help

    I think you do not understand. He does not have the source at that private server, he wants to make PythonLoader functional. It does not help what you say about DynamicLib.
  20. [C++] Tuts from me (Bugfixxes and so on)

    if (pSummonItem == itemVnum) // drop else //skip
  21. [C++] Tuts from me (Bugfixxes and so on)

    sorry for pushing old topic, but anyone knows how to make the pet pickup function only for specific pets ?
  22. open Python dll help

    IM not a coder..
  23. Metin2United

    Would you like to reborn metin2united?
  24. Hello, I have a public IP and whenever I try to start portmaps and connect to the server, the portmaps always crash as I connect the server. The game client obviously dies after portmaps crashing. Why is this happening? I would like to open the ports using my router settings, but for some reason, I can't access the router, so I need to go the portmaps way. - By not being able to access the router I mean, I can't open the ip/url of the router, I do have access to it,but the ip/url of the router wont load, so I'm unable to get into the router settings.
  25. open Mount problem

    71124 ضڽG ՞п ITEM_QUEST 0 1 ANTI_SAFEBOX | ANTI_MYSHOP | ANTI_STACK NONE NONE NONE 0 0 0 0 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Use that query .
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