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  2. Hi devs. Currently I have a problem with my client, I added 2 more inventories (I used to have 4, now 6) but when I place them I can not change my equipment, even though clicking on the object does not change. The sysser is empty. Thank you for your answers
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  5. open Looking for Systems

    Im looking for the following Systems: New Guild System like official Group buff unbugged Biolog System with gui (That players dont have to run to biolog) Full Multilanguage System my Skype: metin2zocker88@hotmail.com Nice Regards
  6. Looking for Systems

  7. Looking for Systems

    Here. https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/forum/35-questions-and-answers/
  8. Looking for Systems

    Couldnt find any category like file-request. Im just asking.. if everything is fine & unbugged i can pay too.
  9. Looking for Systems

    You post in category Services->Searching and you ask about if they are released here? No, isn't.
  10. Looking for Systems

    Got they released anywhere? Because this is really expensive
  11. Looking for Systems

    Here you can find the good ones, you can contact vegas. http://vegas-projects.com/professional-biolog/ http://vegas-projects.com/multilanguage_system/
  12. Looking for Systems

    Im looking for the following Systems: New Guild System like official Group buff unbugged Biolog System with gui (That players dont have to run to biolog) Full Multilanguage System my Skype: metin2zocker88@hotmail.com Nice Regards
  13. open GR2 Export Alignment Problem

    I'll give you the ingredients first. I'll explain how to do it after you help me with the fix Ingredients 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon powder sugar, Half glasses of milk, 1 teaspoon oil (tea cup size: 110 ml.), 1 tablespoon spinach roe, 1 packet of baking soda (10 grams), 1 packet of vanilla (5 grams), 2 cups of flour (200 ml of water glass used). For the Cream 3 glasses of milk, 2 and a half meal spoon flour, 1 tablespoon starch, 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 packet of vanilla (5 grams), 1 tablespoon butter, 1 bag of whipped cream (powder).
  14. open SKILL Area of Effect

    Care to share your solution ?

    Rubinum source , u need to extract it from there
  16. accept on skype.

  17. open GR2 Export Alignment Problem

    first say how after i'll say you the fix
  18. open GR2 Export Alignment Problem

    If anybody can help me I promise I'll teach him/her how to bake a cake Its a pretty unique one
  19. open SKILL Area of Effect

    Solved #closerequest
  20. How to compile Metin2 server on x64 without jails or VMs First, make sure to use the default FreeBSD compiler (cc for .c and c++ for .cpp), i tryied GCC but i didn't get any result. Second, add "-m32" to all the CFLAGS in your makefile. Finally, make this changes on your srcs if you got any error building with CLang The Extern dosen't need to be changed, but the freebsd libraries must be linked with -L/usr/local/lib32 rather than -L/usr/local/lib. WARNING: I failed to build MySQL/MariaDB Connector with -m32 flags, i recommend you to use a VM/Jail for build x86 libraries char_manager.cpp line 20 there is something that include boost/bind.hpp, change that include with this: #if !defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__clang__) #include <boost/bind.hpp> #endif line 650 change all the function: void CHARACTER_MANAGER::Update(int iPulse) { using namespace std; #if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__) using namespace __gnu_cxx; #endif BeginPendingDestroy(); // PC 캐릭터 업데이트 { if (!m_map_pkPCChr.empty()) { // 컨테이너 복사 CHARACTER_VECTOR v; v.reserve(m_map_pkPCChr.size()); #if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__) transform(m_map_pkPCChr.begin(), m_map_pkPCChr.end(), back_inserter(v), select2nd<NAME_MAP::value_type>()); #else transform(m_map_pkPCChr.begin(), m_map_pkPCChr.end(), back_inserter(v), boost::bind(&NAME_MAP::value_type::second, _1)); #endif if (0 == (iPulse % PASSES_PER_SEC(5))) { FuncUpdateAndResetChatCounter f; for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), f); } else { //for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), mem_fun(&CFSM::Update)); for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), bind2nd(mem_fun(&CHARACTER::UpdateCharacter), iPulse)); } } // for_each_pc(bind2nd(mem_fun(&CHARACTER::UpdateCharacter), iPulse)); } // 몬스터 업데이트 { if (!m_set_pkChrState.empty()) { CHARACTER_VECTOR v; v.reserve(m_set_pkChrState.size()); #if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__) transform(m_set_pkChrState.begin(), m_set_pkChrState.end(), back_inserter(v), identity<CHARACTER_SET::value_type>()); #else v.insert(v.end(), m_set_pkChrState.begin(), m_set_pkChrState.end()); #endif for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), bind2nd(mem_fun(&CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine), iPulse)); } } // 산타 따로 업데이트 { CharacterVectorInteractor i; if (CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().GetCharactersByRaceNum(xmas::MOB_SANTA_VNUM, i)) { for_each(i.begin(), i.end(), bind2nd(mem_fun(&CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine), iPulse)); } } // 1시간에 한번씩 몹 사냥 개수 기록 if (0 == (iPulse % PASSES_PER_SEC(3600))) { for (itertype(m_map_dwMobKillCount) it = m_map_dwMobKillCount.begin(); it != m_map_dwMobKillCount.end(); ++it) DBManager::instance().SendMoneyLog(MONEY_LOG_MONSTER_KILL, it->first, it->second); #ifdef _USE_SERVER_KEY_ extern bool Metin2Server_IsInvalid(); extern bool g_bShutdown; if (Metin2Server_IsInvalid()) { g_bShutdown = true; } #endif m_map_dwMobKillCount.clear(); } // 테스트 서버에서는 60초마다 캐릭터 개수를 센다 if (test_server && 0 == (iPulse % PASSES_PER_SEC(60))) sys_log(0, "CHARACTER COUNT vid %zu pid %zu", m_map_pkChrByVID.size(), m_map_pkChrByPID.size()); // 지연된 DestroyCharacter 하기 FlushPendingDestroy(); } sectree.h line 90 inside find_if function change the it_tree declaration with this #ifdef __clang__ LPSECTREE_LIST::const_iterator it_tree = m_neighbor_list.begin(); #else LPSECTREE_LIST::iterator it_tree = m_neighbor_list.begin(); #endif stdafx.h line 24 after <vector> include change all the part that include boost/unordered_map and tr1/unordered_map to this: #if defined(__clang__) #include <float.h> #include <unordered_map> #include <unordered_set> #define TR1_NS std #elif defined(__GNUC__) #include <float.h> #include <tr1/unordered_map> #include <tr1/unordered_set> #define TR1_NS std::tr1 #elif defined(_MSC_VER) #include <boost/unordered_map.hpp> #include <boost/unordered_set.hpp> #define TR1_NS boost #define isdigit iswdigit #define isspace iswspace #endif We've builded our server on x64 machine, but we created a x86 application. Why? Compiling on x64 increases the value of some C types (eg.: sizeof(int) return 4bit in x86 and 8bit on x64). Let's take for example this packet: typedef struct command_script_button { BYTE header; unsigned int idx; } TPacketCGScriptButton; The size of this packet will be 5 on x86 program, and 9 on a x64 program. If we use a x86 metin2 client, the server will except 9 bytes to be received however it will only receive 5 bytes, leaving the server listening for the 4 remaning bytes. The first, possible fix for x64, is building the metin2 client on x64 bit, loosing compatibily with old x86 PCs. The second, is to change all the packets on client/server to the same data (eg.: int becames int32 etc...), so the server builded in x64 will understand that the int packets are 4 byte and not 8; but, convering (on the rest of the server) a 8byte int into a 4byte int could lead up to loosing data. The wrong fix is to define int,long with int32 and long32 (for example). This won't fix nothing because it's like you're using a x86 program, so you could not use any x64 advantage. PS: Sorry for bad english, i hope it's now more clear for everyone
  21. Hi guys I would like to ask for help to export a run/walk animation, i tried to export in CME but it did not solve Other idea?
  22. VegaS Title System Bug

    open the game with debug , you'll see the problem there. if not, post any syserr and syslog from both server and client.
  23. c++ Items tradable

    This guy @Player Unknown is a .. older version of @M2BobFixed...
  24. c++ Items tradable

    Is that joke?xDDD
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