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  2. What is the decisive technical difference to my example? And why mysql_fetch_array? You don't need numeric and string keys here - you are using the column name, so its recommanded to use MYSQL_ASSOC.
  3. Try : $Query = mysql_query("SELECT create_time FROM ".SQL_HP_DB.".account WHERE id = '$_SESSION[user_id]'"); $Fetch = mysql_fetch_array($Query); $create_time = $Fetch[create_time];
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  5. You dont need while if you want to get only one record. I dont understand your "error". 2016-08-30 18:55:21 is the right output, or?. Im wondering why the "Query was empty" message was generated because there is a response. Try: $result = mysql_query("SELECT create_time FROM ".SQL_HP_DB.".account WHERE id='".$_SESSION['user_id']."' LIMIT 1") or die(mysql_error()); $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result); echo date('F d, Y h:mA', strtotime($row["create_time"])); // uncommand the following line if you want to debug the return value // var_dump($row); If "Query was empty" appears, look in your database if the "create_time" is really set for the given user_id.
  6. Hi community, I search a developper who can create for me the official mob_scale ( with table mob_proto). You can contact me on this forum with pm, please say your price in your pm and your reference ( creation, reputation,..) Thank's
  7. sys_err("Nullpointer in CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag %lu FLAG: %u", GetPlayerID(), flag); And you can see the flag who make this error
  8. locale.cfg change charset dear
  9. BUY SYSTEM FROM LENNT that's my advice
  10. This mean there's no character or is dead.
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  12. Hello M2Dev! We are one of the biggest international projects and looking for developers working for us on hourly basis. We only need assistance in C++ and are willing to pay a great loan for great work! What do you need to be able to do? -Adding/Changing small things in our source -Fixxes and error resolving (advanced) -Implementation of systems/develope systems What do we offer? Hourly loan depending on your skills and on your engagement as a developer. We are flexible and would like to pay you with paypal but other payment methods are possible if needed. We want to advance our project, join us to create big things! You can private message me here Skype : Greetings, EAZY
  13. When i use command "purge" i receive this error: "Analyze: no character on desc" What is the problem?
  14. Did you check that every file in the map folder is written in small letters? Did you add the textureset.txt ? Do you have all textures that are linked in the textureset file?
  15. Hey, sry i didnt asked for an alternative and d.join doesnt work always like it does.. I just need the fixxed d.new_jump command Thanks
  16. Thanks for the help. Last question where i can link the costumes to new item_attr ?
  17. Alles pub.
  18. Hello, My name is Luiz Fernando! I'm looking for some time someone who has a source with some updated systems such as: Esarfes Weapon Costume Costume Mounts Dragon Stone Offline Store Sould Blind Arrow Unlimited I am willing to pay for these services, please contact on private or skype.
  19. What serverfiles can I use with this client? Every single serverfiles I tried to use kicked me out of the game because I get this message in chat: Your client version is not correct. Please install the normal patch. Any idea of a serverfile that works / how to solve this problem?
  20. Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board Website: Metin2International Board: Metin2International Board
  21. Read this and you will find the solution
  22. well thanks for the share dude for how much that matters
  23. No, is not. One friend speak with him and he say he leave metin2, and want to share something. Is him.
  24. That's not koray account. This is
  25. I still think, that Koray's account got hacked. Nearly 60€ for nothing, thanks for that. MfG Cyber
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