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  6. You should learn the basic of mysql or you will loose a lot of time and you will male disasters. Ti grant remote access, read this tutorial
  7. I reninstalled my os from 10.3 32bit to 64bit because i had this trouble: After that i made the same exactly installation like i was doing on 9.3 and i did on 10.3 and i had a really strange problem, i can run perfectly commands , the mysql is running but i can't login into navicat . Here is all my errors of db: Something else strange is that when I am running these commands and delete the error files I can login into navicat but after crashes again. Thanks for reading my post , wishing the best for all of you guys.
  8. Yes it does. If you put a lot of effects , structures , trees... in some normal-small area you will notice some descent of FPS. If you have a very big map and you distribute fairly good all there will not be any problem. Your PC have to load more so depending of the caractheristics of your PC you will notice or not that.
  9. Same problem after search
  10. LOL 5 month ago i aded into my server
  11. Google and search this ---> [RELEASE]Official Crafting System <---- and first result (elite******.com
  12. Okay, thank you And keep it up with the map !
  13. Look nice
  14. Awesome work. Maybe someday I will try my luck in maya.
  15. The best interface what i saw. <3
  16. Nice render not else.
  17. thanks
  18. When u export to gr2 use option in 3d max " Smooth -> 20 - 32 " models its better.
  19. In chinese / metin2 style i like it
  20. Models ok but texute have horrible red color.
  21. Not useful because u would have to fix on all armors.
  22. Nice animation I like it.
  23. Nice thanks.
  24. Nice but for me its not useful.
  25. A little work on them. I like chaoss stuff.
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