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  3. This problem that you are facing acually has to do with the speed of your machine. If you say that all the other cores do not show any errors then asuming that the database starts first from the start script, you should use a sleep delay after the core startup, for example, ./db & sleep 2.
  4. This bug is so nice . I didn't know about it. Here is the fixed hanma_boss folder to Nemere:!qRQTxCwZ!cpDvUUxyJisdaFSdJo0RRFViQbdFLusudaQTmtNNZxc The Razador still resists to me >,< yamachun_boss (Razador):!6QADgYpI!Z9aMiFcGqXTU9QnnsAg0vD2otk4MyvaY4PcqnO9dsvg
  5. Always use the latest stable FreeBSD version. The steps remaing the same on other FreeBSD versions.
  6. ok can u give the link to me?
  7. You're completly right my friend.
  8. i have the same error how can i fix it?
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  10. Hey there, I need some help because i am installing metin2 on my vps with FreeBSD 9.3 and some of the stuff seems to be not working (followed the tut on this board).I was just wondering is there any possibility of running metin2 on FreeBSD 10 or 11 and if so is there any tutorials to follow? Thanks in advance
  11. set GLOBAL sql_mode='NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION' Execute this query in account.account
  12. You are blind ? Do not you see that you have to install gmake? You have an answer on top of you, that answer is a link to a video on youtube. Watch carefully, very carefully.
  13. Help me.
  14. I have the same problem, can someone upload me the files from mega again please?
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    Hello everyone !, I have a small problem with my source client... When I open my project with VS, the folders are corrupted, I have tried to unload the Source again, re do everything from 0, and I do not understand why this problem, I have also traded, to reinstall vs or try other versions, but Remains the same. Before that mistake everything was perfect, in fact I had compiled the binary ... can anyone give me some idea? Look this photo : I do not understand why the .CPP or .H files do not come out, but while loading the solution below if it exits for example "loading x file.cpp" etc. Really thanks and sorry my english!
  16. just like alwasy i want to do combile when i came to server i want gamke all said "commond not found" what i need to do?
  17. As you can see it's the same error as before you either have the stuff in another path, or not. You miss the attack1_3.wav in the blue_dragon folder. This should also be Ymir standard file. As i guess it's from "beran setaou" in grotto of exile
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    hi i pick this title for reason it's did i can save and protect my client and the files for server from hack etc.... if u think i'm stupid and u say yea u can i know but i mean it"s easy? or what and i hope u guys help me i know that i"m just new member here and alwasy keep asking u guys two those days just i want to start server
  19. Last week
  20. But, when i set default value for web_ip, problem is same..
  21. Open account.account hit ctrl + d and set a default value
  22. Hello, Does anyone know, how to fix error: Field 'web_ip' doesn't have a default value? Thank you!
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