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  2. Hello community. I want to ask something about the values from the itemproto. I mean the value0, value1 etc. If i want to have attack value 230-374 what can i do? Can anyone explain to me how works?
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  4. Burnblade UI by Evil:

    hmm.You are right! Why not and maybe will be better than actual interface . I will try to make it for m2.
  5. [New]Demon tower

    Looks good!
  6. [New]Demon tower

    luv man
  7. open Shop Search System

    I have a problem with Shop Search System: LINK SYSTEM In chat: Search failed. Doesn't found result Syserr: Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get Thanks...
  8. [New]Demon tower

    Hi to all! After i released Blue death room many people wrote me about full version of this dungeon Finally i found some time to make it. It should be done in few days and then i will start to sell it Blue death room is for free and i will add here on the forum after i will release full map Here is first screen of one floor:
  9. How to make Visible/Unvisible costume? This version doesn't work for me. https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/11825-visibleunvisiblecostume/
  10. Hello guys! I would like to ask you about this bug and how to solve it and make it work. What are yours suggestions? What can cause this? Help please! Below is the video of my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjbtkyT6Zgg&feature=youtu.be Thanks for any answers guys!
  11. linux M2 port from FreeBSD to Debian (8/9)

    Hello. You clearly have no idea on what you're talking because compat7x is not required on linux. CompatXx are libraries ment to make compatible old freebsd applicaton with new one. I don't know someone who use them today (we build metin2 from source, compatXx are not required). What you really need to port are some usefull BSD function that dosen't exist in linux (strl*). Also you will have a windows-like file server, without the ability to use game99 and other great feature that only FreeBSD had because ymir decided to use kqueue inteasted of any open-source library. Some other stuff (i'm supposing the networking identification) need to be ported. For now, most of metin2 libraries are open-source, you don't really need to port them. You need to focus on metin2 server because it's the onliest that isn't compatible with it.
  12. open Memory leak

    Thanks for anwser. Today I'll try use game with edited DirectQuery calls and we'll see.
  13. open Wolfman horse skill bug

    Write the solution for those who have the same problem
  14. Rubinum [SRC,CLIENT,PANEL]

    decrypter client or decrypted client ?
  15. open Metin2 in 2017

    Google for "fix internal ip", setup vmware with bridged network adapter the other steps are the normal ones
  16. open Rotate metin2 buildings

    Its through World editor You must download World editor for Metin2 Then you must extrack these : Effect.eix / ETC.eix / Textureset.eix / terrainmaps.eix / Tree.eix / Zone.eix / Property.eix / PC.eix / Terrain.eix Then you must place the extracted folders inside world editor folder good luck editing your map
  17. open Little BUG Inventory with COSTUME BONUS

    you have this system?
  18. open Memory leak

    Every time you're using direct query it allocates new object of SQLMSg and it returns the pointer to this object. it'd be preffered to be handled by an auto_ptr so it would deallocate all of the containing dynamic objects inside of SQLMsg automatically when SQLMsg destructor is called. The reason they used a delete in this call is because they probably knew for certian they wouldn't use this pointer to the object anymore and it can potentially cause a memory leak. My advice is to always use an auto_ptr as it saves you the trouble to remember where and when to delete this pointer. *Incase you know for sure that you won't use the SQLMsg pointer object anymore(mostly for actions such as UPDATE / DELETE / INSERT) then you should add delete before the directquery as you mentioned above(Although, you are still in risk that the dynamically allocated objects inside SQLMsg will not be free'd). Hope i made it clear.
  19. open Warrior's tattoo

    Thanks a lot ^^
  20. Vanilla is there anyway i can talk private? I try to send a mensage here.

  21. open Metin2 in 2017

    the problem is that in my country we don't have Paysafe card or paypal or some payment method....thats why im trying to try it out with NO-IP Okay so you are making fun of me here but np, My weak point is the server files...But i'm soo good modifying the client and mysql ^^
  22. open Memory leak

    Ok, but I'm asking about YMIR's code. I think I don't have to use auto_ptr if it's UPDATE, INSERT INTO or DELETE query because usually I don't assign it to variable. For example: snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr), "DELETE FROM player%s WHERE id=%d", GetTablePostfix(), pi->player_id); delete CDBManager::instance().DirectQuery(queryStr); Why they used delete in this DirectQuery call?
  23. open Warrior's tattoo

    Hey, here it is: Zoom: glhf.
  24. open Memory leak

    You have to use just auto_ptr and you won't have leaks.
  25. open Memory leak

    Thanks for anwser. I edited some DirectQuery calls, but after little research I found out interesting thing. Sometimes at YMIR's code we can see: delete DBManager::instannce().DirectQuery("update blablabla"); Is this delete neccessary if we don't assign DirectQuery results to variable?
  26. Rubinum [SRC,CLIENT,PANEL]

    decrypter client or decrypted client ?
  27. Rubinum [SRC,CLIENT,PANEL]

    links have been renewed.
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