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  2. 1:04 look at the chat xDD I love the video, a big ol' war on metin2
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    add to AFFECT_DATA_DICT in chr.AFFECT_KWAESOK : (localeInfo.SKILL_KWAESOK, "d:/ymir work/ui/skill/shaman/kwaesok_03.sub",),
  4. Hi mates, on an international server,, I and my guild have made a fight against Portuguese players, enjoy. Video:
  5. Holy shit, great work
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    OR, OR,
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    hello everyone i'am using BesTForce_Full_Client i try to make the client language arabic instead of turkish the client was working fine before i translate every thing to arabic but now when i try to login the client closes before it shows charselect window the syserr says 0425 03:15:04968 :: SetSelectCharacterPhase __pack_import _process_result <module> __pack_import _process_result <module> AffectShower networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'module' object has no attribute 'SKILL_KWAESOK' 0425 03:15:04968 :: ============================================================================================================ 0425 03:15:04968 :: Abort!!!! i understand that : --> calls the and --> calls i don't know where is the problem i'am a beginner so plz i want a full solution srry for my bad english and thanks in advance
  8. If i delete this #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM PyObject* netSendExchangeChequeAddPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { BYTE iCheque; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iCheque)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream=CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SendExchangeChequeAddPacket(iCheque); return Py_BuildNone(); } #endif and this #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM { "SendExchangeChequeAddPacket", netSendExchangeChequeAddPacket, METH_VARARGS }, #endif The launcher compiles successfully help me thx
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  10. Yes, i find game when he take this model and i have remake all becouse only Kidu has it and he don't sell this armors set.
  11. In which files are these costumes?
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    Hello, please help ! i have a problem with guild! when i press in guardian to make a guild.. (iam 105 lvl with the gold) nothing do it... the clan dont maked and no any error ! and no syserr i test 3 quest , the problem is in source! how can i fix; please help!
  13. Ati ajuns si pe aici cu gunoiul
  14. Close this topic pls
  15. Bad english..: I'm from venezuela, if you look and look at google or something you can see the situation of the country .. Well, I'm asking for help from anyone who can be clear, I do not demand anything of the sort .. I'm just going to ask you A little help to buy a better pc at least gaming, to be able to start with a project of metin, since with the salary or meeting I can buy a pc at least with i3 processor, I want to make a metin based source .. but my pc It is too bad it is a, intel celeron 847 1gb ram and then internal video card will imagine how the metin goes .. So I said to myself, the dollar is worth too here in my country and maybe asking for help or looking to do I can Get at least starting a microphone condenser usb to work on youtube .. but I would be missing the pc my goal would be to reach 800 usd, but I know I will not get it that easy and I will not get a donation from that .. but I tell you to be youtuber , Or make some game in this country venezuela .. it's too difficult for me and for many .. that's why I said to myself, what do I do? And it occurred to me to ask for a help to you metin lovers, I know it's annoying for you to ask them or something .. but someday I'll have to thank for this, I just ask for a little help or collaboration to which I can be grateful always :3,Also tell them that I have a dream of being a singer something I wanted to achieve, but as I said I do not even have to buy a condenser microphone, since the food here is finished and then the money and all that goes in the food .. I hope they can Understand this .. I just need a better pc at least i3 or I do not know something like that, I was told to work on metin based source needed at least 8gb I think? Or 4gb something like that because someone was going to install the source or rather I was going to help and then, when I saw the statistics of my pc, he started to laugh haha, and well that's what happened, The perfect pc or something like that I was told that it is cheap and it serves both games and for editing photoshop and Renderisar since it has a ssd .. I hope you understand this and really a thousand apologies for asking something like this .. But I do not know what to do to be able to buy what I want if in this country, it is too difficult .. and I have no relatives outside of it Parents who can lend a hand:s, A thousand apologies A greeting from venezuela, and Sorry for my bad English and annoyances:c.. Donatión : Spanish: Soy de venezuela, si se fijan y buscan en google o algo así podrán ver la situación de el pais.. Pues me doy a pedir está ayuda de el que pueda claro, no exijo ni nada por el estilo.. solo les voy a pedir una pequeña ayuda para comprarme una mejor pc almenos gaming, para poder empezar con un proyecto de metin, ya que con el sueldo ni reuniendo puedo comprarme una pc almenos con procesador i3, pues quiero hacer un metin a base de source.. pero mi pc es demasiado malisima es una, intel celeron 847 1gb ram y pues tarjeta de video interna se imaginaran como va el metin..Pues me dije a mi mismo, el dolar vale demasiado aquí en mi pais y tal vez pidiendo ayuda o buscando que hacer puedo conseguir almenos comenzando un microfono condensador usb para poder trabajar en youtube.. pero me estaría faltando la pc mi meta sería llegar a 800 usd, pero se que no llegaré así tan facil y tampoco conseguiré una donación de esa.. pero les digo ser youtuber, o hacer algún juego en este pais venezuela.. es demasiado dificil para mi y para muchos.. por eso dije a mi mismo ¿ que hago? y pues se me ocurrio pedir una ayudita a ustedes amantes de metin, se que es molesto para ustedes que les pidan o algo así.. pero Algún día tendré como agradecer esto, simplemente pido una pequeña ayuda o colaboración a el que pueda estaré agradecido siempre, también decirles que tengo un sueño de ser cantante algo que quisiera lograr, pero como dije no tengo ni para comprarme un microfono condensador, ya que la comida acá está escasa y pues el dinero y todo eso se va en la comida..Espero que puedan entender esto.. solo necesito una mejor pc almenos i3 o no se algo así, me dijeorn que para trabajar en metin a base de source se necesitaba almenos 8gb creo? o 4gb algo así por que alguien me iba a instalar el source o mejor dicho me iba a ayudar y pues, cuando vió las estadisticas de mi pc se echó a reir jaja, y bueno eso fue lo que paso.. Espero entiendan esto y de verdad mil disculpas por pedir algo así.. Pero no se que hacer para poder comprar lo que quiero si en esté pais es demasiado dificil.. y no tengo familiares fuera de el pais que me puedan echar una mano:s, Mil disculpas Un saludo desde venezuela, y Perdon por mi mal ingles y las molestías :c Donación : Thanks :3.
  16. Numele serverului: EnergyMetin2Canale deschise: 1Nivel maxim:250Puncte status: 90Serverul ruleaza x ore pe zi. 24Site-ul serverului: http://www.energymetin2.euForumul serverului: -Inregistrare: http://www.energymetin2.euClient: http://www.energymetin2.euRata experienta: 1000%Rata yang: 1000%Rata obiecte: 1000%Rata fierarului: 100%Detalii despre server:Switchboot pe F6 Official Triler:
  17. I have this error when compiling launcher: error lnk2001 unresolved external symbol unsigned char "public: bool __thiscall CPythonNetworkStream::SendExchangeChequeAddPacket(unsigned char)" (?SendExchangeChequeAddPacket@CPythonNetworkStream@@QAE_NE@Z) don't resolve C:\Users\********\***\rod_client\Srcs\Client\UserInterface\PythonNetworkStreamModule.obj UserInterface I need help
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    OMG.. Shame on me.. Thank you
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    SELECT AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON ( = WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time AND l.is_gm = 'Y' ORDER BY DESC;
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    Before using this forum you really should read our rules! (i edited your posts). It looks like you're missing some columns in your account table. Could you please enable php errors by adding ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); directly under <?php in your index.php and paste your errors here?
  22. Hi, i have a problem with a query... This is my working query: SELECT AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON ( = WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time ORDER BY DESC; This is my non-working query: SELECT AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON ( = WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time AND WHERE l.is_gm = 'Y' ORDER BY DESC; This is the error i get: Can you tell me why? Or provide me a solution? I really don't want to do a work-around in php... Thank you, .PolluX
  23. Dj istanbul editt aç aç B)

  24. This would be the right way if metin2dev (the community) want to become professional. I really want this too. The problem is that this scene is UNABLE to become professional because of its members. Thats hard but true. If you have an error because of (for example) changing code it should be the minimum to verify: What I did , How I did it and now i have THIS problem Not even that basic is given. So, it has no sence to change anything because the quality in general is ZERO (not all but in most cases) -> just look in Q&A. I mean you can do this but then this board needs a person who close all "bullshit" threads immediately. Edit:// General question: Why is metin2dev successfull? I think its very simple: It is/was a better place (more qualified) than epvp. And now we have the same shit with rising members and try to do it better.
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