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    There you go root:,, and optional if you'd like to bind it to any key same as I did to "X" locale: uiscript:
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    can you add an example of what you've added?
  6. first you need to add a raceflag with the new race "DRAGON" you should check an existing raceflag and add it like it. example: RACE_FLAG_ANIMAL next you need to add the bonus you should check an existing apply example: APPLY_ATTBONUS_ANIMAL POINT_ATTBONUS_ANIMAL and add it like it. it's a matter of copy/paste. also you need to add it to the client's source and the python part, too. tip: after adding them. you should link them together within this function battle.cpp int CalcAttBonus good luck.
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  8. hay koray have u skype `?

  9. Is possible, ofc But the ones who know, don't want to tell. ( i guess is normal to think like that )
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  12. Hello everyone, for some time the rule of packet filter to filter on site ban asser quickly after 20/25 refresh on 20 minutes and especially the users of freebox. Here are my rules :
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    Why metin2 has to have just 60 fps max ? Some computes as mine should have at least 200.
  14. Hey community i have one problem
  15. Don't send message for selling. Coming soon ladies xd
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    Yes i doing it now because no one want to give me perfect gr2 files for this system
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    change the system
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    Which multilanguage system you are using?
  19. Hello, I am trying to implement multi-language system using tutorial. But when I login into game and select "system-settings" client crashs and write error: 0724 16:57:15349 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0724 16:58:27491 :: __Load_BindObject GetChild OptionDialog.__Load_BindObject - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'language_client_btn' 0724 16:58:27491 :: ============================================================================================================ 0724 16:58:27491 :: Abort!!!! 0724 16:58:27492 :: __ClickSystemButton __init__ __Load __Load_BindObject Abort SystemDialog.__LoadSystem.__ClickSystemButton - <type 'exceptions.SystemExit'>: 0724 16:58:27492 :: ============================================================================================================ 0724 16:58:27492 :: Abort!!!! 81th line in uisystemoption is: self.GetChild("language_client_btn").SAFE_SetEvent(self.LanguageButton) Can you help me please?
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    Has anyone new
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    core dont showing anything with bt and bt full
  22. Change all config, change db->common-->locale, change all from eix/epk, change locale filezilla.
  23. solved

    Thanks it was from! fixed it properly.
  24. solved

    Check wear numeration. Root: Client source: GameType.h, ItemData.h Server source: item_length.h
  25. Hello, When i wear belt i get the bonus but i cannot see my belt anymore.. it disappeared. it is not in equipment but i got the bonus of the belt. It is like there is no slot for belt. It seems to be missing the unique slot of belt. Any help appreciated!
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    You do not have a solution to this problem???
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