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  2. Chyu ^^

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    Well, WorldEditor sometimes goes wild.
  3. ridetpro

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    There is no such empty string in any textureset. But it's good to have this check.
  4. serex

    150$ Free in cryptocoins

    Hi guys Im going to explain a promo of one crypto exchange where you can win ~150$ in tokens (cryptocoins). You need: - Telegram - Twitter - Email Steps to follow: - First, create one account here: https://www.satoexchange.com/register/ - Confirm your account via email. - Go to the website, log in, and go to the section MYACCOUNT, there you will see a tweet button. - Click in the button and tweet the stuff (you have to be logged in Twitter). - Wait 5-10 min and you will see in the same section a code like this: - Open telegram and enter in this group: https://t.me/satoexchange_official - Paste the code in the group chat. And... wala!! You have 1000 tokens of SATX! You will can exchange those tokens for bitcoins or other coins from 1st of August.
  5. Hello, how i can 1,add monster spawn 2.radom monster spawn group because when you kill like wolf then sometimes resp hungry wolf how to do this with another group of monster like when you kill spider then spawn radom group dog or wolf or spider
  6. How the bug manifests? Client closes without any syserr How to reproduce the bug? Let' say you got textureset/metin2_map_c1.txt and inside you got an empty string like this: TextureSet TextureCount 17 Start Texture001 "" 5.000000 5.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0 0 End Texture001 Start Texture002 "d:\ymir work\terrainmaps\b\field\field 02.dds" 6.000000 6.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0 0 End Texture002 binary/src/source/PRTerrainLib/TextureSet.cpp Search this lin inside bool CTextureSet::SetTexture if (!pResource->IsType(CGraphicImage::Type())) And add before if (!pResource) return false; Search this line inside bool CTextureSet::AddTexture if (!pResource->IsType(CGraphicImage::Type())) And add before if (!pResource) return false;
  7. binary/source/SpeedTreeLib/SpeedTreeForest.cpp Search and replace this function CSpeedTreeForest::SpeedTreeWrapperPtr CSpeedTreeForest::CreateInstance(float x, float y, float z, DWORD dwTreeCRC, const char * c_szTreeName) { SpeedTreeWrapperPtr pMainTree; if (!GetMainTree(dwTreeCRC, pMainTree, c_szTreeName)) { TraceError("CSpeedTreeForest::CreateInstance - Cannot find: %s", c_szTreeName); // 1 iunie 2018 return NULL; } SpeedTreeWrapperPtr pTreeInst = pMainTree->MakeInstance(); pTreeInst->SetPosition(x, y, z); pTreeInst->RegisterBoundingSphere(); return pTreeInst; }
  8. Driguezgames

    open Sash Shoulder Bug

  9. ridetpro

    open check Client_version in python

    // PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp // Under bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendClientVersionPacket() from // add bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendClientVersionPacketNew(int32_t arg) { auto ver_arg = std::to_string(arg); std::string filename; GetExcutedFileName(filename); filename = CFileNameHelper::NoPath(filename); CFileNameHelper::ChangeDosPath(filename); TPacketCGClientVersion kVersionPacket; kVersionPacket.header = HEADER_CG_CLIENT_VERSION; strncpy(kVersionPacket.filename, filename.c_str(), sizeof(kVersionPacket.filename) - 1); strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, ver_arg.c_str(), sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp) - 1); if (!Send(sizeof(kVersionPacket), &kVersionPacket)) { Tracef("SendClientReportPacket Error"); } return true; } //PythnNetworkStram.h // bool SendClientVersionPacket(); Under // add bool SendClientVersionPacketNew(int32_t arg); // PythonNetwoStramModule.cpp PyObject* netSendCheckVersionPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int32_t iVer; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iVer)) { return Py_BuildException(); } CPythonNetworkStream &rns = CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rns.SendClientVersionPacketNew(iVer); return Py_BuildNone(); } // static PyMethodDef s_methods[] = { "SendVersionPacket", netSendVersionPacket, METH_VARARGS }, Python usage def IsVersion(self, arg) net.SendClientVersionPacket(arg) if IsVersion(1111) #Do stuff I did not test it.
  10. Shogun

    WoM2 looking for developer

    Hello everyone, WoM2 (https://global.wom2.org) is currently looking for a game developer with knowledge of C++ and python, and familiar with database work. We offer the best conditions in the scene, and a very organized and serious work environment. If you are interested, please write me an e-mail on shogun@wom2.org your nickname, projects you worked on and areas of knowledge. Regards, Shogun
  11. Traceur3RUN

    open check Client_version in python

    yes something like this if getClientVersion(12345) then --todo end
  12. Hades ✔

    open Flashing | in chat

    You can check the quests functions there i saw a function with blinking quest name.
  13. boloca

    Patch unpacked

    reupload ProGuilds war plis
  14. Fazer

    [Hades] Final Version - Multi Kill System

    I am the one and only hahaha nice
  15. Shang

    [Hades] Final Version - Multi Kill System

    Wtf the last kill ahaha
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hi Dev`s here my new Multi Kill System. [Project] Angel vs Demon. [System] Multi Kill - Effects & Sounds.
  18. Driguezgames

    open Sash Shoulder Bug

    Hello i don't know why is that going like this but my problem is: if the absorption is under 19% the last sash shoulder will be fine: but if absorpiton is 19%+ this happen: what's wrong?
  19. Raylee

    [Release] Mob #76! by Lynx3D

    Nice Thank you! Best regards Raylee
  20. Link: MEGA Web: Lynx3D Info:
  21. dothu

    solved Display bug

    Thank you mate! Dump_proto was the problem!
  22. ridetpro

    open D:/Ymir work dmg hack

    Try to paste the ConvertPackFilename intro the EterPack.cpp namespace. It should works
  23. bumxd

    open D:/Ymir work dmg hack

    eh again error( http://prntscr.com/k7kidw
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