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  2. hello, i had a server like 3years ago, now i want to work on him again but after install i got some errors in sysser, game works normally i can play, but i want ask you "some experts" to help me, i dont know if it is in structure error, im using 40k and i didnt see that errors in sysser from 3 years, i really searching some tuts for this, but noone works, i have installed mysql 5.6, same like 3 years ago, everything is as it was -db source -game source, please help me, thanks for any help,ideas. I appreciate that
  3. thespeedy

    New Chest View idea

    how mutch? i like your work♡
  4. Please do this I'm looking for it. I'm also looking for the Guild window update. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I noticed a strange bug about level updates so I thought to post here. I followed this guide: but this is just for the text above the character's head. I have recorded the bug in this video: I believe the video is pretty explainatory but for those who fail to see it in a clear resolution, the GM levels-up the character 'Claniaris' (Lv. 40) to Lv. 50. Then, she adds him into her Guild. When Claniaris opens the Guild utility window and navigates to Guild members, you can see that the displayed level is still 40. Also, in the GM client, his level is also still 40. Is there a guide or something that can help with this bug? Thank you for your time.
  6. Mind Rapist

    DevIL, ILU SDK & Unicows PDB

    Excuse me for bringing up this old topic but how do I add support for Unicows in a source that has nothing about this lib?
  7. Chief

    [C++&Py] Extended equipment viewer

    Can you make a function for that to block that in Gameoptions ? kind regards
  8. Fernando

    open Armours

    Hello Devs. I'm searching for new armours and costumes how can i get the zodiac costumes and other ones? if someone have them please share it with me. Thanks.
  9. Traceur3RUN

    open Need Pet Bambi and others

  10. TooleK

    open Expanded shops NPC

    Hi guys, So I added expanded shops to my server , everything working cool but one error , I cant see any text on it , but I can buy it . ? all source code has been implemented correctly :X Any help much appreciate
  11. T4UMP

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    Time Elapsed 00:01:52.78 boost 1.68.0 (all-minimal) cryptopp 7.0.0 granny2 (2.11) IL libjpeg 9c lzo 2.10 minilzo 2.10 python2 (2.7.15) Time Elapsed 00:01:39.00 with original externs ahhah
  12. Hey there, yesterday I tried to change the game and the mysql and now I can't open the server and I don't know how to fix this/these error(s) These are syserrs : CH 1https://pastebin.com/LiirJG2r DB I'm not getting anything wrong Auth: https://pastebin.com/AkZR29sL Game99 https://pastebin.com/4qL8NSTN I hope you guys will find out a solution to this
  13. Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel

    [HARD PVM LIKE OFFICIAL] Metin2Pandora

  14. Kori

    Emoji in TextLine

    You can edit the code for the privat Chat The idea is : Hello friend :) To Hello friend You can make a replace or a find script for this I mean Find in text : ) -> replace to the emoji
  15. evils666

    open Bind Key Keyboard

  16. SussyFlore

    open Problem search shop

    Hello! I added this search shop system (for offline shop ken) and the system don't work good. http://dosya.co/sqtxouwcxsmf/[System]Ticaret_Camı.7z.html If i search sash i will have syserr in client. https://pastebin.com/7iHTaMRx That my files: uitooltip.py: https://pastebin.com/NxHbcbG6 uisearchsystem.py: https://pastebin.com/rgmkDY34 The bonuses from items and sash absorbtion rate don't appear when search. Can you help me? Thank you!
  17. attila1995

    Emoji in TextLine

    @xP3NG3Rx I have an interesting question. So, how can i break the emotion's image to a new line, like private chat? Can you make and show a code to it? Have a good day.
  18. I try run on Windows Server 2016 Standard the official Gameforge's client and i get the message " no appropriate device ". Please someone could help me,i tried the troubleshoot compatibility solution but it doesn't work.I tried windows and full screen mode both and the error is the same.
  19. Mind Rapist

    Install MariaDB instead MySQL

    Thanks for the response, the errors are gone! I believe leaving everything at MyISAM will work for the time being.
  20. Last week
  21. MrQuin

    open [Drop Bug] Item drop when its not in drop

    You'll find that the line of the weapon is repeated in item_proto.txt , Just remove it .
  22. Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of creating a server for me and my friends. We played from 2006 - 2012 and kinda want those times back. Everything we are looking for is some serverfiles which is up to date and has 1:1 rates like the official server (Same exp, quests, drops etc.). I just want to downgrade them cauz of some bug fixes which happened for sure in the past. We are also looking for some HD clientfiles if any exist with better textures and overall a nice looking design like a better login, loadingscreen. But the typical HUD should be still the same, we just kinda want it in HD. And maybere there is a sick webdesign for that project which you guys know? We would highly prefer the old Template of the official server or smth else which looks rly good. Would be so nice if you could help me searching the perfect files for that, would be so thankfull for usefull answers. Kind regrads, OwnedGG
  23. iltizio

    Install MariaDB instead MySQL

    Mariadb from 10.2 hasn't xtradb: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/about-xtradb/ Use in innodb instead. For insert delayed error, please read this https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/insert-delayed/ You can update your source or use myisaam for tables that use insert delayed.
  24. Mind Rapist

    Install MariaDB instead MySQL

    Hi, I updated my Storage Engine as 'Aria' and now I'm getting this syserr: So far, I experience enviromental update problems (the character moves to it's own window, but other people see them sitting in the spot they were before they moved). Is there something missing from the guide? I also followed this thread: to convert my source. XtraDB is not available in Navicat->Design table->Options->Storage Engine. Query returns Unknown storage engine 'XtraDB'. Does someone know how to fix this?
  25. hi devs I wanted to build my game with gcc8 and i upgraded crytopp, boots to last version. But i get linking error. I compiled cryptopp with gcc8 again and again. I also tried with pkg and used default cryptopp lib but always errors are there. This is my makefike: This are errors.
  26. Hi, i have my maps on diffrent cores any sometimes my core 1 randomly crash, the only error i can find is: "Logout: m_aiEmpireUserCount[2] < 0" May it be a problem and if yes, how to fix it?
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