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  2. c++ Items tradable

    Is that joke?xDDD

    Already is free on web.
  4. c++ Items tradable

    I know, it was created for those who do not know how to use dump_proto :))
  5. c++ Items tradable

    Waaaaaaaat? Just change the anti flag in item_proto omg.
  6. Today
  7. c++ Items tradable

    Hi, makes items (ring exp, glove drop, etc.) tradable. https://pastebin.com/eqyfQyvq Bye!
  8. c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    this is my GuildWindow class onupdate function in inside class TestGame(ui.Window): and i don't have another onupdate functions

    @.Elijah :))
  10. map Beseran - Map / 3D

    Ist die Map nicht von ihm?
  11. open Problem with absorption Sash system

    Try to upgrade sash model, if the absoption will be there. The problem is dump_proto. Compile proto for client with ZoneArchiver.
  12. New water texture.

    thanks for sharing. keep it going!
  13. 2K Moon and 2K Starfield Pack

    In game active code: /x 1 DOWNLOAD VIRUS TOTAL
  14. Yesterday
  15. solved How to add game "Moon" ?

    Hello community, how would you like to show a moon and sun in the game? Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWhheOoAHiU I have made by self new mod: here is link
  16. Hello, I'm having a problem. I had been making a private server for 2 days on Hamachi and so I bought a VPS, i installed the most basic full server files I found on Mpcforum.pl onto the vps, and then chucked in my db and sf from the previous hamachi edition. Libs are all there etc. and now I stumbled upon a problem. Syserr: SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:37 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect.SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:40 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect. II think I have to unblock ports right? but how ?
  17. Im sarching this offshop to buy, send me a pm message.
  18. it looks like this and i tried almost everything i align the model perfectly with a model from the game im using 3dsmax11
  19. open BLOCK POTTION

    yes, i too 2 day ago find this bugg, if you can fix that, can pls say in this topic or pm?
  20. It's caused by the packer you use. Try to rewrite the capital letters to small ones f.e. like that - death_blader_raid_t00_ori.tga hope this helps! BR

    If the guy says Kill your self, would you do it? if so Please do it.
  22. open SKILL Area of Effect

    Hello devs! 1. Anybody knows where could I set the AoE of a skill? I tried to implement the new Dragon roar changes 'cause I like it a lot and for now I can cast the skill from any distance that I set in skill_proto, but the AoE (not visually, physically only) is still at my character and doesn't take any DMG, as you can see below. 2. Where can I set the KNOCKBACK attr of a skill? F.e. Spirit strike or Stump are doing this - it throws you to the ground. I've been searching for solution in the source in both cases but couldn't really find anything. Thx for every tip! sndbn
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