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  2. open Abilitis bug

    input_login.cpp search void CInputLogin::Entergame(LPDESC d, const char * data) and add if (ch->GetHorseLevel() > 0) { DWORD pid = ch->GetPlayerID(); if (pid != 0 && CHorseNameManager::instance().GetHorseName(pid) == NULL) db_clientdesc->DBPacket(HEADER_GD_REQ_HORSE_NAME, 0, &pid, sizeof(DWORD)); ch->SetHorseLevel(ch->GetHorseLevel()); ch->SkillLevelPacket(); }
  3. open Abilitis bug

    Nobody knows? Up!
  4. open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    There is no simple answer, on my server we are using packer written from scratch with new encryption method and other compression algorithms like lizard, lz4hc
  5. Hello Guys, here i have create a new video about worldeditor: number 19 it's for german people but you just have to see how to make a simple map. if you like it, you can let like there and comment. you can subscribe my channel for more / news Download: all my old downloads are not longer active cause i dont have webspeace more, and i have to upload all the files again.
  6. open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    Thank you for zero answer.
  7. Hello guys. I have a problem. whenever the client closes it appears in the on the client syserr. Could anyone help me with this?
  8. [HELP] Button stays on screen when I open quests

    problem solved. thank you
  9. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    It's pretty easy. It resolves from ACMD (do_ride) (cmd_general.cpp) Search: if (item->IsRideItem()) { ..... } Change to: if (item->IsRideItem()) { if (NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE1) || NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE2) || NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT)) { ch->UseItem(TItemPos (INVENTORY, i)); return; } }
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  11. [HELP] Button stays on screen when I open quests

    Comment / delete this in the uiinventory.py file if app.ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM: self.wndBelt = BeltInventoryWindow(self) self.expandBtn = self.GetChild("ExpandBtn") self.minBtn = self.GetChild("MinimizeBtn") self.expandBtn.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OpenInventory)) self.minBtn.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.CloseInventory)) if localeInfo.IsARABIC() : self.expandBtn.SetPosition(self.expandBtn.GetWidth() - 2, 15) self.wndBeltInventoryLayer.SetPosition(self.wndBeltInventoryLayer.GetWidth() - 5, 0) self.minBtn.SetPosition(self.minBtn.GetWidth() + 3, 15)
  12. Hello guys. I have a problem. the button stays on the screen when I open missions. As you can see in the image below. Could someone help me solve this problem?
  13. open Bug Mount

    hi i have a bug get down from the slot mount when i press ctrl + g a fix something? https://gyazo.com/d6c5cb2170a025663efb081a7fb32f7d
  14. Do you can answer my topic , please ?



  15. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    Up ! Dobrescu please help me
  16. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    I have a bug at mounts too When i`m riding and i teleport the mount transform into a horse I have the vnum on special_item_group too
  17. open Invetory problem

    up up
  18. open Abilitis bug

    Hello dev community I found a little bug and i don`t know from where it can be So before i relog i have this: https://imgur.com/CF8BwI4 After relog i got this: https://imgur.com/7PjgQeT The points are still there but they dissapear It`s really anoying
  19. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    Yes , i add this , but after i have this bug all mount : VIDEO :
  20. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    The vnum item have to be in mount group in special_item_group.txt ( idk ymir made this thing, it has no logic, but that's how it should be )
  21. open sash bug

    hello, can anybody help with bug, i cant in combination panel add sash 85004(4lvl sash) but 85001-3 can, how fix that?
  22. open Source Clint Error

  23. Hey vanilla please check your inbox , its kinda important 

  24. Hello , I have the next bug : VIDEO :
  25. open 3DS Max gr2

    dont use opacity maps
  26. open acce system bug

    hello, can anybody help with fix bug random chance have idea? for example 85014 - should give only 1% abs but now can give 7/8/9/6 .. and so with every acce
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