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  2. LordZiege

    open Sash problem - Metin2

    You missed to update the source for the new sashes. ./UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp search for this: void CInstanceBase::SetSash(DWORD dwSash) inside this funtcion search this: dwSash > 86000 replace with this: dwSash > 87000 and replace this: dwSash -= 1000; with this: dwSash -= 2000; Should look like this: No go Serversource, game/src/item.cpp search this: else if (GetSubType() == COSTUME_SASH) inside this if clause replace this: toSetValue += 1000; with this: toSetValue += 2000; Should look like this: #Link removed
  3. Chunchunmaru

    open solitary 2 dungeon

    hi, anyone have this map ? sorry for bad language
  4. BeauDeCiuda

    open remove item for new pet system

    Up? anyone ?
  5. Lua_Horus2

    open Sash problem - Metin2

    push pls help
  6. Recently we received a report related to our password recovery not working, we are glad to announce the issue was fixed
  7. Tallywa

    open Bug Devil Tower

  8. Yesterday
  9. Driguezgames

    open remove item for new pet system

    Ahh sorry
  10. WLsj24

    open remove item for new pet system

    He does not mean that, what he means is that the pet can level up without having to get experience by items.
  11. maniek1337

    open Change nick metin2 client

    does anyone know how to change my nickname in client? are there any mods that change nicknames or something? Only to see me at home
  12. heroberlin

    A reference to Metin2 development

    Thank you very much for this.
  13. INst1Nct

    open Texture problem and pet incubator

    Ok , ill check that...whatever tha ti know i ve all of those. What about the change of bonus ? in newpetsystem?
  14. Fleon

    Multiple login saver

    Almost completed. What do you guys think? This will probably be also relased to the public, i completed the marking system now it is 100% working and it's fully client-launcher made, no server. This is for an old style server so it had to be easy to use and in-line with the current "metin2 official" style. Output from the script (to show the obfuscation, it is done with python27, base64 and struct. It is some decent premade algorithm.): Test2Dev:ztjYyuGW Account1:ztjYyuGW Account2:ztjYyuGW Account3:ztjYyuGW //They do NOT get displayed as x5 since it's a dict and the key "Account4" is taken just once, but still i shouldn't write them, will perform an earlier check. Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account5:ztjYyuGW north:4crn3Q== It works with txt to dict conversion and vice versa.
  15. Lua_Horus2

    open Sash problem - Metin2

    Hello, today i try implement metin2 oficial sash. But i have one problem. I equip one sash, but appear another sash! Someone help me? equiped sash and costume window: http://prntscr.com/jwtpez item_list: https://pastebin.com/r5ZP4zVd (only problem sash code) item_desc: https://pastebin.com/7jbVdp9n (only problem sash code) item_scale: https://pastebin.com/FMJ7ZVrV (only problem sash code) item_proto: https://pastebin.com/pYUpq7rd (only problem sash code) item_names: https://pastebin.com/X9EZ6s9k (only problem sash code) model gr2: http://prntscr.com/jwtrv0 Thank you very much!
  16. Hello there When I translate any client there is problem that always make me... when I change the language all coordinates got overlap, the same file have the same coordinates as original local file(that have the same language) so where is the problem? I think there is something need to change so all coordinates going to be write cause all coordinates same as the original server If any body can solve this I will be thankful
  17. cekaskartos8

    open Gaya game.core

    Hi, Gdb; Can anyone help me?
  18. Good afternoon, I have the following error https://pastebin.com/n09eEV4U Can anyone help me? uinewshop.py
  19. Driguezgames

    solved GM commands problem

  20. Driguezgames

    open Texture problem and pet incubator

    Check your settings.txt in map folder, Watch if you have the right textureset.txt in folder, check terrainmaps witch the textureset or check if the enviromnent is good.
  21. Driguezgames

    open remove item for new pet system

    In oficial you have the flag anti_petfeed but... If you dont have that flag ONLY block in python part (the Button) easy lazy solve haha
  22. Driguezgames

    Transfer costume bonus

    Cmd_general.cpp i think
  23. EnKor

    open ANTI_FALL

    Nop. Not in there! I need something like this; AddAffect(SKILL_CHUNKEON, POINT_IMMUNE_FALL, 100, AFF_CHEONGEUN_WITH_FALL, 30, 0, true, true);
  24. mofatincule


    yes yes dont worry i rather play in your server with ZERO players online in 24 (and ZERO is for real ZERO not something like "low amount of players" but a truly ZERO)
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