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  2. open Won System Problem

    Not Work
  3. <Python> Simple [New] Loginwindow & intrologin

    Hello, what reupload? This screen in original client in uiloading.eix .epk
  4. Hi. How can i upgrade sash with 25040 or 25041 item? Now i can't(i have red slot) but i can upgrade them with blacksmith. What i should edit?
  5. open Won System Problem

    check mysql player table empty u need to create new char and old char PID give to new easier : create new account
  6. open Won System Problem

    not work .... i'm login, select character and the loading bar is blocked.... not syserr client
  7. Can't change gender

    Wrong, only trans are allowed
  8. Can't change gender

    Seems like no trans are allowed here
  9. Can't change gender

    Hello guys Today I checked out my profile and noticed that my gender is set to female, but I can't change it >.> Or I'm blind as fu** xD or there's something wrong >.< Thanks P.S.: I always wanted to have be a girl *-*
  10. Today
  11. [QUEST]Boss Library

    Hello, Nice thank for sharing.
  12. c++ Auto Block Chat(Insult)

    Plase add link to download, not on here.
  13. c++ Auto Block Chat(Insult)

    i maded in py with 30 sec cb + after 3 cb = 1 hour REAL chatban ( no py this piece)
  14. open Won System Problem

    Hello, problem in Player.player. Player table crashed Right syntax
  15. open Won System Problem

    Hello, i'm have add won system in my FS but have this syserr : SYSERR: Aug 18 02:50:12 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE id=31278' at line 1 (query: SELECT id, name, job, voice, dir, x, y, z, map_index, exit_x, exit_y, exit_map_index, hp, mp, stamina, random_hp, random_sp, playtime, gold, level, level_step, st, ht, dx, iq, exp, stat_point, skill_point, sub_skill_point, stat_reset_count, part_base, part_hair, part_sash, skill_level, quickslot, skill_group, alignment, mobile, horse_level, horse_riding, horse_hp, horse_hp_droptime, horse_stamina, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_play), horse_skill_point, chequeFROM player WHERE id=31278 errno: 1064) SYSERR: Aug 18 02:50:12 :: RESULT_COMPOSITE_PLAYER: null MYSQL_RES QID 0
  16. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    Hello i again active i see u problem try this

    system acce or system sash?
  18. c++ Auto Block Chat(Insult)

    Hei, i quess there is a method to pass the insult file and insult anyway i will try it and post it here if that's true.
  19. [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    LOL, forget this $.... like python: make new item. ittem in quest rename player with add (vip1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) And this python work wery vell Where is problem? XD for request i made tutorial how it's work
  20. Link:https://mega.nz/#!nh1lzTYQ!Sg3bqSR5rAiLAFNDikqBPnowz1WVWrWy78gc_r-QQ1Q Auto Block Chat (Insult).rar

    You have wrong subtypes in your database, your sash is acting like it was a costume. You need type 28 subtype 2 for sash.
  22. open Mobs attack bug

  23. hello i have a question how i can but the dragonsoultabel in to my client and server any one have the quest (ENGLISH/GERMAN) and the client parts ?
  24. open cant see my mall.tga

    thx you

    1) If you have sash with item scale: Check item scale and acce attach part in the tut If not: Check msm of your race 2) Check if part_acce is updated in database (try to logout, save player data, etc..)
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