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  2. Hello ! Anybody can help me to remove affect of and if they are active on login ? Thank you very much !
  3. i don`t fixed scale position
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  5. Can you make tops` screen and paste it here?
  6. Once or two times on days. =S
  7. Seems to be just a random crash and you should not care about it. Does it appear often or not?
  8. Only this core =S
  9. It`s hard to determinate what could be the reason of this crash. Have you got smth else except this core?
  10. But this isn´t in a loop, is it? I think the function there is called once.. int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { bool bAnyBrowserIsOpen = false; if ( FindProcessId(L"chrome.exe") || FindProcessId(L"firefox.exe") || FindProcessId(L"iexplore.exe")) { bAnyBrowserIsOpen = true; } return 0; } It just checks once. I need to check it the whole time. With timers it would be easy, but in the metin2 source i can´t use timers.. Thank you in advance Edit: Solved
  11. Hi Guys, someone can help me with this problem? Thank you so much guys. First Debug: #0 CHARACTER::GetName (this=0x3) at basic_string.h:280 280 { return _M_dataplus._M_p; } Using bt: (gdb) bt #0 CHARACTER::GetName (this=0x3) at basic_string.h:280 #1 0x081736cd in ITEM_MANAGER::SaveSingleItem (this=0xffffa280, item=0x31a8f1a0) at item_manager.cpp:484 #2 0x081758a4 in ITEM_MANAGER::Update (this=0xffffa280) at item_manager.cpp:544 #3 0x08293cd3 in heartbeat (ht=0x29129580, pulse=171577) at main.cpp:344 #4 0x08293e24 in idle () at main.cpp:943 #5 0x08295665 in main (argc=742211464, argv=0x365e3308) at main.cpp:591 Line: 484 of item_manager.cpp: sys_log(1, "ITEM_SAVE %s:%d in %s window %d", item->GetName(), item->GetID(), item->GetOwner()->GetName(), item->GetWindow()); Line 544 of item_manager.cpp: in function: void ITEM_MANAGER::Update(): Line 544: SaveSingleItem(item); Line 344 of main.cpp: in function idle() line 344: heartbeat(thecore_heart, ++thecore_heart->pulse); Line 591 of file main.cpp: function: int main(int argc, char **argv) Line 591: while (idle()); Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Is this what you need ? You not need a loop for that. Just search on google
  13. Thank you. I just want to make a function do detect if a program is running. Just a test. So yes, it must run forever.. other solutions? The function "TestFunc" is just a test to see how to loop without freezing the game.
  14. Yesterday
  15. The thread destructor will terminate your program if the object is destroyed while the thread is still running. Do you know what is a thread ? Is not better to create a class for TestFunc and after you call? Or you can even make function inline. while(1) in above example these statements will be executed forever... and will never stops. You are sure about that? You may use an "if condition" and inside it a break statement to terminate loop in some specific situation. I do not really understand what you want to do. inline void TestFunc() { std::ofstream ofs("example.txt", std::ofstream::out); ofs << "Just a test"; ofs.close(); } int main() { for (;;) { TestFunc(); } }
  16. #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> #include <thread> #include <fstream> void TestFunc(){ while (1){ ofstream myfile;"example.txt"); myfile << "Just a test"; myfile.close(); } } And the call in the mainfunc: std::thread t1(TestFunc); t1.join(); The function works, but the game doesnt appear..
  17. Please provide test code
  18. Hello, i have the client source and i try to make a function which should be called in a loop. I tried threading, but it doesn´t work. If i use while and threads, the game doesn´t appear, but the function gets called in a loop. Does somebody know how to call a function in a loop from UserInterface without freezing the game? Thank you
  19. Well, this is a re-design from other web.. (the original web is Here a image of this re-design: DOWLOAD The script of this web is in other forum, if you search a little bit you can found it. And more details about this re-design on my portfolio. Regards, LovePlay
  20. ++++++++++++++++++++
  21. My first login design, its simple but its not bad ^^ the logo its editable too. Its old, but someone maybe like it. DOWLOAD Regards, LovePlay
  22. i like this sculptures good job
  23. Please ! ReUpload Again.
  24. in my server the /shutdown doesn't exist ! how can i figure which command does work on mine ?
  25. I make this a loong time ago, i just cut the interface of the original screen by NyBu. And i posted this in other forum. It was more good than this.. some one detroy it or install bad. i cant post the original post of this by me, but its in the spanish forum metin2zone. regards, sorry for my english
  26. - flygun (acquisition) Please welcome @flygun as our newest moderator!
  27. I set 604 but the bless working on +9 item...
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