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    The problem should be resolved. Let me know if it happens again. Best regards, Chuck
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    Damn, I forgot that they were added when it was implemented in C ++ 11. Then, make files as they were before. and run only gmake dep command. To work as I told you above, you compiler need to support C ++ 11.
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    Now you need the hackshield library. libhackshield/lib
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    put from a another src example vanilla and put the lib into the libhackshield, or comment it out it the makefile.
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    Thank you ! Hopefully I can get back on track with my work .
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    Recommended! I buy jinno, etc for metin2fenix, and work fine! Good job!
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    Hi guys. I've been asked to reupload this file so here it is : CLICK If the link dosn't work just go on my website http://3dmetin.ro and under Freebies section you can download the files . Thank you and subscribe to my website for more stuff .
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    Check this https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/9120-new-sash-models/
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    The attaching function w/ right mouse button is located into the uiInventory.py file, because you are clicking on an item in the inventory. You have to check the current opened window to blocks the equiping the sash and make some magic in the "def __UseItem(self, slotIndex):" and "def __SendUseItemPacket(self, slotPos):" The slot highlighting is dependig on what version is that what you are using.
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    You should know that we use a hosting and do not have access to the configurations.
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    Hey, I still await a reply from the certificate seller for a response for this problem. Best regards Chuck
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    I recreated them by getting them from an old client.