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    Intro This release will explain how to "convert" your root .py files to .c ones. Actually, Cython only converts those files to pure CPython code. Download NOTE: ALL THE FILES HAVE BEEN MOVED TO HOW-TO-CYTHON-MT2. EDIT: As requested by many people, you can download the compatible and clean official cn root dated 20131228-0034 without further edits: rootCn_20131228-0034_edit.raruiscriptCn_20131228-0034.rarcN-serverinfo-edit.pyIs Cython really worth it?ProsAll the modules are compiled, and they can't be "extracted as .py" anymore.We can always disassemble the launcher with IDA, but the result will be pseudo-c code after waiting 6-8h of analyzing. Since we're not using .pyx files but directly .py ones, there's no "so much optimization".At least, 10% of performance increasing is guaranteed. ConsFor testing purposes, it's heavy to maintain. Everytime you try to re-compile your root files, you should wait 5-10 minutes.You can always use the uncythonized root (.py files) when you perform tests, and compile cython whenever you will make an update in your live server. The launcher's size will increase ~10mb. You can actually pack it to save space.If you directly use a .pyd (still 10mb), the launcher's size won't increase. VideoTutorial Credits Me (lollo_9_1/martysama0134)Night (OST suggestion)Random TestersWhat's New:v2.0The module's name check is now case-insensitive (colorInfo == colorinfo)Added a new function rootlib/uiscriptlib.getList() to retrieve a tuple of all the available cythonized modules.Now you can compile a uiscriptlib library from the uiscript*.py files! (implemented as __USE_EXTRA_CYTHON__)Added a sample ui.py containing the code to run uiscriptlib.
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    Pictures: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/30892 Link: https://mega.nz/#!9p1U1YZC!GQ9qwf7nmMoPqJ0u7mB76dmbR9pN24oaV3IJuFD3reg
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    Hello everyone, this is the Xmas Gift from me which includes Thunder&Guatama maps in another version. They are from old project so I thought I could share them with you. Guatama Cliff: Mt Thunder: Download World Editor Pictures: http://share.pho.to/AZOLR Kind Regards, Sonitex
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    personally, i've modified my say_title function this way. say_title = function(name, width, height) setdelay(0); say(color256(255, 230, 186)..string.format("%s[WINDOW_SIZE width;%d|height;%d]", name or "", width or 350, height or 300)..color256(196, 196, 196)); end -- function and my quests run at the speed of light, the setdelay(0) is sufficient and does its work perfectly.
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    This is a snippet from my anti-cheat system, MetinGuard. Wine is commonly used in reverse engineering as you can run PE (Windows executables) in an emulated environment, ntdll.dll on Wine will export the functions below listed in lpBadFunctions - we can try and get the address in the export table by using GetProcAddress and seeing if it succeeds. This is just a small part of MetinGuard's anti reverse engineering module. #define ARRAY_SIZE(a) (sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0])) BOOL bCheckWine() { LPCSTR lpBadFunctions[] = { "wine_get_unix_file_name", "wine_get_version", "wine_nt_to_unix_file_name", "wine_server_call", "wine_server_handle_to_fd", "wine_server_release_fd", "__wine_init_codepages" }; HANDLE hNtLib = LoadLibraryA("ntdll.dll"); if (hNtLib == NULL) { return FALSE; } LPVOID lpNtFunc = NULL; for (SIZE_T i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(lpBadFunctions); i++) { lpNtFunc = GetProcAddress(hNtLib, lpBadFunctions[i]); if (lpNtFunc != NULL) { FreeLibrary(hNtLib); return TRUE; } } FreeLibrary(hNtLib); return FALSE; }
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    A macro is a macro, they do the same things, ARRAY_SIZE looks a lot cleaner to me. But yeah, they both serve the same prupose. No, HMODULE is a typedef of HINSTANCE which is a typedef of HANDLE. Wow, that was a stupid mistake.
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    Samuraicore v1.2 https://mega.nz/#!GUMDARoS!XqEZ_-QtCHw7N5Bj58Eh5O2rkIbjb9-sth_Zj5K805o
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    v16.5.1 https://mega.nz/#F!XMZ1wKzB!2w6MPTuJiTCyP8cB3MCPJQ ps.: metin2_patch_monster_card and metin2_patch_flame_dragonlair patches are not included yet.
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    If you can't understand the code please stay in quiet.