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    It doesn't block brute-force, it makes the brute-force atempts useless because the password storage method is different. Yet, they can unpack your client, view the salt (I'm considering it is the same for all accounts) and adapt their brute-force. You should make an unique salt for each account, and use to make a hash (new versions of sha are nice). You can do like you said also, but it shouldn't be your first line of defense, blocking ip + hwid for 30min after 5wrong logins atempts in the last 5minutes for example. You can also implement 2-step auth on your server, check Google authenticator.
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    So you are saying that the official source is free of bugs? ayyy lmao
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    If they are bruteforcing without using the client you could add a salt to the password in the logininterface
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    def OnUpdate(self): if app.ENABLE_COINS_INVENTORY: self.wndCoins.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToSecondaryCoinString(constInfo.Coins)) def RefreshStatus(self): money = player.GetElk() self.wndMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(money)) if app.ENABLE_COINS_INVENTORY: self.wndCoins.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToSecondaryCoinString(constInfo.Coins))
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    Hello. I was looking inside the official python files and I found a little fix for this: Let me explain a bit the problem. If you leave open the inventory/dragon soul inventory/expanded taskbar or the affected objects and then you are using quest for teleportation, the windows what you left open will be closed because of the quest and when the quest executed those windows what you left open before would be opened again, but the warp is killing this procedure and that happens what you can see in the video, the windows are there but you cannot see them. Btw you can close them with escape key. The fix is coming from webzen: Simple, just execute a .Hide() function before the Destroy function has been called on that object what is stuck on the main window after teleport and that's it. For example: interfaceModule.py -> Interface class -> Close function: if self.wndInventory: self.wndInventory.Hide()#fix self.wndInventory.Destroy() if self.wndDragonSoul: self.wndDragonSoul.Hide()#fix self.wndDragonSoul.Destroy()
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    You could just add "pc.polymorph(vnum, seconds)" to transform the player joining the OX in vnum represented monster. You can also easily check if the player is GM and transform him in another monster. [€dit]: so you should use an high minutes value to keep the player polymorphed for the entire OX duration and, at the end of LUA's OX script, add "pc.remove_polymorph()"