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    You gotta edit this line on the serverside source. Right now, mobs spawned by the server are aggressive if inside a dungeon.
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    Hi, In this thread I will show you how you can implement an advanced spam protection to your server. The player can write the same message just after 5 seconds. The player will receive 1 minute of chat ban if he is trying to send the same message more than 3 times in 5 seconds. You can specify a blockspamlist.lst file which contains words. If the user sending a message which contains a words from the list, the player will receive 5 minutes of chat ban. (You can specify the time of the chat ban) You can specify a bannspamlist.lst file which contains words. If the user sending a message which contains a words from the list, the player will receive a ban. (You can specify the time of the ban) Open game/input_main.cpp and search for this: if (ch->IncreaseChatCounter() >= 10) Add this over that: if (!strcmp(ch->LastPlayerMessage, buf) && (thecore_pulse() < (ch->LastMessageAt + SPAM_WAIT_SEC * 25)) && !ch->SpamAllowBuf(buf) && ch->GetGMLevel() < GM_LOW_WIZARD) { if (ch->BlockChatAfter < 2) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, ("You must wait 5 seconds to repeat your message")); ch->BlockChatAfter++; return iExtraLen; } else { ch->BlockChatAfter = 0; ch->PlayerPunish(false, SPAM_CHAT_BAN_TIME); return iExtraLen; } } else { if (!ch->BannListCheck(buf) && ch->GetGMLevel() < GM_LOW_WIZARD) { ch->PlayerPunish(true, SPAM_BAN_TIME); return iExtraLen; } if (!ch->SpamListCheck(buf) && ch->GetGMLevel() < GM_LOW_WIZARD) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, ("You wrote a not allowed words!")); ch->PlayerPunish(false, SPAM_CHAT_BAN_TIME); return iExtraLen; } } Still in input_main.cpp search for this: ch->GetMapIndex(), strlen(ch->GetName()))); Add this under that: strcpy(ch->LastPlayerMessage, buf); ch->LastMessageAt = thecore_pulse(); ch->BlockChatAfter = 0; Open game/char.h and search for this: BYTE GetChatCounter() const; Add this under that: int LastMessageAt; int BlockChatAfter; char LastPlayerMessage[CHAT_MAX_LEN + 1]; void PlayerPunish(bool PowerPunish, int Duration); bool SpamListCheck(const char *Message); bool BannListCheck(const char *Message); bool SpamAllowBuf(const char *Message); Open game/char.cpp and add these events: void CHARACTER::PlayerPunish(bool PowerPunish, int Duration) { if (!PowerPunish) { AddAffect(AFFECT_BLOCK_CHAT, POINT_NONE, 0, AFF_NONE, Duration, 0, true); sys_log(0, "%s[%d] has been chatbanned because of spamming/writing words which are in the spamlist.txt", GetName(), GetPlayerID()); } else { std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> msg(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("UPDATE account.account SET availDt = FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()) + %i) WHERE id = %d", Duration, GetAID())); sys_log(0, "%s[%d] has been banned because of saying blacklisted word", GetName(), GetPlayerID()); GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(5); } } bool CHARACTER::SpamAllowBuf(const char *Message) { if (!strcmp(Message, "(Ȳ´ç)") || !strcmp(Message, "(µ·)") || !strcmp(Message, "(±â»Ý)") || !strcmp(Message, "(ÁÁľĆ)") || !strcmp(Message, "(»ç¶ű)") || !strcmp(Message, "(şĐłë)") || !strcmp(Message, "(ľĆÇĎ)") || !strcmp(Message, "(żěżď)") || !strcmp(Message, "(ÁËĽŰ)")) { return true; } return false; } bool CHARACTER::SpamListCheck(const char *Message) { for (int i = 0; i < SpamBlockListArray.size(); i++) { if (!strcmp(Message, SpamBlockListArray[i].c_str())) { return false; } } return true; } bool CHARACTER::BannListCheck(const char *Message) { for (int i = 0; i < SpamBannListArray.size(); i++) { if (!strcmp(Message, SpamBannListArray[i].c_str())) { return false; } } return true; } Add 2 new files to your project: spamblock.cpp spamblock.h Add these to the spamblock.cpp #include "fstream" #include "string" #include "sstream" #include "stdafx.h" #include "../../common/length.h" std::vector<std::string> SpamBlockListArray; std::vector<std::string> SpamBannListArray; void LoadBlockSpamList() { std::string TempBlockList; std::ifstream File("chat/blockspamlist.lst"); if (!File.is_open()) { sys_log(0, "WARNING: cannot open chat/blockspamlist.lst"); return; } SpamBlockListArray.clear(); while (!File.eof()) { File >> TempBlockList; SpamBlockListArray.push_back(TempBlockList); } File.close(); } void LoadBannSpamList() { std::string TempBannList; std::ifstream File("chat/bannspamlist.lst"); if (!File.is_open()) { sys_log(0, "WARNING: cannot open chat/bannspamlist.lst"); return; } SpamBannListArray.clear(); while (!File.eof()) { File >> TempBannList; SpamBannListArray.push_back(TempBannList); } File.close(); } Add these to the spamblock.h #include "string" #include "../../common/length.h" extern void LoadBlockSpamList(); extern void LoadBannSpamList(); extern std::vector<std::string> SpamBlockListArray; extern std::vector<std::string> SpamBannListArray; Add this to game/char.cpp #include "spamblock.h" Add this to game/main.cpp #include "spamblock.h" Search for this in game/main.cpp: PanamaLoad(); Add these under that: LoadBlockSpamList(); LoadBannSpamList(); Open common/length.h and add these: SPAM_WAIT_SEC = 5, // The player can duplicate his message after 5 sec SPAM_CHAT_BAN_TIME = 60, // The player will receive 60 seconds chat ban, if he is saying a spamlist word SPAM_BAN_TIME = 3600, // The player will receive 1 hour ban, if he is saying a banlist word Open game/cmd_gm.cpp and search for this event: ACMD(do_reload) Add this to the switch function: case 'b': ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Reloading bann/spam list infomations."); LoadBlockSpamList(); LoadBannSpamList(); sys_log(0, "Reloading bann/spam list infomations."); break; Add this to the top of the file: #include "spamblock.h" How to set up: Make sure you added everything to your game Create a new folder called chat in your channels Create 2 files, blockspamlist.lst and bannspamlist.lst Upload the words to these files Restart your server blockspamlist.lst example: obsceneword1 obsceneword2 obsceneword3 obsceneword4 bannspamlist.lst example: WWW.CHEAP-FARM-SERVICE.COM WWW.CHEAP-GOLD.COM WWW.EASY-HACKS.COM WWW.FREE-YANG.COM If you have any question or suggestion, please just reply to this topic. Kind Regards, Sanchez
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    Read the whole topic and start implementing stuff, brute-force will have zero effect.
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    I think he talk about this video. You can't block it 100%.
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    Yeah, both hwid and ip can be bypassed sadly. About hwid it could get more then just the mac address, ids from other parts aswell, I'm just not sure where privacy could start being an issue I used unique salt for each account, inspired by the ips account management. About 2step you're right, its good but can be annoying. Maybe ask it only for critical operations like change email, password? And for new devices, keeping a log of what devices are used to log in. Then for known devices ask only once every 30 days? That should reduce annoyance
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