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    root/uiRefine.py root/constInfo.py Another idea: (you don't have to use this, is just a example, can add in tooltip where you can drop items which you need, you can add a listbox+scrollbar and send drops from server and cache it in dictionary.)
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    Today I needed the original icon without the text on it, so I prepared it. I put it here on the forum, maybe it will also be useful to someone Download: https://mega.nz/#!DpFFyKzZ!MwMh_jZE8YAXemcrhIkMu6EA0eeYqOvRigkap6BDXys
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    Hey, Today i will show you how you can fix easy the invisibility effect bug and the AFFECT_EUNHYEONG = sealth ninja skill from 17.5 Official update. InstanceBase.cpp (Is hiding the ninja from the minimap) InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Search for: Replace with:
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    Hello everyone. I reversed something new from the official binary what I would like to share with you. Download PS.: Let me know if you found any mistake in the guide.
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    So after 5 years I finally decided to make a map from scratch, which became the new map 1 for romanian players in WoM2: the Deunsang Citadel. Thanks to Ace for many of the models I use here: I am also releasing most of the trees and shrubs I used, these are from Oblivion and I did already release them before (and many people used them in their maps) but I reworked both the lighting and the textures, especially of the trees, and fixed a couple that were not working before. https://mega.nz/#!N1sVwAjB!JxklI1qYBUnzfq-DRcF5ab0mvS08ORbfl1D1oGSIv5I
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    Hello ! I share a lot of work, a month and a week to correct the armor brilliance from level 0 to 70! Overview : Warriors : Shamans : Suras : Ninjas : Download : HERE ! Give me your opinion about this ! And sorry for my bad english I'm French Xayah,
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    Official v18.4 patch The missing texture files are included. All locales So on. Download Br client: Download
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    Information  This function shows player's title after name. Simple to enable/disable (via locale_inc.h definition). Download Click HERE or on signature (page Projects -> Free)  Enjoy.
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    Hi everyone. Here are some functions what I reversed from official binary about the PythonEventManager. 1.) event.SetVisibleLineCount(descIndex, iCount) - This limits the visible count of the lines in the 'textbox'. Used in battlefield and minigames. 2.) event.GetLineHeight(descIndex) - Gives back the height of the textline. Used in battlefield and minigames. 3.) event.SetYPosition(descIndex, iY) - Sets the Y position of the texts. Used for nothing yet. 4.) event.GetProcessedLineCount(descIndex) - Gives back the number of the processed text lines count. Used in battlefield and minigames. 5.) event.AllProcessEventSet(descIndex) - Instantly shows every text lines under a second. Used in battlefield and minigames. Faster than the zero delay 6.) event.GetTotalLineCount(descIndex) - Gives back the total line of the textbox. Used for new char- select and create, battlefield and minigames. If you have any problem, just write a comment below.
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    You can do it in a simple way. root/interfaceModule.py root/game.py root/uiTip.py Now all what you need is to call them from server > client how you want. PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "BINARY_SetMissionMessage", Py_BuildValue("(s)", "#MissionMessage")); PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "BINARY_SetSubMissionMessage", Py_BuildValue("(s)", "#SubMissionMessage")); PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "BINARY_CleanMissionMessage", Py_BuildValue("()")); You can do a new CHAT_TYPE_UNKNOWN_NAME or like a command, depends of how you want to use it. game/src/unknown_file.cpp UserInterface/PythonNetworkStreamCommand.cpp
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    I just leave this here.. waiting for your opinions.
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    NOTE: Using this you will need my Boost 1.55+ fix here, or if you already fixed ok If the tutorial have already posted, i didn't saw it If this tutorial is useless, old, bla bla. Let me know, i will immediatly remove It's intended as a Noob-like tutorial Windows Requirement: Visual Studio 2012+ (I use VS2017) Other Systems: C/C++ Compiler (such as CLang/GCC) Bash Shell (for export command) Mini tutorial if you don't have Bash installed in your FreeBSD system (i dubt it) Step 1: Create our folders Create our Extern folder on the top directory of Server folder (uppercase and lowercase are important) Inside our Extern we need to create 2 folders include (for inclusions file) lib (for libraries) Like this: Step 2: Boost Download boost here You will have an archive similar to this Exteract boost folder to Extern\include Step 3: Crypto++ Download Crypto++ here You will have something similar Extract all the files into a folder (like Extern\cryptopp) Now we'll create a folder called cryptopp in Extern\include and we will execute this 3 commands cd "folder where we extracted cryptopp" (ex.: Y:/Metin2/Extern/cryptopp565) cp *.h "folder Extern\include\cryptopp" (ex.: Y:/Metin2/Extern/include/cryptopp) cp *.asm "folder Extern\include\cryptopp" Then create a file called cryptoppLibLink.h (UPPERCASE is important), put this inside save this file in Extern\include\cryptopp Step 3.1: Crypto++ Building For Windows: Open crypttest.sln Then, it will ask us to update the project, let's do it We need to build in Debug\Win32 and Release\Win32 only "cryptlib" project After the compition is done it will create a folder called Win32 in our cryptopp folder Inside that there will be another folder called Output, let's go inside Copy Release\cryptlib.lib to Extern\lib Go to Debug folder Rename cryptlib.lib to cryptlib_d.lib Rename cryptlib.pdb to cryptlib_d.pdb Let's copy the 2 files we reneamed into Extern\lib For Other Systems: We will open GNUMakefile (not GNUMakefile-cross), go to line 446 you will find this Add this 2 lines CC = "our C Compiler" (like: gcc6) CXX = "our C++ Compiler" (like: g++6) We will have something similar to this Then, type this commands cd "folder where we extracted cryptopp" (ex.: \Metin2\Extern\cryptopp565) gmake After the compilation is done you will find a file called libcryptopp.a, copy that to Extern\lib folder Step 4: LZO Download LZO here Inside the ZIP file, go inside include folder and copy "lzo" folder to Extern/include Extract the whole file into a folder (like Extern/lzo210) For Not-Windows Systems: Type this commands: cd "Folder where we extracted LZO" (ex.: Y:/Metin2/Extern/lzo210) chmod 777 configure chmod 777 autoconf/install-sh ./configure CC="Same CC Value that we used on Crypto++" make If you have assembly-related issues type this ./configure --disable-asm CC="Same CC value that we used for Crypto++" make Then let's go to folder src/.libs (inside the folder where we extracted lzo), copy liblzo2.a to Extern/lib folder For Windows Systems: Open a Visual Studio command prompt (Start -> All Programs -> Visual Studio 2017 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Developer command prompt) for Visual Studio 2017 Open the file B\win32\vc.bat (from the folder where you extracted LZO) and make sure line 10 it's this: set CC=cl -nologo -MT -DNDEBUG then from our CMD type this cd "Folder where you extracted LZO" (es.: Y:/Metin2/Extern/lzo210) B\win32\vc.bat After the compilation, let's copy lzo2.lib into Extern\lib Una volta fatto ciò copiamo il file lzo2.lib in Extern\lib Let's open B\win32\vc.bat again and edit the line 10 to this: set CC=cl -nologo -MTd -DDEBUG then type "B\win32\vc.bat" again and Rename lzo2.lib to lzo2_d.lib and copy that to Extern/lib Step 5: DevIL Building DevIL it's very long, we won't do that. We will use prebuilded binary For not Windows OS: Let's install it sudo apt-get install libdevil-dev (ubuntu) pkg install devil (freebsd) Type this command: cp -r /usr/local/include/IL "folder Extern/include" (freebsd) cp -r /usr/include/IL "folder Extern/include" (ubuntu) Then open our makefile and change: LIBS += -lIL -lpng -ltiff -lmng -llcms -ljpeg to: LIBS += -l:libIL.so then under it add: LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib For Windows OSes: Go here Download 1.8.0 SDK and extact include folder into Extern Go to this folder lib\x86\Release (on the ZIP file) and exract DevIL.lib into Extern\lib Both for out client and server the DevIL DLL is "DevIL.dll" found inside Step 6: MariaDB/Mysql C Connector (Server Only) WARNING: The choice of MySQL or MariaDB may vary based on your system, if you installed MariaDB you must use MariaDB Connector C, if you installed MySQL you must use MySQL Connector C Not Windows OS: pkg install mariadb101-client or pkg install mysql56-client (version 101 and 56 may vary) Add this to your game,db and libsql Makefile INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include/mysql (if you installed mysql) INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include/mariadb (if you installed mariadb) Add this for game,db LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/mysql (for mysql) LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/mariadb (for mariadb) If you still got linking erros (for mariadb), change the LIBDIR into mysql Windows OS: Download MySQL Connector C here or MariaDB Connector C here WARNING: Only Win32 versions The folders where you can find includes and lib for them are here C:/Program Files (x86)\MySQL/MySQL Connector C X.X (where X.X is the version of the connector that you installed) C:/Program Files (x86)/MariaDB/MariaDB Connector C Copy include folder into Extern\include Rename the include folder that we copyied mysql (inside Extern\include) For MySQL: Go to lib\ folder and select your vs version (vs12/vs14), copy mysqlclient.lib into Extern\lib For MariaDB: Go to lib\ and find your vs version (vs12/vs14), copy mariadbclient.lib into Extern\lib, rename this to mysqlclient.lib Google Tests: (Extra part for not Windows OSes) Server Extern IS OK! Step 6: libjpeg (Client Only) Download LibJpeg (IJG) here Extract everything in a folder Create a folder called libjpeg in Extern/include Open a command prompt and type this cd "folder where we extracted libjpeg" cp *.h "folder Extern/include"/libjpeg cp *.asm "folder Extern/include"/libjpeg Create a folder called jpegliblink.h in Extern/include/libjpeg with this content: Copy jconfig.vc into Extern/include/libjpeg, rename it to jconfig.h. Step 6.1: Building libjpeg Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt (lke before) and type this commands: cd "folder where we extracted libjpeg" nmake /f makefile.vc It will be generated a file called libjpeg.lib, copy it into Extern/lib, rename that to libjpeg_d.lib Copy file vcXXX.pdb (where XXX is your visual studio version like 140) copy it into Extern/lib and rename it into libjpeg_d.pdb Then type these commands: nmake /f makefile.vc clean nmake /f makefile.vc NODEBUG=1 and copy libjpeg.lib to Extern/lib --> If you have this error: "Cannot rename jconfig.vc" or similar, rename jconfig.vc into jconfig.h --> If you have this error: "Cannot find Win32.mak" or similar, create a new file called Win32.mak and paste this inside Final Step for Client Go to dev/Extern/include (original ymir source) and extract every file that are NOT inside a folder (like d3dx8.h) The circled files are a few of the files that you need to copy Go to dev\Exteren\lib folder Extract all files into Extern\lib (our Extern folder) excluding files that we already builded (like: boost-*, DevIL, cryptlib, cryptopp*, lzo2, libjpeg) (a file that you need to copy, for example, is dxguid.lib) The file with name deleted dosen't need to be copyied That's it. We successfully upgraded our Extern so we could take advantage of the 9999 bugfixes that are inside Sorry for any grammatical error or english mistake (it was originally written in italian), if something isn't clear or not ordered tell me and i will edit PS: Feel free to translate it to any language as you want, to repost it anywere you want. As long as you credit me (the original author) it's fine [Original posted 24 Apr 2017]
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8IRVR3x6RQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgs4ae1VJM0
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    I'm still working on it. Yes, it'll a long journey. I'm cooperating with the team of "Zarania" who's working on a Metin2-like game also based on Unreal Engine 4. In my prototype it's already possible to battle with monsters as you can see below:
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    why do you have a developer rank?
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    I did not abandon the project but due to personal rl issues I wasn't able to do much. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Things will change starting next year. So stay tuned, I'm gonna release a new version once I'm done with the rl stuff.
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    Always this stone bridge in shinsoo annoyed me, this is his amendment Download: https://mega.nz/#!HgcFkAjY!z1lGgDoNvjU5M6MtbQak3D4EOHJ_1ogh-5dxuvlB6Is A few details:
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    So /reload q is the problem. Don't use this command in a server with players, only in test server, it isn't safe. When you modify a quest is better to do a reboot to apply the changes. Close the server, open player.quest in db and fix manually the quests of players with problems (you can compare with the rows of a player without problems or more fast you can make a query to do it). Then start the server again. And don't use /reload q.