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    Hey Metin2dev-Community! WE WISH EVERYONE MERRY CHRISTMAS! We want to say thank you too, for your activity on our board. Lovely greetingsMETIN2DEV-TEAM
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    Hey Metin2dev-Community! WE WISH EVERYONE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!! Good health and much happiness for the year 2019. May all your intentions come true. We want to say thank you too, for your activity on our board. LOVELY GREETINGSMETIN2DEV-TEAM
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    The moment you pay (a lot), other people will come to ddos you for money. Also, for €300, you can build a quite good infrastructure that mitigates ddos attacks. Narnia2 paid. He joined the owner's pc using teamviewer (to install the fake protection), he stole all of his server files, and he's now trying to resell them. He also leaked their account table already. Best trade ever. 2019 will be the year of booters. Stay tuned!
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    M: https://i.gyazo.com/d84d73b41414acb3e4570fb9ae7fd049.mp4 F: https://i.gyazo.com/b3ae946b25c4b0f81c6d4dcd1a4b9e29.mp4 GitHub repository: https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Extended-Alignment-System
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    PeaceMaker is customer of Ch3HP, he have to write good about him or kiddo will ddos his server.
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    Ch3HP : Let's flood this server and ask him 300$ for stopping ddos Manager block Ch3HP Ch3HP : Let's flood again. 1 month later : Police on door Ch3HP
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    oh + block me ahha
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    Hello everyone, Although I may have released these trees from the game Enemy Total War before, they were mostly not working and those which worked had their lighting totally off so they were not really usable. So today I finally converted all the trees (135), corrected the lighting and changed the color palette of the textures to match the one in Metin2. Besides normal trees there is also a good number of dead trees, shrubs, and, handy for your christmas maps, lots of snowy trees. There are no fall versions though, all the leaves are green, but you can always open the composite maps in Paint.NET and play with the levels/hue menus. Heres a screenshot with some of the trees: Zoomed in to see the general quality. It's inferior to the Oblivion trees in general but still better than ymir's. Download 63 MB https://www27.zippyshare.com/v/hWLe0owb/file.html
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    In metin2 DEV (from developer, or should it be from newbie?) people fell for that kid? Really? Hes using stressers, most of the times the free plan, you cant just go to your provider panel and block it? I wonder how the hell you have a server and that kid owns you, maybe it should be a reminder to go learn instead of opening servers in the first place.
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    At first, LoadMonsterAreInfo's first error is coming from regen.txt. If you don't have this file in your pack. System will give this error. As galet said, you're just hidding that. char c_szFileName[256]; sprintf(c_szFileName, "%s\\regen.txt", GetMapDataDirectory().c_str()); LPCVOID pModelData; CMappedFile File; if (!CEterPackManager::Instance().Get(File, c_szFileName, &pModelData)) { //TraceError(" CMapOutdoorAccessor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo Load File %s ERROR", c_szFileName); return false; } The code is already explain itself. If you want to fix it, here is a fix for you. bool CMapOutdoor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo() { RemoveAllMonsterInfo(); // Remove All Monster Info char szFileName[256]; _snprintf(szFileName, sizeof(szFileName), "%s\\monsterareainfo.txt", GetMapDataDirectory().c_str()); LPCVOID pModelData; CMappedFile File; if (!CEterPackManager::Instance().Get(File, szFileName, &pModelData)) return false; CMemoryTextFileLoader textFileLoader; CTokenVector stTokenVector; textFileLoader.Bind(File.size(), pModelData); for (DWORD i = 0; i < textFileLoader.GetLineCount(); ++i) { if (!textFileLoader.SplitLine(i, &stTokenVector)) continue; stl_lowers(stTokenVector[0]); // Start to read MonsterAreaInfo.txt if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("m") || 0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("g")) { if (stTokenVector.size() < 11) { TraceError("CMapOutdoorAccessor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo Get MonsterInfo File Format ERROR! continue...."); continue; } CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterAreaInfoType eMonsterAreaInfoType; if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("m")) { eMonsterAreaInfoType = CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_MONSTER; } else if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("g")) { eMonsterAreaInfoType = CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_GROUP; } else { TraceError("CMapOutdoorAccessor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo Get MonsterInfo Data ERROR! continue...."); continue; } const std::string & c_rstrOriginX = stTokenVector[1].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrOriginY = stTokenVector[2].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrSizeX = stTokenVector[3].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrSizeY = stTokenVector[4].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrZ = stTokenVector[5].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrDir = stTokenVector[6].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrTime = stTokenVector[7].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrPercent = stTokenVector[8].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrCount = stTokenVector[9].c_str(); const std::string & c_rstrVID = stTokenVector[10].c_str(); long lOriginX, lOriginY, lSizeX, lSizeY, lZ, lTime, lPercent; CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterDir eMonsterDir; DWORD dwMonsterCount; DWORD dwMonsterVID; lOriginX = atol(c_rstrOriginX.c_str()); lOriginY = atol(c_rstrOriginY.c_str()); lSizeX = atol(c_rstrSizeX.c_str()); lSizeY = atol(c_rstrSizeY.c_str()); lZ = atol(c_rstrZ.c_str()); eMonsterDir = (CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterDir) atoi(c_rstrDir.c_str()); lTime = atol(c_rstrTime.c_str()); lPercent = atol(c_rstrPercent.c_str()); dwMonsterCount = (DWORD) atoi(c_rstrCount.c_str()); dwMonsterVID = (DWORD) atoi(c_rstrVID.c_str()); CMonsterAreaInfo * pMonsterAreaInfo = AddMonsterAreaInfo(lOriginX, lOriginY, lSizeX, lSizeY); pMonsterAreaInfo->SetMonsterAreaInfoType(eMonsterAreaInfoType); if (CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_MONSTER == eMonsterAreaInfoType) pMonsterAreaInfo->SetMonsterVID(dwMonsterVID); else if (CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_GROUP == eMonsterAreaInfoType) pMonsterAreaInfo->SetMonsterGroupID(dwMonsterVID); pMonsterAreaInfo->SetMonsterCount(dwMonsterCount); pMonsterAreaInfo->SetMonsterDirection(eMonsterDir); } } return true; } The system cannot read the actual file. File name is MonsterAreaInfo.txt but system is trying to read regen.txt. If you want, you can change monsterareainfo.txt with regen.txt - result will be same. Kind Regards ~ Ken
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    Hi there devs, A few months ago I've made a solution for the well-known problems with the character select/logging out which is: once you are about to change character, the stats (ht, st, playtime, etc...) and parts (armor/head) don't update properly: you have to do it twice to see the correct values/items when a character is logging out from the game near to your character you can see a fast equipment change (the character is unequipping everything from him/herself) Explanation for the problems The usual coding video The fix GL for the setup and if you have further question(s), remark(s), or anything that you want to ask or suggest, feel free to post it here, or send it in PM. If you get error(s) please upload the affected (and edited) file(s) to http://pastebin.com/ and link it in your post, to make my work easier and probably I will be able to help you only in one post, so please spare me from asking basic requests like "Could you upload...". Thank you Have a nice day, ~masodikbela
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    https://pastebin.com/arTaLsSY (CH3HP reported it) https://pastebin.com/FPQQQbrC (Ch3HP reported again) Onedrive link https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApbXLsy9e79AkYJZnh7c5fuELhQYQw https://i.tlthings.net/creport/
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    Hi, everyone today I would like to share a fix which Webzen has made with you. The fix is about the target position. Ymir is not checking if the target is on horse or not. It would be useful for range attacks. Find this: D3DXVECTOR3 CActorInstance::OnGetFlyTargetPosition() { D3DXVECTOR3 v3Center; if (m_fRadius<=0) { BuildBoundingSphere(); v3Center = m_v3Center; } else { v3Center = m_v3Center; } D3DXVec3TransformCoord(&v3Center, &v3Center, &GetTransform()); return v3Center; } Replace with this: D3DXVECTOR3 CActorInstance::OnGetFlyTargetPosition() { D3DXVECTOR3 v3Center; if (m_fRadius <= 0) BuildBoundingSphere(); v3Center = m_v3Center; D3DXVec3TransformCoord(&v3Center, &v3Center, &GetTransform()); if (__IsMountingHorse()) v3Center.z += 110.0f; return v3Center; } Best Regards Ken
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    If you get DDOS by CH3HP this is your server protection in a nutshell:
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    Not even that. Cookie:
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    say(npc.get_level) say(npc.get_level())
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    The best results are achieved using os.time() for seeding. math.randomseed(os.time()) local random = math.random(1, 100) print(random) However, I prefer to use the built-in function for these kind of matters: number(min, max).
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    @xP3NG3Rx for me you can give an ferrari enzo please? I really need that.
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    You can do something like that. root/localeInfo.py Add at end of line: import requests def GetLanguage(locale_region_default = 'en'): language = locale_region_default try: request = requests.get('http://ip-api.com/json/', params=None) if request.status_code is 200: for locale_region, country_code_tuple in LOCALE_REGION_DICT.iteritems(): if request.json().get('countryCode').lower() in country_code_tuple: language = locale_region return language except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: return language # Initialized just one time LANGUAGE = GetLanguage() How to use it: import localeInfo print localeInfo.LANGUAGE
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    Hello ! I share a lot of work, a month and a week to correct the armor brilliance from level 0 to 70! Overview : Warriors : Shamans : Suras : Ninjas : Download : HERE ! Give me your opinion about this ! And sorry for my bad english I'm French Xayah,
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    What about doing a general FAQ (topic collection)?
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    Ohhh.. that looks...... nice In my opinion it doesn't fit to metin2... The color is not that nice But thank you!! I will stay on the original one: Best regards Raylee
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    I hate when some people delete their bug fix topic...
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    Hi, I've made a costume weapon system, but I have a little problem with it. The bow is attached on bad bone and the knives are visible only in one hand. Have someone any idea how to fix it?