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    Frankie/M2BobFixed/warxwar/RaFFa is stealing your players' passwords! What does it mean? Everyone who is using his last "ultimate protection" is indirectly sending all his players' users&passwords to his webserver. How? https://imgur.com/a/TqYYC As you can see, he's sending the player's user&pass at login to his remote webserver faking it as "m2bob login". Haha To understand better what's going on, we need to "decrypt" the text. https://i.imgur.com/iq9DuFj.png Why would he do such a thing? Well, it's nothing new that he does retarded things like this. Mostly for his own profit. And also to harm/destroy other servers, since he opened one from stolen server-files. How many servers are now fucked up? There are quite some so far. Is he really skilled? Haha, no. He's a retard. 99.8% of his code comes from stackoverflow.com, and he also was trying to rip-off Koray's protection. He also needs to update the hashes in his protection each time there's a new m2bob version. So, who is Frankie? He's an Italian bipolar guy, and professional liar (he would NEVER NEVER NEVER confess, but he would make some excuses). I taught him python in 2010, but he understood nothing, and I gave up on him. Between 2010-2013 he was just begging for money by doing some quick dirty job in python for random servers. In 2014-2015, he created his m2bobfixed service, and there's quite some people who cried blood because of that. In 2017, he faked that his skype was hacked by romanians to start reselling other people's files. In 2018, he opened a(n infamous) pserver from stolen files, and he's currently stealing users&passwords and private files from all of his "clients". If he joined your PC via teamviewer, or if he sent you some .exe/.dll, it's quite sure he stole something from you. Additional things: 1) He placed the protection inside a folder called "AccountProtect", but in reality it's a password stealer. Can you understand the irony? https://i.imgur.com/PuupV8U.png 2) You can try and decrypt the strings by yourself. Download https://pastebin.com/H9v0heBh then compile n run it: # c++ main.cpp # ./a.out
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    Hi here are some new Metin2 Wallpaper Source: Turkmmo
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    Hi to everyone! Many people wrote about easter.. Yeah i know, its time! So here is my stuff for this easter! I've not finished all stuff yet so check this topic! Videos:
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    If you like it, share your opinion here. Model have collision and lights.
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    The thread opener can fix it, hes an experienced programmer.
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    2 Reasons why I don't recommend it Vegas So, i think title said all and i will explain you why 1. A few weeks ago, i bought from him a system (doesn't metter what system) and i had some problems with it. Ok , so i contact Vegas for some help. Before he help me he insulted me a lot, because it requested a file from system and I told him it was the original file and he also had it in the computer. He made me retarded because I told him that ## Ok , so first reasons is him support and his behavior with clients http://prntscr.com/isjplw 2. A week ago I contacted him again for another system. I sent him the money for Gaya System and he said to me " Gaya isn't available"... (Ok , what the fu..?) I told him " Why you don't update your site with some informations about this system" and he tolm me " I don't have time" (Ok , you don't have time for your clients? really? Why do you sell bro if you don't have enough time for you clients) Ok. He told me to choose another system so i did it. I chose Contact System and he told me " I will give you Monday cause today the moneygram it's closed". I told him Ok, no problem . Monday, i gave him a message and he don't answer me. Same thing Tuesday and he told me in "5-10 minutes it's on PC" , i said OK and after he got out of skype. Wednesday i gave him another message and he answer me to a few questions and when i told him to give the system he go out of skype again Thursday same shit . Friday i check the transfer and i saw that he pick up the Money from the MoneyGram and he answered me and told me " I will block you if you make me spam anymore " i said to him " If you have time to pick up the money, you must have time to give me the system" and after he go out Now, he is online and he don't answer http://prntscr.com/isjq0i http://prntscr.com/isjq97 http://prntscr.com/isjqjq http://prntscr.com/isjqx4 http://prntscr.com/isjr4a http://prntscr.com/isjrcb http://prntscr.com/isjrkr http://prntscr.com/isjrpl http://prntscr.com/isjsaq ## This point it's about character and humanity. His disrispect is bigger thank i think. So Vegas , if you read this post , think it twice before you told something. And if you have time to ask me if i send the money you need to have time to give me the system.
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    Tab Targeting: Player has the possibility to select the nearest monster around the character by pressing the Tab key. NOTE: Players are not able to select NPCs, Metin Stones and players as target! Repository at GitHub: https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Tab-Targeting-GF-v16.1 Copyright infringement:
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    Maybe they saw that creating a Metin2 PServer is more profitable than working at Ymir, so they decided to allow people to leak the lateset root so they can use it along with the lateset source. (Pure speculation)
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    Hi, Metin2Dev greetings from Turkey ---- The under construction project not yet completed Model design and coding continues. will be published soon. Place to publish: Amazon and ODStudio =>Link Click (Direct link(APK)) ---- VIDEO v1.0 Features We set the appropriate randomly changing sound effects according to the characters. (Each character has its own sound effects.) We made Facebook connections. If you are in facebook login in the application you will be able to use ranking system and derivative features. We made a high score ranking system between Online Global and your friends. In total there are 6 characters. (Warrior (Male / Female), Ninja (Male / Female), Sura (Male / Female) Each character is included in the project from Level 1 Armor to Beta armor. (A total of 78 pieces (including main character) armor.) Every character's own hair styles are included in the project. We built the wheel system. (After watching the award-winning video ad, you will come to the opposite wheel menu.) When you turn the song, it will be given to you if you stop it. We made an automatic saving system. If your device shuts down suddenly on this screen, the system will record your automatic game play even if the application is unresponsive in the event that your charge is exhausted. If you logged in with facebook during game like Subway Surfers game, you will get profile picture on the score. Detailed Settings menu; You can log out of Facebook, adjust the volume levels, change the graphics level of the game. The Haven Dungeon map is included in the project. (Not yet fully ready but in use.) ---- Future Features with v2.0 Shaman (Male / Female) and Lycan characters are preparing. All armor and hair styles of the Shaman (Male / Female) and Lycan characters will be included in the project. The obstacle in the map will be changed to match the Metin2. The Yang Elmas translation system will be added. If you hit the obstacle with your character, a new system will be developed to improve the Game Over window will be added diamonds to continue to be added. (You can only go 1 time from where you are staying.) ---- v2.0 Final Information After finishing the items listed in v2 above, we will switch to larger systems. These systems will be completely online and a Mortal Combat-like war system will be introduced. You will strengthen your character with items you collect while you are running, and you will duel like 1 vs 1. my english is not so good apologize.
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    the guys for revenge of being fired is gonna relase the new updated source don't worry my friends
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    If you have 50+ IQ you better delete it. Random kicks will disappear and usseles logs in sysser and more. It kicked people out when they had weak internet or a lot of players on server.
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    #closed If you are a customer of Vegas i‘m sure he will helps you if you contact him. Best regards Raylee
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    Can you code better then them? I'm sure you don't have 0.5% (percent) from them knowledges in programming. You understand how it's work a def function, for, while, if, else, elif statement and know to declare a list etc and you think you are a guru on python? and you can criticize developers who have over 10 years on programming? If you was a man who have some years experience in programming you never criticize guys like them, because know how it's work that domain, you can refactor on every day your code, and all time exist "better then previous version", you think they do all efforts to make the code full organized & clean & pro & perfectly? No employee will do that, after a lot a years on domain, you don't care too much how code looks or how much optimized is it, if is working well. Especially if they are paid with a low sallary, they will not do the best. If i put you to explain some functions of them code you get mind fuck, because you are at a very low level. A lot a people talk about "shit code", and most of them (98%) doesn't know how to use a list/dict comprehension or a map, filter, lambadas, generators on python. Also if you think you are more good then them, then rewrite the game as you like it, or do your own MMORPG. < sarcasm level 999 PS: I just saying my point of view, don't need to approve or disapprove it.\ Sorry for the english level 999. Was a joke.
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    100% true. Ignore, 0 support. Im glad, peoples share his systems, because it deserves it. He only responds when you spam him
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    I can not judge what happened before. I'm moderator since February so don't judge me. Best regards Raylee
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    I can bet nobody cares this thread and content, they will still continue to take it for "protection". Look at to him repulation and remember comments on his sale thread, and finally remember that the account is still not banned despite all the cancer content. In this community there are a lot of braindead peoples.
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    no data types In every language exist data types, but in Python the declaration happens automatically when you assign a value to a variable not need to specify which type to be like int, float, string etc..and you can do assignation with another data type just with operator '=', without killing language like C++ assignation between std::vector & std::map, here is more easy. no semicolons The semicolon here does not do anything, but exist and can be used with no problems, does let you use to denote the end of a statement if you are including more than one statement on a line. import command does not distinguish python includes and my includes (like C do by "" and <>) #include and import are quite different, C/C++ is a compiled language, C++ you do #include <library> and in Python you have this syntax for import the content of another program file in your own. (i can't explain it very good the difference because have no-sense) Two or more physical lines may be joined into logical lines using backslash characters (\) - backslash . JesusHere =\ { [....] } As i said don't try to search difference between 2 languages which both are amazing in them way, Python was choosed by YMIR for write the GUI Engine because is a easy language and flexible instead of C++ or any variants, if you are good at C/C++, you can easily learn Python in some weeks because that is more easy than it.. Some difference between them are: Python uses Garbage Collection whereas C++ does not. C++ is a statically typed language, while Python is a dynamically typed language. Python is easier to use than C++. Python is run through an interpreter, whilst C++ is pre-compiled. Hence, C++ is faster than Python. C++ supports pointers and incredible memory management. Python supports very fast development and rapid, continuous language development. Python has less backwards compatibility. Majority of all applications are built from C++. Majority of all 3D applications offer Python access to their API's. Python code tends to be 5 to 10 times shorter than that written in C++. In Python, there is no need to declare types explicitly. Smaller code size in Python leads to leads to "rapid prototyping", which offers speed of development. Python requires an engine to run. Python is interpreted each time it runs. Python is hard to install on a Windows box and thus makes distribution of the program problematic. C++ is a pure binary that links to existing libraries to assist the coding. In Python, variables are in scope even outside the loops in which they are first instantiated. In Python, a function may accept an argument of any type, and return a value of any type, without any kind of declaration beforehand. Python provides flexibility in calling functions and returning values. Python looks cleaner, is object oriented, and still maintains a little strictness about types. @difference-between-cplusplus-and-python
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    You forgot to say an other name used in italy: Raffa "realotus" on skype.
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    crontab + api much more sexy
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    #Updated the download link. Once I have some more free time, I will release a better version. Kind Regards, Sonitex
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    mysql player.skill_proto->szDurationPoly
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    Oh my god <3 This Looks fantastic Best regards Raylee
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    Variable names can't start with a number (in more languages), you have to change the names for self.1 & self.1_func.
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    In your head exploit. Do you even know what's an exploit?
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    You can play with ui.ImageBox().SetAlpha([0.0 .. 1.0])
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    Why you guys don't get that is the same guy flaming and trolling, diamond or whatever his name was. Just avoid him, he's cancer.
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    Wow that's a great news... just for us, i'm wondering how the gf boss will kill the employee. At least python part > c++ part... right? Up: Hey, there is a file list here (thinking)
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    I dont care. Its usseles system, only problems do i remove to all hackshields and etc.
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    This is not a fix, just a way to get rid of those annoying logs.
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    Just stop. I use that replace since 2 years. You wanted for help, i told you what to do. It's not just a syserr. It's a kick characters from game. You will see after you get players on server.
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    Char level?? Try with level 15
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    He means using this instead: pkg install -y apache24 You can install everything using pkg, there's no need to build stuff from ports unless you wanna make custom installs
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    Hi everyone, Today I bring you a collection of maps made by Ymir that were included at some point in an official client but were never used. The maps are: GM Guild Building Field Dungeon Ginseng Valley (b2) - Second version of Dragon Valley (Orcs area) Heavenly Valley (c2) - Third version of Dragon Valley (Orcs area) Dragon Timeattack 1 - Dungeon possibly used in Korea, used by SG for Dragon Timeattack event Dragon Timeattack 2 Dragon Timeattack 3 Test map - Actually a town EW02 - ? Guild Inside - Supposed to be the inside of a guild house Milgyo Pass & Sungzi - A collection of alternative maps for Nation War. Requires editing forked_road.txt in order to add them to this event. Siege - Three maps one for each kingdom, for a kingdom event You might also be interested in the Metin2 Korea Naga map available here The Lost maps of YMIR.zip 74.6 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!XtxVBSzZ!B3q_5Ol1VWgY5GxR4YkLHh8-89iLDrkMKZz_gYUG67k
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    this means that if you don't own the item the pet won't get it unless you have your char's name on it.