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  1. DevChuckNorris

    Amnesia of Domestic Authority

    Hello everyone, due to feedback we have revoked all domestic authority bans (order to stay away). If a person had a domestic authority ban before and get banned again, we will issue again a domestic authority ban. Kind regards, metin2dev - Administration
  2. https://www.golem.de/news/gameforge-erstes-urteil-gegen-betreiber-illegaler-spieleserver-1804-133970.html I will translate the article soon. TL;DR Against the owner of Cyperia anderen Hardcore Reloaded fined 90 daily sentances à 20 euro and forced to spend 3.000€ to Gaming Aid.
  3. DevChuckNorris

    open How to debug client binary

    You can add the binary in the client as a project in the client source solution. Then you can set this as the start target. Then you can start the client from visual studio, and you should be able to see the crash.
  4. DevChuckNorris

    Can't change gender

    I changed the Gender field to editable. Also I added the "Something else"-Option for everyone who don't fit into Male or Female.
  5. DevChuckNorris

    open Multiple servers

    There are maybe multiple reasons for this problem: Incoming connections to this port gets blocked by a firewall Maybe the DB core blocks connections from a public IP But in general, I recommend to block public traffic to the DB core. You should consider to give the both server a private network to talk to each other. (Which is at the most hosting providers not possible, some OVH server has the feature vrack, that is what you need)
  6. DevChuckNorris

    open Server crashs after killing metin/moobs

    Can you post more from the stacktrace, because the character pointer is at this moment already a null pointer?
  7. In the auth server config player db should be the account db: PLAYER_SQL: localhost wowsql kantos account If I'm not wrong.
  8. DevChuckNorris

    Metin2 on Steam?

    They already mentioned it that they will publish on Steam: https://board.en.metin2.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/88583-17-1-Version/ "From now on you’ll be able to change your channel directly in the game, without needing to log out first. This saves you time, but it’s also an important alteration for the launch of Metin2 on the gaming platform Steam."
  9. DevChuckNorris

    open problem with ip

    That's not a problem, that's normal. It's how the database cache works.
  10. DevChuckNorris

    open Core Down Help

    The problem is now the GetName method, the problem is that this function is called on an null-pointer as you can see at (this=0x4)
  11. DevChuckNorris

    open Client Compile Error

    You do not have installed the correct MSVC. By default the client requires the compiler from 2008.
  12. DevChuckNorris

    Discussion about m2dev

    I evaluated some possibilites. My favorite idea is to provide a new platform (e.g. under up.metin2dev.org) which uses the forum accounts. You can upload to it any files you want to and every user gets 5GB of space (except blue rank users who get 50GB of space). Every file will then be stored in an OpenStack Object Storage. This will be okay for the price, also I will implement then a donation button for this platform. For make the costs a little bit more transparent I can say that this will costs me 1 cent / GB / month for storage and 1 cent / GB download traffic. Is this a good idea?
  13. DevChuckNorris

    Discussion about m2dev

    The problem about hosting our own space is the high usage of disk space and traffic, but I will evaluate it what is possible.
  14. DevChuckNorris

    Outage 17th March 2017

    Hello community, we had an outage today because of an failed MySQL update this night. Everything is now back working. Kind regards.
  15. DevChuckNorris

    Game Design Development - Unreal Engine

    Thanks for sharing this. Looks really interesting.