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  1. Hello community, we had an outage today because of an failed MySQL update this night. Everything is now back working. Kind regards.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Looks really interesting.
  3. Do you use a modified game core?
  4. You could use a join, so you only need 1 statement to execute: SELECT u.*, as game_name FROM users as u INNER JOIN jogos as j on j.id_jogo = u.jogo
  5. Congratulations to the following winners: @Adrian2 @Crystal™ @Magickid @Lufbert @DiviDi @mogulul @galet @flatik @Legend @MrLibya @DarkFire
  6. Hi..can you please check your inbox?

  7. Hi..can you please check your inbox?

  8. The problem is that the PC where you try to add the attribute is null (which you can see at this=0x00 at the first stack) The call of the first PC function comes from: m_pOwner->ApplyPoint(m_pProto->aApplies.bType, bAdd ? value : -value); Which means m_pOwner is null
  9. The problem should be resolved. Let me know if it happens again. Best regards, Chuck
  10. You should know that we use a hosting and do not have access to the configurations.
  11. If I'm not wrong the quest_name.__status is the number of the state which get incremented by every quest state but why it is 695801987 I'm not sure.
  12. #update #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Now the code tag is available again!" << std::endl; return 0; }
  13. <?php echo 'Something like this?'; ?>
  14. #update Added