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  1. open

    That's not a problem, that's normal. It's how the database cache works.
  2. open

    The problem is now the GetName method, the problem is that this function is called on an null-pointer as you can see at (this=0x4)
  3. open

    You do not have installed the correct MSVC. By default the client requires the compiler from 2008.
  4. I evaluated some possibilites. My favorite idea is to provide a new platform (e.g. under which uses the forum accounts. You can upload to it any files you want to and every user gets 5GB of space (except blue rank users who get 50GB of space). Every file will then be stored in an OpenStack Object Storage. This will be okay for the price, also I will implement then a donation button for this platform. For make the costs a little bit more transparent I can say that this will costs me 1 cent / GB / month for storage and 1 cent / GB download traffic. Is this a good idea?
  5. The problem about hosting our own space is the high usage of disk space and traffic, but I will evaluate it what is possible.
  6. Hello community, we had an outage today because of an failed MySQL update this night. Everything is now back working. Kind regards.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. Looks really interesting.
  8. Do you use a modified game core?
  9. You could use a join, so you only need 1 statement to execute: SELECT u.*, as game_name FROM users as u INNER JOIN jogos as j on j.id_jogo = u.jogo
  10. Congratulations to the following winners: @Adrian2 @Crystal™ @Magickid @Lufbert @DiviDi @mogulul @galet @flatik @Legend @MrLibya @DarkFire
  11. Hi..can you please check your inbox?

  12. Hi..can you please check your inbox?

  13. The problem is that the PC where you try to add the attribute is null (which you can see at this=0x00 at the first stack) The call of the first PC function comes from: m_pOwner->ApplyPoint(m_pProto->aApplies.bType, bAdd ? value : -value); Which means m_pOwner is null
  14. The problem should be resolved. Let me know if it happens again. Best regards, Chuck