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  1. open Client Problem

    Hello Guys First of all im sorry for my bad english I have a problem about my client when i play my game after 10-15 minute or i try to take metin or trying farm My Client close in second i dont know why can u guys help me for this error. ErrorLog.txt Thank You.
  2. open Login Interface Problem

    Hello I Have problem about login interface Photo : Here's my loginwindow.py : How can i solve this problem ? Thank You
  3. NPC Sell Price Problem

    Understand but still same problem
  4. NPC Sell Price Problem

    Client-side ? i dont understand how can i edit client side ?
  5. NPC Sell Price Problem

    Thanks for answer But there is not file in db named item_names.txt or item_proto.txt
  6. NPC Sell Price Problem

    Thanks for answer Im using navicat for editing anything on database Database Thanks Again Thanks for answer I Think my cores uses txt files how can i find whats using my cores ? Thanks Again
  7. NPC Sell Price Problem

    Hello Guys I Have a problem about npc item sell price When i updated item prices in item proto the changes not affected in game Im using 40k server files OS : FreeBSD 10.2 DB : Mysql 5.5 How can i solve this problem ? Sorry for my bad english its not my first language Thanks