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  1. FlorinMarian

    open [Estimations]Hosting price

    Hello guys ! I'm Florin from Romania, owner of a legal registered business in my country. I would like to know interest from further customers about products and price. I have for you guys few questions: 1. Will you ever trust a new hosting provider ? 2. It's enaugh for you Anti-DDOS provided by OVH Dedicated GameServers? 3. It's enaugh for your applications to provide: VPS, CPanel webhosting and domain registrations? 3. How much you will be able to pay for: 10 GB SSD Storage 1 CPU 4.4 GHz 100 MB/s uplink Unlimited traffic 1 IP Address KVM Virtualization Thank you all ! *** I need your pareer to make few estimations about costings (CPanel, WHMCS, SolusVM licenses & dedicated servers rental).
  2. FlorinMarian

    open __SetItemTitle uitooltip.py - New Pet System

    I don't have tutorial for new_pet system but maybe those codes will help you finding the right way: game.py if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def SetPetEvolution(self, evo): petname = ["Jung", "Wild", "Tapfer", "Heroisch"] self.petmain.SetEvolveName(petname[int(evo)]) constInfo.PETMINIEVO = int(evo) def SetPetName(self, name): if len(name) > 1 and name != "": self.petmini.Show() self.petmain.SetName(name) def SetPetLevel(self, level): self.petmain.SetLevel(level) constInfo.PETMINILEVEL = int(level) def SetPetDuration(self, dur, durt): if int(durt) > 0: self.petmini.SetDuration(dur, durt) self.petmain.SetDuration(dur, durt) def SetPetBonus(self, hp, dif, sp): self.petmain.SetHp(hp) self.petmain.SetDef(dif) self.petmain.SetSp(sp) def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): #chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "slot %d %d" % (int(slot),int(idx))) self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) self.petmain.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_AddAffect(5400+int(idx),int(constInfo.LASTAFFECT_POINT)+1,int(constInfo.LASTAFFECT_VALUE)+1, 0) if int(slot)==0: constInfo.SKILL_PET1=5400+int(idx) if int(slot)==1: constInfo.SKILL_PET2=5400+int(idx) if int(slot)==2: constInfo.SKILL_PET3=5400+int(idx) def SetPetIcon(self, vnum): if int(vnum) > 0: self.petmini.SetImageSlot(vnum) self.petmain.SetImageSlot(vnum) def SetPetExp(self, exp, expi, exptot): if int(exptot) > 0: self.petmini.SetExperience(exp, expi, exptot) self.petmain.SetExperience(exp, expi, exptot) def PetUnsummon(self): self.petmini.SetDefaultInfo() self.petmini.Close() self.petmain.SetDefaultInfo() self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET1),0) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET2),0) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET3),0) constInfo.SKILL_PET1 = 0 constInfo.SKILL_PET2 = 0 constInfo.SKILL_PET3 = 0 def OpenPetMainGui(self): if constInfo.PETGUI == 0: self.petmain.Show() self.petmain.SetTop() constInfo.PETGUI = 1 else: self.petmain.Close() constInfo.PETGUI = 0 def OpenPetIncubator(self, pet_new = 0): import uipetincubatrice self.petinc = uipetincubatrice.PetSystemIncubator(pet_new) self.petinc.Show() self.petinc.SetTop() def OpenPetMini(self): self.petmini.Show() self.petmini.SetTop() def OpenPetFeed(self): self.feedwind = uipetfeed.PetFeedWindow() self.feedwind.Show() self.feedwind.SetTop() uitooltip.py Before import if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def pointop(n): t = int(n) if t / 10 < 1: return "0."+n else: return n[0:len(n)-1]+"."+n[len(n)-1:] Before AddItemData if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def check_sigillo(self, item_vnum): for x in range(55701,55706): if x == item_vnum: return TRUE if item_vnum == 55801: return TRUE return FALSE On AddItemData function, after ### Description ### self.AppendDescription(itemDesc, 26) self.AppendDescription(itemSummary, 26, self.CONDITION_COLOR) if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: if self.check_sigillo(itemVnum) or itemVnum == 55002 or itemVnum == 55706: if attrSlot[0][1] != 0: self.AppendSpace(5) self.AppendTextLine("Level: "+str(metinSlot[1]), self.NORMAL_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("TP: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[0][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("DEF: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[1][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("MP: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[2][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendSpace(5) if itemVnum != 55002: days = (int(attrSlot[3][1])/60)/24 hours = (int(attrSlot[3][1]) - (days*60*24)) / 60 mins = int(attrSlot[3][1]) - (days*60*24) - (hours*60) self.AppendTextLine("Verbl. Zeit: %d Tage %d Std. %d Min." % (days, hours, mins), self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR)
  3. FlorinMarian

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    As a hint, you will have problems in InstanceBase.cpp because there are missing lines to make it working with marty source.
  4. FlorinMarian

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    Yes, it is working. With lot of work i have Sash, Mount Costume, Costume Weapon fully working with "Army function aswell". https://prnt.sc/ih096c P.S. And i have Martysamma last version, i bought it on december 2017.
  5. Hi guys ! I've extended View equipment to Sash and Mount Costume System but now when I try to add also Costume weapon, just cannot get costume weapon on his position. on uiscript/equipmentdialog.py if i have {"index":16, "x":39, "y":106, "width":32, "height":32}, look what happen if i replace 16 with 15 {"index":15, "x":39, "y":106, "width":32, "height":32}, When I have 16 on uiscript/equipmentdialog.py and 15 on uiscript/costumeequimentdialog.py , there isn't displayed costume weapon in any slot.
  6. Hi guys ! After installing LeNNt's Sash System, got bugged Weapon costume System. Here it's character after login: Here it's character after equip/unequip but cannot move while i wear costume weapon. Any tip is welcome.
  7. FlorinMarian

    open Granny error

    Any solution for this s*it ? Thanks !
  8. FlorinMarian

    open [BUG]Skill point

    Hello ! Some help to fix this BUG ? I get on login directly level 104 via pc.set_level, go to teacher to get skills and as u can see, points aren't refreshed till first relo. Any tip ? Thanks !
  9. FlorinMarian

    open Mainline source - Shaman BUG

    Hello ! Today when i tested damage, i realised that: Bell & Fan resist on items don't affect damage. I have same value attack when skilling with and without that bonus weared. (0/60) What I should check? I didn't any change on item_attr or relative functions. UPDATE: same bug on stone against shaman. Skill isn't affected by stone.
  10. FlorinMarian

    open Reflection skill -> Kick

    Hello ! I have a strange BUG with Shamy, skill Reflection. After few uses of that skill, character get disconnected. Relevant syserr: Show: cannot find sectree by 926642x297320 mapindex 41 (about 60 lines when core start) ForAttrRegionFreeAngle: SECTREE_MANAGER::ForAttrRegion - Unhandled exception. MapIndex: 1 (about 60 lines when core start) SYSERR: Dec 22 17:46:32 :: Process: SEQUENCE 3010e400 mismatch 0xaf != 0x0 header 254 SYSERR: Dec 22 17:46:32 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [254 : 0xaf] (many like this, but i don't see any effect ingame) SYSERR: Dec 22 17:48:17 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 3 (fd 48) SYSERR: Dec 22 17:48:17 :: Process: SEQUENCE 30112000 mismatch 0xaf != 0x63 header 3 SYSERR: Dec 22 17:48:17 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [003 : 0xaf] (few like this, effect unknown) SYSERR: Dec 22 18:00:56 :: Process: SEQUENCE 3010cc00 mismatch 0x40 != 0x63 header 7 SYSERR: Dec 22 18:00:56 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [Slay]------------- [007 : 0x6f] [007 : 0x5f] [007 : 0xae] [007 : 0x5b] [007 : 0x44] [007 : 0xfc] [007 : 0xca] [061 : 0xcf] [007 : 0x13] [051 : 0xef] [007 : 0xac] [054 : 0x20] [007 : 0x3f] [007 : 0xb8] [051 : 0xc6] [007 : 0x6] [054 : 0xdd] [007 : 0xfe] [007 : 0xab] [051 : 0xce] [007 : 0x40] (disconnect for Reflection use) I think it's a common problem, but i have no idea for solution. How i realised that it's a common problem? Saw this on public sources from marty: @fixme135: on char.cpp; if the Sync is made before a move packet and the sectree differs of few x/y coordinates, the sectree will be changed without update (crash character) (troublesome -> removed) Thanks all !
  11. FlorinMarian

    open Costume Weapon - Daggers BUG

    Hello ! Anyone had this and solved it ? Thanks !
  12. FlorinMarian

    open Costume Weapon & Transmutation

    Thanks for nothing this time. Solved myself editing item.cpp like this: #if defined __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ && !defined __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__ else if (GetSubType() == COSTUME_WEAPON) { toSetPart = PART_WEAPON; if (!bAdd) { const CItem* pWeapon = m_pOwner->GetWear(WEAR_WEAPON); toSetValue = (NULL != pWeapon) ? pWeapon->GetVnum() : m_pOwner->GetPart(PART_WEAPON); } } #endif #if defined __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ && defined __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__ else if (GetSubType() == COSTUME_WEAPON) { toSetPart = PART_WEAPON; if (!bAdd) { const CItem* pWeapon = m_pOwner->GetWear(WEAR_WEAPON); if(NULL != pWeapon) { if(pWeapon->GetTransmutation() != 0) toSetValue = pWeapon->GetTransmutation(); else toSetValue = pWeapon->GetVnum(); } } } #endif
  13. FlorinMarian

    open Costume Weapon & Transmutation

    I've expected that, but it looks good... case ITEM_WEAPON: { #ifdef __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ if (m_pOwner->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_WEAPON) != 0) break; #endif if (bAdd) { if (m_wCell == INVENTORY_MAX_NUM + WEAR_WEAPON) { #ifdef __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__ DWORD dwRes = GetTransmutation() != 0 ? GetTransmutation() : GetVnum(); m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, dwRes); #else m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, GetVnum()); #endif } } else { if (m_wCell == INVENTORY_MAX_NUM + WEAR_WEAPON) #ifdef __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, 0); #else m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, m_pOwner->GetOriginalPart(PART_WEAPON)); #endif } } break;
  14. FlorinMarian

    open Costume Weapon & Transmutation

    Preview to understand much better what I mean: http://www.metin2hfm.ro/GIF.gif
  15. Hi devs ! I have 2 little requests: 1. How can I do to solve next BUG on Tranmustation system: equip weapon with transmutation -> OK equip weapon skin -> OK unequip weapon skin -> weapon become original skin of weapon, not tranmutated 2. Which bugs must be checked before these releasing systems on live game server? Thank you all !