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  1. i don't found something about reading books there. (so, cannot remove)
  2. if (FindAffect(AFFECT_SKILL_NO_BOOK_DELAY)) { RemoveAffect(AFFECT_SKILL_NO_BOOK_DELAY); } if (FindAffect(AFFECT_SKILL_BOOK_BONUS)) { RemoveAffect(AFFECT_SKILL_BOOK_BONUS); } In which function i have to add these?
  3. Hello ! Anybody can help me to remove affect of and if they are active on login ? Thank you very much !
  4. I saw where i have to change license key but I think there it's a part in libs or dll where that function call a weblink.
  5. Thank you koray, what about license key ? Thanks !
  6. Okay, thank you. Now, anybody can create a function/quest which dismount/send horse away when a player enter on these maps? Thank you!
  7. As my topic title say, i wanna do it via source.
  8. so: - pc.get_map_index need to be exactly map_index (110 and 111 in my case) eg: pc.get_map_index == 110 or pc.get_map_index == 111 - between pc.get_map_index() need to be "or" not "and" beccause if you say "and" will never happen. A player cannot be in two maps same time. Happ new year !
  9. Thank you for this idea but it will not work, you tried to help me but with my noob level i can see some mistakes
  10. Hello guys ! I was looking for these before but nobody gave me a solution for this. How to block horse, pet and mount calling in map 110 & 111 ? Thank you !
  11. Party bug solved, thanks. Now: revive time 0 seconds and blocking horses/mounts at guild war arena. Thank you!
  12. Hello devs ! I have to edit some things in my source and I need some help. when somebody invite you in a group and give you 800 HP, after destroying group you still have that HP till you die/change map. respawn time 0 (normally 10 seconds to can revive. Thank you very much !
  13. Hello ! Anybody can give me protos from official server ? (txt version) Thank you !
  14. Hello devs ! As u can see in this video, there it's damage sometimes 200-400. How can u explain that ? Characters are Full PvP 1-1 (28K HP - 60 % Sword Resistence and others). Any answer it's welcome. Thank you !
  15. Hello ! As u can see in my video, there are 2 strange bugs: 1. Damage: 200 - 400 - 1200 - 1400 ? (why 200 and 400 if twice characters are 100% PvP 1-1?) 2. Why Warrior Body creates that visual bug (~3 m distance) ? Thanks ! *Game/Client 40K.