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  1. SOLVED Can close the Post
  2. check the msm named "wait.msm" or look Motlist GENERAL WAIT wait.msa 100 <-- Idle animation msm GENERAL RUN run.msa 100 <--- you can remove this for the NPC GENERAL WALK run.msa 100<---- Same as Run must loock like this one: "d:/ymir work/monster/mobfoulder/wait.gr2" if still "walk" use granny Viever and open the main 3D and drag and drop the "wait.gr2" animation on for see if walk or not hope this help
  3. Hello! My problem is "simple" im convert some Tera 3D for my metin , all animation work fine and the 3D too but.... they cant Move for some reason , the run\walk animaton play but i cant really move also try to add server and client part of the "mob_proto" is also solid if i set the main msm like this : AttachingBoneName "Dummy_root" Im using 3D max 7 and Granny export can please help me Granny whith "Bone" names In game 3D Ps:sorry for my english im italian
  4. for shining y guess the +7,+8+9 effect, set the client part of weapon [soket_tcp=3] gummyantifi itemlist : 19 WEAPON icon/item/00010.tga d:/ymir work/item/weapon/test.gr2 decript [item.epk\eix] of the client and add the gr2 inside ymir work/item/weapon EterNexus is easy and good
  5. ofc https://mega.nz/#!y1M3WCzJ!mXb5CIo8lYsVBhq6g5PRw9HrXi56C1LxYb0FNZe7Lg8 tnx +1 <3
  6. item list? or try rename the weapon.GR2 like this: weapon.gr2 (EPack32 don like caps <.<)
  7. new gr2-dds razaror-nemere costume set pls razador Costume(blazing purgatory boss) Nemere costume
  8. Hello! the file on mega really need for the quest ? is death link tnx for help
  9. the latest export tools for gr2 model stop at 3D Max 2011 (64 bit only) , noting found for import
  10. look on client part , missing this quest_functions make core dump quest_functions: Code:pet.summon pet.unsummon pet.is_summon
  11. 1) try enable ONLY "block an disable others , if you see white , well is the no move zone or 1) export "server_attr" for the server part , reboot and try the map hope this help
  12. pretty easy , convert from wiki xD https://mega.nz/#!lpFQFbAI!YoVaLFVFHYUaZU4HTRxVhijcsVFzLVFOUmg0kskjrg0 ready to use
  13. maybe wrong setting on root (all MSM warrior_M ecc) try like this: Group ShapeData146 { ShapeIndex 40195 Model "assassin_samurai1.gr2" SourceSkin "assassin_semurai1.dds" TargetSkin "assassin_samurai1.dds" } if not fix try this Group ShapeData146 { ShapeIndex 40195 Model "assassin_samurai1.gr2" }
  14. #UP
  15. Looking for the 3D pet the new beta pet , only the 3D\dds Tnx EDIT : Y find it , tnx anyway