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  1. WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Thank you very much, i already found yesterday under his video
  2. WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Damaged file(crc error in the encrypted file) maybe?! Or where is the passw for the main rar? I can't find that :/
  3. Pet's kingdom flags

    Hello. Can anyone tell me where can I find that? Over my pets the flag doesen't fit good, so i want to disable all on my pets. Thank you.
  4. [Private Servers] What happens?

    It's not okay. I have a domain, but i don't have any servers and my domain is offline, why cloudflare why? It's not a metin2 website, this is my own project website which is an mmorpg that offline too. It's interesting
  5. Error compile db

    in tables.h you have some errors. Invalid syntax.
  6. Halloween pack pet

    anyone can reupload this file?
  7. Anyone can reupload this pack? because the link is missed.