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  1. Rules §1 Language (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation. The only exception for this rule is this section: Private Servers Best regards Raylee
  2. Raylee

    solved Trade bug

    #closed Problem solved. Best regards Raylee
  3. Raylee

    The Bug Database

    #moved Best regards Raylee
  4. Raylee

    Fail - Animation Image

    Looks amazing Best regards Raylee
  5. Nice release Good job mate Best regards Raylee
  6. Raylee

    python [Python] Metin2 - Unknown tool

    Cool stuff Best regards Raylee
  7. Best Remixes Best regardsRaylee
  8. Best regardsRaylee
  9. Raylee

    Do you gamble? Say no more

    Looks good Best regards Raylee
  10. Ohhooo I like the concept! I will definitely try it Good luck with the project! Best regards Raylee
  11. Raylee

    solved Install GCC49

    #closed by request Best regards Raylee
  12. Raylee

    Christmas 2018

    The cities looks perfect Amazing work as always!! Best regards Raylee
  13. If you have questions about the [Official] "Unpacked Updates Metin2.de", do not hesitate to ask them here!! This thread was created because more and more questions arise to this topic! It's not allowed to post here official patches! This thread is only for discuss about the new patches!! You can also ask if anyone is willing to share Official patches here. The official updates you can find as usual here! Best regards Metin2dev-Team
  14. Raylee

    [Christmas]Blacksmith boss

    WOW I love it Best regards Raylee
  15. Raylee

    A small request

    #closed Best regards Raylee
  16. Raylee

    Christmas 2018

    Nice pets The shining effect is a cool idea And the weapons are totally amazing Best regards Raylee
  17. Raylee

    solved Chat color with pen error

    #closed Problem solved! Best regards Raylee
  18. Raylee

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

    Your picture doesn't worked. Use a picture upload hoster! For example: http://i.epvpimg.com Best regards Raylee
  19. I like it You did a good job Best regards Raylee
  20. Raylee

    Christmas 2018

    Amazing work Best regards Raylee
  21. These are official informations. Everything should be true. But no one is 100% sure who the owner/server was. Some guys appeal to the Shiro2 admin. But these are just rumors. P.S: Your title is wrong! 1 year jail is a wrong information. 1 year on probation is the official punishment. Best regards Raylee
  22. Raylee

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    Amazing Good job mate Best regards Raylee
  23. Raylee

    Search dev to create this system.

    #closed by request Best regards Raylee
  24. Raylee

    Gloss Correction (Armors 0 to 70)

    #moved Nice work Best regards Raylee
  25. Your wish is my command Best regards Raylee