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  1. someone would be so kind to modify this script so that it is possible to export collisions as editable mesh? It is only possible to export planes, spheres or cylinders as collision i can pay for it download script
  2. Mob Free

  3. Barcelona..

    My condolences to the victims and the people who have live or recently visited this city..
  4. [3D] Snake Pet

    Download: MEGA Web: lynx3d.tk
  5. [Mob] Hyena

    Download: www.lynx3d.tk
  6. Happy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all, have a happy holiday and I thank you very much to the members of this community who have helped the newest ones
  7. Looking for Map maker

    you are the same dog jealous with different accounts I have sold many of my projects from America to Asia moreover before selling anything I can verify the functionality of each of my objects PD: Im no longer working for metin2
  8. Archer Skeleton Free Mob

    the archer of the pack (#3) Download Here you can buy all the pack too: http://lynx3d.jimdo.com/mobs-pack/ or all the shop for 50€
  9. [Gr2]how can make a model walk\move ?

    who cares if you help by skype or post the guide? if they really want to learn they would, dont need feed with the hand if you do it on skype, make guide for all and stating the credit goes to ricky92 already he has the explanation posted, but not adequate for childs as i have said
  10. Metal Wyvern [Free]

    download: http://www.lynx3d.tk/free/
  11. sash problem pls help..

    excuse my ignorance but, where is the index? edit: forgive me for everything, i love you, solved