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  1. Chyu ^^


    What's the meaning of the "official" word in the headline tho?
  2. Chyu ^^

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    They he would make his question more clarified.
  3. Chyu ^^

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

  4. Chyu ^^

    open Help installing system

    We should ban ppl like this.
  5. Chyu ^^

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    I hope people will use this as well as they update their Granny library. Good job and very nice design, you would leave a link to a library you are using for GUI.
  6. Chyu ^^

    open Update ingame browser

    I've tried to implement Chromium, but not successfully for now. There are higher priorities.
  7. Chyu ^^

    open never seen crash core like this

    Why do we have a conversation about map limit?
  8. I'm not sure if it is possible without editing a system. I currently can't test it but have you tried to put it there without quotation marks? As I think it will return an error. I mean this: quest levelQuest begin state start begin when 1231.chat.(pc.get_level()) begin say_title("Test") end end end
  9. For example, if you are level 24 and you click on NPC it gives you this output: l---------------------l l 24 l l---------------------l l---------------------l l Close l l---------------------l Am I right?
  10. Chyu ^^

    Using older versions

    Welcome to M2 community. Many of developers are just wanna-be developers. That is why you see a brand new server falling in a two months.
  11. Chyu ^^

    Using older versions

    Yeah and they don't know why would they update something if it just works. Some of them doesn't even know there are some libs.
  12. Why? He just wants to put it's level into a button.
  13. Chyu ^^

    open Looking for 3d modeller

    Try it here, lol.
  14. Chyu ^^

    open never seen crash core like this

    Wow I love this threads. "i dont know why,auth sysser told me it's more than 32 map_allow on configs" Where are they telling it to you? "Someone told me server got crashed when he teleport to yellow map2 but i dont know whatt to say" What the fuck? Why don't you run server and don't try it? That would be a very good clue to determine a problem. "every core have around 10 map_allow"..."I have also modifyed in source map_allow from 32 to 128!" What? "I CAN PAY FOR A FIX." Nothing more to add... Can you post more information? What are the last changes you have made? Is this a first time you have been faced to this error? What version of a Boost are you using? You want answer but you technically didn't even ask.