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  1. Chyu ^^

    open [WorldEditor] Objects and tree`s problem

    Show us Syserr.txt.
  2. Chyu ^^

    open Script php delete account

  3. Chyu ^^

    open Work on sources

    You don't need to compile anything the application is compiled before every debugging attempt. It depends on what kind of stuff you want to test, of course you need to host a server somwhere if you want to test those functionalities.
  4. Chyu ^^

    open Work on sources

    Make sure you have put all the needed files of client into a folder where is binary compiled and then open the project in VS and run the debugger, that is enough. If you want to be more order, then you can configure following options and have just one folder with client for debugging and playing: Configuration Properties -> General -> Output Directory Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> Working Directory
  5. Chyu ^^

    Client slot bugfix

    Nice! Also, I would send message you are trying to unlock slot that is already unlocked to Syserr, to prevent messy code.
  6. Chyu ^^


    Well, so you have to compile the core when you want to add someone new into it. I don't like this solution. #StopHardcodingThings
  7. Chyu ^^

    open Work on sources

    You can simply run the client in VS debugger.
  8. Chyu ^^

    open Libjpeg error

    Depends on configuration you will use.
  9. Chyu ^^

    open Libjpeg error

    Use LibJpeg-Turbo, it is much better. https://libjpeg-turbo.org/
  10. Chyu ^^

    The Bug Database

    Wa have Questions & Answers?
  11. Chyu ^^

    open [BUG] Itemshop Ingame

    If you generate that item by using a command it works properly?
  12. Chyu ^^

    solved New Function

    Is this some new feature? I don't have this one in definition of WND module.
  13. Chyu ^^

    open [BUG/PROBLEM] Walking/Running

    It's casual bug. It depends on your speed or how do you manipulate with your character.
  14. Chyu ^^

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Isn't FreeBSD 13.0 still in development?
  15. Chyu ^^

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    What I'm trying to say is your method to solving the bugs is incorrect. Yeah, In THIS case it WOULD may not be problem.