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  1. Chyu ^^

    open Python

    Well, you can try to update on version 2.7.15 which is one of the stable versions and there are not that much changes like in 3.7.0. If that won't help, you would try 3.7.0, but be aware of there are a lot changes, here is a previous topic where we've been discussing about thing related.
  2. Chyu ^^

    open Python

    Or just update your Python version?
  3. Chyu ^^

    open Quest [ENTER] and [WAIT] in Locale.lua

    You said "go learn english and then post there.", but noone can fully understand you. Why don't you briefly explain your problem? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. These are modules from binary.
  5. Hello devs, is here anybody who tried to create his own solution for client binary?
  6. Chyu ^^

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART2

    Commands in C++ are terminated by using semicolon. If you add any other semicolon after that it won't have any other effect. So in this case TPacketLoginOnSetup * pck = (TPacketLoginOnSetup *) c_pData; is equal to TPacketLoginOnSetup * pck = (TPacketLoginOnSetup *) c_pData;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.
  7. Chyu ^^

    open Compiling the PackMaker

  8. Chyu ^^

    open How to import MDE file type 2?

  9. Hi devs, I'm trying to compile PackMaker but there are a few issues that making it complicated. We don't have sources of Reducio library, so it's only compilable in VS 2008. I have two errors if I try to compile it. My PackMaker/Main.cpp has this code: Errors: Error 22 error C3861: 'SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID': identifier not found Path\EterLib\MSWindow.cpp 96 eterlib Error 250 fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'future': No such file or directory Path\extern\include\Reducio\Reducio.h 4 Metin2PackMaker Version of VS: Does anybody know how to compile it?
  10. Chyu ^^

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

    I mean, you can use an old one (vs120).
  11. Chyu ^^

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

    Also you can choose an old toolset and you don't need to recompile anything.
  12. Chyu ^^

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    Oh, yea. I found it in functions list. Post error during compilation.
  13. Chyu ^^

    open How To GET MONSTER STATS?

    If you want original values, then contact Webzen (no success guaranted). ...You can get them by simply typing "mob_proto 40k download" into a Google.
  14. Chyu ^^

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    Does LUA have mysql_query() function? Or it is a function from a source? I can't find and I've never been using this. What about this?
  15. Chyu ^^

    open How to import MDE file type 2?