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  1. Chyu ^^

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    What I'm trying to say is your method to solving the bugs is incorrect. Yeah, In THIS case it WOULD may not be problem.
  2. Chyu ^^

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    Don't fix bugs by creating new bugs.
  3. Chyu ^^

    [C++] Bold Texts are reversed

    This is a thing that M2 needs a lot, it could be used in many places. Actually as @ReFresh pointed, fonts in game are pretty out of standards, so I still have to use images for the headlines.
  4. Chyu ^^

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

  5. Chyu ^^

    Guild Messages Limit

    I just want to ask. Is anybody even using this?
  6. Chyu ^^

    Stone bridge fix

    Finally someone! Also, here I found a similiar problem with a texture of the Red Dragon (2291). #JustSaying
  7. Chyu ^^


    What's the meaning of the "official" word in the headline tho?
  8. Chyu ^^

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    They he would make his question more clarified.
  9. Chyu ^^

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

  10. Chyu ^^

    open Help installing system

    We should ban ppl like this.
  11. Chyu ^^

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    I hope people will use this as well as they update their Granny library. Good job and very nice design, you would leave a link to a library you are using for GUI.
  12. Chyu ^^

    open Update ingame browser

    I've tried to implement Chromium, but not successfully for now. There are higher priorities.
  13. Chyu ^^

    open never seen crash core like this

    Why do we have a conversation about map limit?