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  1. [S] terabithia.pl stuff

    Skype ?
  2. Pay for resolve polymorph problem

    Skype in pm.
  3. Developer / engineer to fix bugs

    send pm with skype id .
  4. ServerFiles

    This is your server ? And been kicked ?
  5. ServerFiles

    Can give e website to see ?
  6. ServerFiles

    SIMPLE ! You want to make a copy for one server ?
  7. DEV to fix Sash

  8. Searching for ishop with paypal

    skype please.
  9. Max Yang/Gold

    leave skype.
  10. x1000 Damage & Range Attack Hack

    You are noob ! The author for this hack is Anihilat0r and some polon mans .
  11. Some kind of hack

    Yes is send attack and work very good for ninja archer . PS: Dami un pm cu un id de skype ceva sa vedem ce putem rezolva.
  12. Some kind of hack

    This is aleardy published ! PS: Lasa hackurile :))
  13. Game.core problem

    item_manager.cpp:519 ??
  14. Searching Developer for Keyto 6. Char-Code

    Hmmm :-? I speak with them after 1 day he block me ..... isn't a good person .
  15. Looking for someone who can unpack a client

    give me skype in private message .