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  1. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    You need to select add item by account or by player name.
  2. I did not do either of them. But if you find him, you can contact me anytime.
  3. Optimus

    php A complete metin2 website

    There are scripts from darkdev, one friend that creates sites for metin. You updated all scripts to pdo? mysql also it's an extesion, that was removed since php 7, and deprecated since php 5.5.
  4. Here is my function https://github.com/IonutPopescuRO/Metin2CMS/blob/master/include/functions/basic.php#L969 Maybe will be helpful for somebody
  5. Optimus

    Search Developer & Webmaster

    What do you need exactly?
  6. Optimus

    Webmaster Gesucht (W/M)

    I would be interested, but there are no other communication networks? Like skype, facebook, discord.
  7. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    Update v2.11 Fixed Vote4Coins Select currency for each donation Reward players Fixed referrals system Updated phpmailer The code was reorganized
  8. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    send me te translation and I will add RTL feature. Tutorial: how to add login with Google reCAPTCHA: https://metin2cms.cf/tutorials
  9. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    Update v2.10 Permissions on site Select the donation currency Invitation system Code recovery system Vote4Coins Improved The administration panel was reorganized Possibility to give in-game degrees on the player's edit page Possibility to add coins Fixed an issue with the system update
  10. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    UP: New available in 8 languages:
  11. Optimus

    Simple photo upload DB

    bad.... I can see all uploaded images: http://photo.zeke-php.com/assets/images/pictures/
  12. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    Hey, I tried with a normal account and worked too. Only what you need to do is go to admin panel and at general settings put paypal email.
  13. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    #UPDATE - Simple tutorial - How to install Metin2CMS
  14. Hey! what version of visual studio I need for this source?
  15. Optimus

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    #update Added player management, fixed some problems with vote4coins, added functions for modules and themes, added statistics.