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  1. Rumor are you still alive? o.o

  2. Hey Rumor.. i need help with creating a metin2 server can u help me with that? all i got is a dedicated server.

  3. Please read rivate message, i want to tell you something.

    1. Rumor


      you didn't send me a message

  4. Rumor

    [Reques] FreeBSD Hosts

  5. Rumor

    Pet from TERA "Qamara"

    you should get the pet called Felicity it's pretty much the most popular pet in tera
  6. Rumor


    you could manually add processes that cause client to close if you can't create your own dll
  7. Rumor

    Vip paypment dont appear !

    There appears to be an issue right now with the payment system, should be checked on soon. Sorry for the delay!
  8. Rumor

    Search staff for SerenMT2

    Adding an admin panel has no relevance, same with extra pages. I know that their website code is the Mt2 CMS by hen and the design is by King Sora. I also provided proof of the design author. The CMS is common knowledge among the Metin2 community that it's the hen one. I don't really care what he asked for, we don't like encouraging people or giving an outlet for people to take credit for the work of others, or share other's work without permission. That's against the board rules, so it would be nice to let him know that we don't support this kind of activity here. It's also a bit ironic that you're telling me that if I have a problem to take it up in PM with someone, while at the same time, publicly posting this. I didn't make mistakes on Metin2Midnight thread either, if you don't like my opinions or the facts I point out, nobody is forcing you to stay around and read or reply to them. If he is from Romania, he probably bought an already created server. He just picked the name and that's all. The "company" created the server, the client and the website. They edited copyrights and so on. He probably don't even know what's that HTML. If he's not from Romania, then I don't know. Well the thing is he advertised it as his in this thread. So if it's the fault of the hoster, that's still his fault because he hasn't changed it and has continued to present it as his own. Secondly, if you'd pay attention I did mention that he put himself in the footer. You can see that the footer name matches his forum name and the host in the footer isn't Romanian. This is the work of himself, not a host just planting some presets there for him.
  9. If you can compile your own bin I think you can read the error and find out what went wrong during or after compilation, right? Odd, it only happens on Win 8. Must have some deeper issue on your system :/
  10. Rumor

    Search staff for SerenMT2

    Modifying a design or source doesn't make it your own. Beta testing or not, credit should not be stolen away from true authors and given to the person who owns the server. Also he didn't state he's in "beta testing" so it's assumed he isn't. I'm not "trashing and shamming (shaming?)" other people. You should watch your tone with me boy.
  11. Rumor


    4.40 is latest version and I don't think there is a 4.30 (version 5 available per request only) release that is cracked so likely he has the license. The problem is the people on that forum don't know much about metin2 or have much useful things for metin2.
  12. Rumor

    Search staff for SerenMT2

    website is in English and Germanyou didn't code hennik's cms, maybe you should stop taking credit for it in the footer.You have your host website listed as the designer of the webpage. This is also a lie. King Sora designed your website. http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-pserver-guides-strategies/1305844-release-professionelle-metin2-homepage-ownii-sora.htmlWhy do you have players at maximum level with all that XP? Don't players at max level stop receiving XP? This makes me wonder how they obtained the level.
  13. Rumor

    help small error with Client

    backup the folder inside quests (Forgot what it's called) which stores the .start files, etc.. ./qc questname.sh 1 by 1 until you find the one that causes the issue
  14. Rumor

    Quest Problem

    I think the map folder is missing