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  1. nice! If you want to create a new password use this instead of md5 generator: http://www.mysql-password.com/ Note: Edit your thread and mark it as solved to let other people know that this is successful answered and for a better overview in general.
  2. md5? isnt it MySQL Password() ? *676243218923905CF94CB52A3C9D3EB30CE8E20D
  3. open

    in general: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Import-XML-data-6eca3906-d6c9-4f0d-b911-c736da817fa4 So what is the error? Or do you have row, column mapping or charset problems? What exactly is the problem? Do you have define an XML Schema?
  4. solved

    ok thats strange, i was so sure that this is working xD I would check if this is really the right place to change code. Whats happen if you change the "[" and "]" like: "%s<Prestige %d>" if the output isn't <Prestige 1>EbeEbe then this function isn't rendering for your output.
  5. solved

    from reading this http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/io/c/fprintf i think this is the solution. %s is a character string (name) and %d a signed integer (level) so i changed the position in the first snprintf function. Hope this works, never coded in C++. i can only write php but from a logical point of view it should work: if (pCharacterInstance->GetPrestigeLevel() < PRESTIGE_MAX) snprintf(szNameTextTail, sizeof(szNameTextTail), "%s[Prestige %d]", pCharacterInstance->GetNameString(), pCharacterInstance->GetPrestigeLevel()); else snprintf(szNameTextTail, sizeof(szNameTextTail), "%s[Prestige Master]", pCharacterInstance->GetNameString());
  6. c++

    indeed the wrong category. You posted this in "Releases > Programming". Next time -> questions in "Metin2 > Questions and Answers" Read for more informations:
  7. This would be the right way if metin2dev (the community) want to become professional. I really want this too. The problem is that this scene is UNABLE to become professional because of its members. Thats hard but true. If you have an error because of (for example) changing code it should be the minimum to verify: What I did , How I did it and now i have THIS problem Not even that basic is given. So, it has no sence to change anything because the quality in general is ZERO (not all but in most cases) -> just look in Q&A. I mean you can do this but then this board needs a person who close all "bullshit" threads immediately. Edit:// General question: Why is metin2dev successfull? I think its very simple: It is/was a better place (more qualified) than epvp. And now we have the same shit with rising members and try to do it better.
  8. open

    I would look into this, too:
  9. So if you don't need to learn anything from someone like me i will give you a hint to learn the meaning yourself. Take a look to your whole database structure and you will see that there is something named "hotbackup". Now image that a backup performed on data while the database is actively online and accessible to users. magic!
  10. The new system is available for a few hours by now and the first use of it is more than a fail... LIf this continues we can remove that feature because it has no sense this way. I think predefined tags when starting a thread is a good idea but our community isnt capable to deleted appropriat tags.
  11. You should really learn how to use tags the right way before starting a thread. Edit:// i appreciate the downvote. Now you got it - thats the important point.
  12. First of all: This can't work because ids can only exist once! If you want to do such things you have to give the divs classes! So, I would do that with jQuery. It is just a lot easier for beginner than native JavaScript like you did. If you want to show/hide divs with its own toggle button (dynamically) you can do it like i did here: I used "data" Attribute for trigger the related div. The coole thing is, that you can place your div wherever you want and it works on several divs if you want. Just use the class which is used in the data Attribute for one or more divs. Shoud be easy to understand: <button class="toggleButton" data-toggle="div1">Show</button> <div class="toggleDiv div1">First Container</div>
  13. You could limit the upload file size to avoid that user upload too big files. For special projects like Vanilla Core there could be a request formular for bigger uploads. I dont know what can be done but i think self hosting is the best way to avoid deadlinks. I know that more space and traffic is a price question. If there is a way to support the board (donate button?), you should imptement it.
  14. This is a great idea! Maybe implement a button in WYSIWYG Editor? Would be very cool when stuff is hosted at m2dev to avoid dead links as long as the space is given . Is it possible to update a file in the download section for a user atm? This should be a must have (if you have not already implemented). When having versioning in delopment, it is important to update the download file (never used the download section so far, so i dont know).
  15. Google this. There is a solution but i dont want to link to the well known crappy board