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  1. LifeStyle

    open Armor?

    Hello, Does anyone have these armor for sale? For old granny ( 2.4 )
  2. LifeStyle

    Dragon Armor Set

    Are these armor for sale? Does anyone have them?
  3. LifeStyle

    Granny2 Problem

    Hard...very hard work..
  4. LifeStyle

    Granny2 Problem

    hello, I have a problem There a converter for this tag GR2 0x80000037 this tag 0x80000010 ?
  5. LifeStyle

    [RELEASE]Duel Kill

    Images d:/ymir work/effect/etc/emoticon/ ?
  6. LifeStyle

    Santhia Ice pillar

    BUG !!! EDIT: I eventually managed to ask, but it has that effect when one, kill .. I had to change in MSM, to write NPC replace MONSTER
  7. LifeStyle

    [Release] Create && Select Character

    Posted incomplete system... DELETE !! EPIC FAIL..
  8. LifeStyle

    [Release] Create && Select Character

    Link Download?
  9. LifeStyle

    [Release] Create && Select Character

    " "image" : "locale/it/ui/framess.tga", " --------------------------------------- " "image" : "locale/it/ui/guerreiro.jpg", " what ui/framess.tga ? not put all the pictures Down buttons do not work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. LifeStyle

    New archbishop NPC

    .exe? ... VIRUSTOTAL?
  11. LifeStyle

    [Released] New set weapons

    Thanks man
  12. LifeStyle

    [Released] New set weapons

    Posted ICON man.. pliz.