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  1. Deprecated members (as for instance QString::toAscii() ) are disabled by default in Qt5 and can be enabled using "QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qtglobal.html#QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE.
  2. QString::toAscii() and QString::fromAscii() are now deprecated, but should still be there (they are replaced by QString::fromLatin1() and QString::toLatin1()). Anyway, that should not generate those errors. Do you include all the code from that example (all #includes), and do you have a valid .pro file? Did it work with Qt4? What compiler are you using?
  3. Wahmon

    PHP - Function SELECT create_time FROM db

    Then send me a PM and i'll try to help you.
  4. Wahmon

    PHP - Function SELECT create_time FROM db

    Man, in account.account do you have any account with '2' id ?
  5. Wahmon

    Homepage backdoor ?

    Check your website for SHELL or just change your password..
  6. Wahmon

    Transfer Costume error

    Look into char.h, you've missed something..
  7. Wahmon

    Custom System

    live:gabriel.postudor - Add skype.
  8. Wahmon


    -EDIT- no skype inside posts/threads allowed!
  9. Wahmon

    [C++ Change]Heal Of Healer

    If yes, I think u could do that with skill_proto.sql .. Sorry if I'm wrong.
  10. Wahmon

    Weapon Costume Skill Problem

    Any client syserr ?
  11. Wahmon

    HackShield Probleme

  12. Wahmon

    Weapon Costume Skill Problem

    empty player, player_index and item table..:3
  13. Wahmon

    HackShield Probleme

    What the... ? Change hackshield version or try to compile client with win32 lib