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  1. Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    someone can repost de extras client pls?
  2. open 3DS MAX 7 Problem texturing

    up pls
  3. Hi, i have a problem with my 3ds max 7, when i try to do a texture with flatten mapping the program crash all times. My specs 2.4 GHz 4 GB Ram Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Video card intel 512 Ram
  4. Metin2Freakz [RO / ENG]

    good one only the staff have something to say...
  5. open new effect for npc

    Hi, guys, who know who can I add a new effect for a quest, like the flash when you have a quest, I try to add 1 more effect like that for quests, help, please. Thanx
  6. Over 200 New Tree's for Maper's

    new link or somethink?
  7. Armors set v2 - Chinese style

  8. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    these thinks are made by rotten root i found that there 6 months ago
  9. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    its not made by you
  10. Safe Launcher Argument System

    can you say me the file please? thanks
  11. New map1 design

    thanks man
  12. New map1 design

    you have speak with?
  13. New map1 design

    can you put a link download like comment here?
  14. New map1 design

    nice, new link for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCUKJ320QpI ??? thanks