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  1. Hi how know a good extractor? I need to change the keys but in eternexus i have max 8 characters and i have 10 to unpack a client.
  2. i must learn who to do that, nice rly nice
  3. old system
  4. up guys
  5. yes but i dont know the corecct keywords
  6. yes but the system is not free.
  7. i like your update. rly nice i will try to do
  8. why you change the quote? i say "maybe will be for sell" now it for my project! if it free post the system but in c++ no python, why i do this post? I just wanted to introduce this system. You cry for that? galet, I repeat "maybe will be for sale" we have a maybe here. Now it just for my project.
  9. the system is old but useful, it not so easy to rebuild. It not a releas, maybe will be for sell.
  10. up system update. Video in progress
  11. nice system...
  12. in 3 days a new update will be finish for this system and i will do a video for...
  13. currently I have a problem with the host but soon i will do a video with a higher update on this project.
  14. i add new type for quests ... in quest_function