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  1. open 3DS Max gr2

    and who can i change that?
  2. open 3DS Max gr2

    Hi guys, i wanna know why this model is like that in worldeditor and like that in gr2
  3. I want to buy Meley Lair and new pet system

    Wanna you buy free systems?
  4. Sell League of Legends Account Level 36 EUW

    its for sell xd
  5. Hi guys I wanna sell my league of legends accounts, This account is unranked and I never play ranked with, 16 skins and 22 Champions, For more details I do a little presentation of the account 3 Chests Available And 2 Aram Rerolls (Old Image) Money and RP Like i say, the account is unranked Honor Level 5 Best 3 Champs on this Account Emotes Runes - 2 Pages (You can change) Materials Like I say I have 22 Champs, I know it's not much, but I have a lot of 6300 IP
  6. Search somebody for explain about mapping

    the solution in spanish i think but if you wach you can do iziii
  7. Hi guys, I'm here to ask some help from you, I start to script an interface and in the create character interface I need a script to learn the skills from there, like you create your character and you chose your skills at the same time, no more NPC in map1, no more all that, if someone now the script and wanna share, thank you.
  8. Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    someone can repost de extras client pls?
  9. open 3DS MAX 7 Problem texturing

    up pls
  10. Hi, i have a problem with my 3ds max 7, when i try to do a texture with flatten mapping the program crash all times. My specs 2.4 GHz 4 GB Ram Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Video card intel 512 Ram
  11. Metin2Freakz [RO / ENG]

    good one only the staff have something to say...
  12. open new effect for npc

    Hi, guys, who know who can I add a new effect for a quest, like the flash when you have a quest, I try to add 1 more effect like that for quests, help, please. Thanx