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  1. price?
  2. these thinks are made by rotten root i found that there 6 months ago
  3. its not made by you
  4. Hi guys, i have a update for the new project lostworld, The new system quest from wom2. i wait your opinions in comments. Thanks.
  5. can you say me the file please? thanks
  6. thanks man
  7. you have speak with?
  8. can you put a link download like comment here?
  9. nice, new link for ??? thanks
  10. the resize don't work in this case, you need add that in your root files
  11. price for?
  12. hi guys, i need the py files for please. Thanks
  13. can you explain me what is this please?
  14. who can i do for man/girl? change the alinments name for man and women?
  15. Hi how know a good extractor? I need to change the keys but in eternexus i have max 8 characters and i have 10 to unpack a client.
  16. i must learn who to do that, nice rly nice
  17. old system
  18. up guys
  19. yes but i dont know the corecct keywords
  20. yes but the system is not free.
  21. i like your update. rly nice i will try to do
  22. why you change the quote? i say "maybe will be for sell" now it for my project! if it free post the system but in c++ no python, why i do this post? I just wanted to introduce this system. You cry for that? galet, I repeat "maybe will be for sale" we have a maybe here. Now it just for my project.
  23. the system is old but useful, it not so easy to rebuild. It not a releas, maybe will be for sell.