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  1. Just after you finished your work to your website, (example: putting items in itemshop or whatever) delete the adminpanel or just change how a user will have access to it so it won't be accessible by someone that does not have the link to the folder you created for adminpanel also put .htaccess and a plain index.html to your site so your folders are invisible My simple advice without being an expert.
  2. Choose a branch and start working with it. mainline I believe you will find it easier and with less problems.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzgGTTtR0kc
  4. so they just let it like this for you developers to be troubled then.. is it possible to add a lib or fix it with a dif to 2.4.1 gamefile of vanilla? cause of its several bug fixes and stuff I don't think the leaked source of vanilla is better than this or wrong?
  5. thanks both of you, so we must implement the fix you shared with us to be safe right? one more question: if ymir didn't take care of this, can it be done to official too then or not? ;P
  6. Hello Recently I 've seen many server got their databases deleted.. This is caused from their sites? or from the new gamefile? If I block mysql port and connect through ssh and create an account for homepage only to write new accounts will I be protected?
  7. Can you tell us what was the problem? And explain the solution so other will be helped too.