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  1. dako12

    Getting started with m2 server development

    There are NO guidelines on "How to make a private server". You must find out by yourself (or by reading forums) what is the purpose of each file and how to modify them, if someone wanted to make a full guide I believe 10 pages wouldn't be enough. As for a quick tip to start you can use the official sg clean files And a guide of how to install them in vmware or a paid vps freebsd system.
  2. dako12

    solved Log

    Just change the number of the groups and use a lower one
  3. dako12

    solved Log

    Check in database player inside the mob_proto all attack_speed values if there is any > 4000 just change it to a smaller one. (4000 is just the higher number i've used in some stones) or take a backup and simple use the above query and check if everything is working as expected.
  4. dako12

    Server install

    Take a look at this topic maybe it may help you And use freebsd 10.3 from now on cause 9.3 is no longer supported by freebsd community
  5. Hey @Vanilla I 've got a problem and maybe some others will come to this. While using this new core with all libs and dependencies complete, when I try to login to the server client stay frozen to "Connecting" even with false or true login data. With your debug compiled game the same thing, but the strange for me is that when I compile it myself to release mode the cores keep rebooting (and still not connecting ofc) If I replace the game and db files with the ones from vanilla 2.4.1 the game starts normally and I can login normally too. Edit: P.S I am using vrunner In auth autorun.log While in syserr of auth In ch1 autorun.log along with the starting logs it has the following error (only with the new core) In ch1 sysser And db autorun.log Db sysser Sorry for asking for help regarding an individual problem to your release thread but I guess I miss some small detail and It will drive me crazy
  6. @Hik Make sure you have installed cryptopp by ports cd /usr/ports/security/cryptopp/ && make install clean And: In /usr/local/include/cryptopp add the attached file. cryptoppLibLink.h
  7. Is there a specific way that clang-devel should be installed? Cause it's installations is causing problems and it is not fullfilled successfully. Also in the makefile the -std=c++14 returns " error: invalid value 'c++14' " OS: Freebsd 9.3 32bit
  8. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    @Sonitex Please stop playing stupid.
  9. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    @Sonitex I do not know if I am stupid.. but have you ever thought if you are? The facebook post of eterhost you quoted HAVE A DATE and its is 16/12/2016 and it is about the downtime during 16 and 17 of december 2016. The new downtime was from 4/01/2017 to 11/01/2017 so please don't try to be smart If you have no clue of what is going on. And about "drama for nothing" I don't believe a 7 days downtime for a small company without answering customer questions is something I can tolerate....maybe I am wrong. @.PolluX Please if it is not a trouble for you close/lock this post.
  10. dako12

    Homepage backdoor ?

    Just after you finished your work to your website, (example: putting items in itemshop or whatever) delete the adminpanel or just change how a user will have access to it so it won't be accessible by someone that does not have the link to the folder you created for adminpanel also put .htaccess and a plain index.html to your site so your folders are invisible My simple advice without being an expert.
  11. dako12

    Server SourceCode Starting Tree

    Choose a branch and start working with it. mainline I believe you will find it easier and with less problems.
  12. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    I believe we will not get any more answers and Eterhost finally closed it's little project, despite the fact that prior notice to the customers haven't been made that makes you assume many things.. Please close this thread if you believe its' unecessary to remain open.
  13. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    Bump. Are there not any news or any announcement?
  14. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    Are you idiot or something? Does it seems to you that this thread is about if their site is offline? And did I miss something? closerequest is requested by threadstarter or/if thread is answered.
  15. dako12

    Eterhost Finally Closed

    @WhiteHat I did checked them despite the fact that a company must not count that its customers will look on sites like facebook to see what's happening but to have their own official website up and running so they can be informed.