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  1. you must add the texture in this location d:/ymir work/npc/death_guard_dane/
  2. Hello guys, Today i have new model (Death guard) you can add it in Tower of demons screen: Download : Mega download Scan Virus : Virustotal
  3. Dane

    open Costumes and hair problem

    if you sure that your costume it granny 2.4 you must add your costunes again maybe have problem in add before or you can add me skype to check if your model it 2.4 not 2.9
  4. Dane

    open Costumes and hair problem

    I think you have problem in msm file or the location of your costumes is not correct And what's your granny version maybe your problem is here
  5. Hello, i have a big problem here i have two topic in pending approval It seems to me that he is a pending approval review that subject is had been created since almost a week also, Any Help plz?
  6. Hi guys Today i released a new group for all characters with wolfman All models have a hairstyle images: ------------------ ------------------ linkdownload(Mega): Mega Download scanvirus(virusTotal): VirusTotal If you have any problems plz reply or send msg If you like my topic, plz press thanks Have fun
  7. Hi guys, Today i release a new two pet's of cat all models have 4 animation (wait, special wait, run, walk) image: link download (mega): Mega Download VirusTotal: VirusTotal If you have any problem plz reply or send msg If you like my topic, press thanks Have fun
  8. Hi guys, I release a new npc ----------------------- link download(mega) : Mega Download scan virus(virustotal) : VirusTotal If you have any problem plz reply or send msg if you like my topc , press thanks Have fun
  9. Hello everyone, I want to share a new armor for wolfman Screen: Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/4i9027ee9ju8s07/Dane_Wolfman_armor.rar Password : dane.dane51 Virustotal : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/64ec93fe654ccde2abc65583726964257711e85b651b6db69dc10d41aba4be5e/analysis/1498354736/ Soon for other characters if there's any problem in 3ds tell me
  10. Dane

    problem query(affect are not loaded!!)

    add me skype -EDIT-
  11. Hello,guys i have a new npc to release. granny sdk*: 2.8 screenshots pass : Dane link: warrior_fighter
  12. Hello,i have a new armor for assissan to release. for share it free granny sdk : 2.8 women -------------------------------------------------------------- man (pass) : Dane download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/258zjszg11pdmve/ninja_armor.zip
  13. Dane

    [Release] Pet king cat

    Shisui pass : -EDIT- Change the password of the file, it's not allowed to write your skype id unless you're trying to sell a service.
  14. Dane

    [Release] Pet king cat

    Hello,i have a new pet to release. for share it free last update:sdk 2.8 ----------------------------------------------- pass:Dane dawnload : (Attachment) cat_King.zip