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  1. Istny

    open Find player by character name on server

    CCI * pkCCI = P2P_MANAGER::instance().Find(nickname); you can find how to use that in source by searching code above
  2. Istny

    open Mainline tool set update

    if you open solution in newer visual studio it will be converted to newer version, however there will be some errors during compilation, but they are easy to fix if you have knowlage of c++ xd
  3. Istny

    open Mainline tool set update

    i'm using v141 toolset without any problems
  4. Istny

    open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    There is no simple answer, on my server we are using packer written from scratch with new encryption method and other compression algorithms like lizard, lz4hc
  5. Istny

    open Core crash

    mayby you should learn first how to read gdb output
  6. Istny

    open Core crash

    broken server_attr
  7. Istny


    probably you are running some queries without index you have to enable log_queries_not_using_indexes in my.cnf to see where is the problem
  8. Istny

    open channel crash (IsAttr)

    From what i remember this issue is related to broken server_attr, core go down when player walk into broken part of the map
  9. Istny

    core crash debug

    add log-queries-not-using-indexes to my.cnf and run mysqltuner on server
  10. Istny


    Is this the reason why some servers are now offline ? ^.^
  11. Istny

    command purge

  12. Istny

    [Private Servers] What happens?

    Looks like only germany, but until someone don't tell what happend we can only wondering We don't know what gameforge done, maybe the only takedown websites, and owners in panic disabled game servers also. i have hope owners of these server are not coward and tell something more ;x shiro3 statment translated via google Dear Community, as you know, it came yesterday at 23:00 to the decision to move the server start of the project due to legal reasons indefinitely. I want to mention again that you should please stay calm here. We had this serious decision taken quickly, to the situation in which we find ourselves is clear. The project Shiro3 is not canceled. It could be that we start this weekend. It may also be that it is shifted by 7 days. To you to name any exact period, we have access to the generalized term "indefinitely". Thus, of course, should also be clear that your investments, whether money or anticipation going, never lost. You need us as a community some understanding bring to, because we're not talking about a DDoS or hacker attack, but of something far worse.Therefore, I ask now officially again: Widespread no rumors and tolerated you today. We will not later than tonight the correct information and give everything more known. Best regards, The Shiro3 team
  13. Istny

    How much cores each channel?

    i can give you some data from me 900 players on one channel (one core), about 40 maps. 50% cpu usage of one core e3-1240v2. there was no core crashes, lags etc everything depends on optimization ;x right now i'm using 2 cores per channel, but it's not caused by stabilitiy or something simmilar, I assure
  14. Istny

    protect GM

    char.cpp inside CHARACTER::SetPlayerProto if (GetGMLevel() > GM_LOW_WIZARD)
  15. Istny

    [RLS] Ingame Channel Switcher like WOM2

    you can do this with TimedEventInfo