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  1. I prepare it, I work on other stuffs too
  2. Between 9 and 11 are tested
  3. I will do the unmount automatic system thank for the suggestion I make a system on source part for unmount automaticaly the player just by checking the ATTR_WATER with coordinates of the player
  4. Mount are not able yet for swimming For the bug on normal I have upload a fix github client source part You have to take the lib from gcc6 Install gcc42 and gcc6. Or wait the official VDI
  5. Thank you, but this is too early
  6. Use command line: tar xvfz game.tar.gz for keep links
  7. Unpack files on /home/ directory
  8. I work on it , on water reflection and on a HLSL system for improve light quality, textures quality on the whole rendering.
  9. No sorry i'm very busy.
  10. I have disable it, for enable again, unpack root.epk, rename ui.py by ui_old.py , search ui_illumina.py and rename it to ui.py
  11. Thank you very much, I have send a little update here for disable the mob scale: https://github.com/MetinRefresh/Metin-Refresh-Client-Src/blob/master/client/UserInterface/Locale_inc.h
  12. I'm sorry to don't do it fast, but you will be glad to play with all systems and content of this files when they are fully fixed. For now the network is fixed, tested for few hours in some different parts of the game and no problem. I currently make the link of the manual jump command, like that players will see you jump when you want to jump If you want to send a donation you can use cryptocurrency: BTC (Bitcoin) - 3JR7H7usN9wLeYhaV6AS7M2PFHuGrVvug1 XMR (Monero) - 4AYR4Kfy9fbd4CRHvjy2sqEdrayWjoSQ4b8XvtpTwZEcgp6uEVV7UQjeCffGa6AH8q2Ub8R7S5iURZ5kSbhov6fJByQnJ3u BCN (Bytecoin) - 27sJsgT9UjgZJxwj3DjvdhJsmyEqw1YntKa6z55HyYuBXtLgoC4ExVyAJQK193JJq2gfyw9KEa4DrJrmPLb3WpYq4AiHCJG Thank you
  13. A new update of sources has been uploaded on github, this update implement: - A new header packet for fly, swimming, height system. - Remove old packet method, disable mob scale until I make a better packet system on it. - Fix Sash equip show. - Hide sash pending swimming, show it when swimming is finish. - Fix run animation when the player go out the water zone. - Fix random disconnection packet who happen too often. The VDI will be done when I'm sure this is okay for everything
  14. Compile the update from github, their is a fix for that (Client and Server source)
  15. They are directx Color value, I will share list of colors when I found it again