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  1. hachiwari

    c++ [RLS]Effect Give System

    Sorry, but my level of english doesnt allow me to write all suggestions :X I write only simple opinion. I didnt released, hmm.. because I think same about my code // edit I think that it will be better if my code is on gitlab as private repository xd And i published some topics, but not here, only worse forum .I hope you will undestand me.
  2. hachiwari

    c++ [RLS]Effect Give System

    This is not event spahetii code, its shit code XD
  3. hachiwari

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Awesome, man.
  4. hachiwari

    About Vegas ban

    Wtf, did you see video in post @Exygo?! Maybe you're Vegas XD othterwise i cant undesrtand you.. why are you blind?
  5. hachiwari

    c++ Block mob safezone / Move bosses

    Twisted sister ;3
  6. hachiwari

    About Vegas ban

    What was the reason for banning him?
  7. hachiwari

    c++ log system info of players anonymously

    wtf? int i = 0; check >> i; if (i > 0) return false;
  8. hachiwari

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    I didnt read all code, but your names of function or variable is strange xD tip. read a book cleancode
  9. hachiwari

    open How to block deal damage

    LPITEM pItem = pkAttacker->GetWear(WEAR_WEAPON); if (pItem && pItem->GetVnum() == 15 && pItem->IsEquipped() && pkVictim->IsNPC()) return 0;
  10. hachiwari

    [Metin2] #1 - Wood Map

    Please ban this fraud :<
  11. hachiwari

    open Error item.remove

    In questlua_item.cpp
  12. hachiwari

    open Error item.remove

    pc.remove_item(vnum, count)
  13. I know that you are noob, but on this board we write a solution.. so please to do it.
  14. hachiwari

    c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    dont be negative about our comments, its not hate :/
  15. hachiwari

    c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    Lel, overflow in packet, in this system you only need list of vnum and count. For what you create page and slot, in client you can position it.