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  1. hachiwari

    open Core Crash

    gdb set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd file /YOUR_PATH/game core /YOUR_PATH/game.core and bt / bt full
  2. hachiwari

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    Maybe something to log (not only return)
  3. hachiwari

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    These functions: x, y = chr.GetPixelPosition(vid)[:2] myX, myY = player.GetMainCharacterPosition()[:2] chr.MoveToDestPosition(player.GetMainCharacterIndex(), x, y) Good luck!
  4. hachiwari

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    I dont know but this is working for me https://pastebin.com/2jR1q2RB You have something in end of line :O
  5. hachiwari

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Globas has playerm2g2 and m2netm2g import and check syserr in client directory
  6. hachiwari

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    How did you run code? You dont have any error? aaaand wchich server? ps. I edited above my post, because i found mistake ;x
  7. hachiwari

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Check with for i in range(0,90*2): attachedSlotType = player.INVENTORY attachedInvenType = player.SlotTypeToInvenType(attachedSlotType) itemVnum = player.GetItemIndex(attachedInvenType, i) if itemVnum == SWITCH_RARE_VNUM: chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Odłamek znaleziony") net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket(attachedInvenType, i, exslot) exslot += 1
  8. Hello, I have a question, is event optimal with e.g. 6 hours? I think about: event_create(refresh_time_event, info, 6 * 60 * 60 * passes_per_sec); // 6 hours Hm? or someone have any solution for timer with long time? (but not proces loop with thecore_heart->pulse because i think that the worst solution :c )
  9. hachiwari

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART2

    And so if double ';'?? its nothing
  10. hachiwari

    c++ [RLS]Effect Give System

    Sorry, but my level of english doesnt allow me to write all suggestions :X I write only simple opinion. I didnt released, hmm.. because I think same about my code // edit I think that it will be better if my code is on gitlab as private repository xd And i published some topics, but not here, only worse forum .I hope you will undestand me.
  11. hachiwari

    c++ [RLS]Effect Give System

    This is not event spahetii code, its shit code XD
  12. hachiwari

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Awesome, man.
  13. hachiwari

    About Vegas ban

    Wtf, did you see video in post @Exygo?! Maybe you're Vegas XD othterwise i cant undesrtand you.. why are you blind?