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  1. hachiwari

    open GetName function

    Yes, good luck. ReFresh, we dont give you a full solution, step by step, it will be good for you. In every topic you waited for full solution, no way
  2. hachiwari

    c++ [C++] 6 inventory safebox

    You are crazy man
  3. hachiwari

    open Where to get the source code?

  4. hachiwari

    open [LUA] Character ; not appearing in dialog choice

    You can change separator to own, e.g. '#' in 1) game/questlua.cpp -> os << i << ";" << lua_tostring(qs.co,-1); 2) client/EterLib/parser.cpp -> else if (c == ';') or edit this function in parser.cpp Btw. But for what?xD What do you want to do?
  5. hachiwari

    [RELEASE] Notice color fix (from Lua)

  6. #shittycode #c++ Welcome
  7. hachiwari

    open Hide specific npc vnum from atlas

    lol, only remove form atlas, noo dont spawn npc xD I think in Client/UserInterface/PythonMiniMap.cpp in Update method 'else if (pkInstEach->IsNPC())' change to 'else if (pkInstEach->IsNPC() && pkInstEach->GetRace() != 9004)' however, it will be pretty if you add new type of mob and not in PythonMiniMap.cpp
  8. hachiwari

    open GM Logo visible in INV

    I will be check with effect packet if Gm and is invisible then dont send to client
  9. hachiwari

    solved [Mob]Kill crash

    Can you translate me to english?
  10. hachiwari

    solved [Mob]Kill crash

    I dont think so
  11. hachiwari

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    3500? How did you calculate this number?
  12. hachiwari

    open Sash System Exploit (Lennt)

    fuck you, it not my thread and problem bro XD