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  1. xtrue13

    Quest Categorys

  2. xtrue13

    Quest Categorys

    Hi, im searching for a system like this:
  3. xtrue13

    Guild Safebox Error

    Hi, i implemented this Guild Safebox: -EDIT- When i start the server, it crashes and i got the following error SYSERR: Oct 15 13:14:14.232392 :: Boot: guild safebox initial size error SYSERR: Oct 15 13:14:14.506522 :: pid_deinit: End of pid Can someone help?
  4. xtrue13

    [Collection] File Requests

    Hi, someone got this?
  5. xtrue13

    No Empire PVP

    Hi, i want that the player of the different empires cant fight each other (duel is ok) unfortunately this exceeds my knowledge at all. does someone know how to do this?
  6. xtrue13

    Teleport Problem

    Hi, i got a problem with my Quest. I have this command: pc.warp(844950, 100, 112) Map Base: 844800, 0 Map Index: 112 Local place i want: 150, 100 If i teleport a character with this command, he comes to the map. But he teleport back immediately. Anyone knows the solution?
  7. xtrue13

    Search for Systems

    Hi, i've seen this thread: All users don't recommend that guy. Does anybody know where i can get the following systems?: Mobs informations, Set equipment collecting, Textures changing.
  8. xtrue13

    Quest: Skill Effect when use

    no ideas?
  9. Hello, is it possible to show an effect when an item is used? quest myitem begin state start begin when item.use begin --Effect Skill Shaman Attack+ affect.add_collect(test) end end end
  10. xtrue13

    Server doesn't start

    Hello, i got a problem with my server. It dont start. Here are my db syslog: Link Game1 Core1 syslog: Link DB.conf: ITEM_ID_RANGE = 2000000000 2400000000