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  1. /// UserInterface -> Packet.h /// Search: SE_EQUIP_RAMADAN_RING, Add below: SE_EQUIP_WELES_RING1, /// UserInterface -> InstanceBase.h /// Search: EFFECT_RAMADAN_RING_EQUIP, Add below: EFFECT_WELES_RING1_EQUIP, /// UserInterface -> PythonCharacterManagerModule.cpp /// Search: PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "EFFECT_RAMADAN_RING_EQUIP", CInstanceBase::EFFECT_RAMADAN_RING_EQUIP); Add below: PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "EFFECT_WELES_RING1_EQUIP", CInstanceBase::EFFECT_WELES_RING1_EQUIP); /// UserInterface -> PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp /// Search: case SE_EQUIP_RAMADAN_RING: effect = CInstanceBase::EFFECT_RAMADAN_RING_EQUIP; break; Add below: case SE_EQUIP_WELES_RING1: effect = CInstanceBase::EFFECT_WELES_RING1_EQUIP; break; /// game/src -> char_item.cpp /// Search: if (true == CItemVnumHelper::IsRamadanMoonRing(dwVnum)) { this->EffectPacket(SE_EQUIP_RAMADAN_RING); } Add below: else if (true == CItemVnumHelper::IsWELESRing1(dwVnum)) { this->EffectPacket(SE_EQUIP_WELES_RING1); } /// game/src -> item.cpp /// Search: if (true == CItemVnumHelper::IsRamadanMoonRing(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsHalloweenCandy(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsHappinessRing(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsLovePendant(GetVnum())) Add to the function: || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsWELESRing1(GetVnum()) Example: if (true == CItemVnumHelper::IsRamadanMoonRing(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsHalloweenCandy(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsHappinessRing(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsLovePendant(GetVnum()) || true == CItemVnumHelper::IsWELESRing1(GetVnum())) /// common -> leght.h /// Search: SE_EQUIP_RAMADAN_RING, Add below: SE_EQUIP_WELES_RING1, /// common -> VnumHelper.h /// Search: static const bool IsRamadanMoonRing(DWORD vnum) { return 71135 == vnum; } Add below: static const bool IsWELESRing1(DWORD vnum) { return YOUR_ID == vnum; } /// root -> playersettingsmodule.py /// Search: chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_RAMADAN_RING_EQUIP, "", "d:/ymir work/effect/etc/buff/buff_item1.mse") Add below: chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_WELES_RING1_EQUIP, "", "d:/ymir work/effect/etc/buff/your_effect.mse") /// item_proto /// Type: 16 Subtype: 0 WearFlags: 128
  2. open Client problem

    1220 15:57:14586 :: 'SafeboxWindow' object has no attribute 'BindInterface' 1220 15:57:40490 :: 'Interface' object has no attribute 'wndGameButton' 1220 15:57:40875 :: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'SetMapName' 1220 15:57:40880 :: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'RefreshQuickSlot' These are your mistakes. I have no idea what you did.
  3. DEV to fix Sash

    @Preet What is not working?
  4. Warning - Terebithia.pl

    Personally, I did not run, I did not use and I will not use it, I do not like using files. Files have a lot of systems that you can pull out.
  5. Warning - Terebithia.pl

    Ohh no guys haha, why?
  6. Warning - Terebithia.pl

    Not only were Vegas systems there.
  7. Warning - Terebithia.pl

    There were many systems in the files that were not publicly available therefore, they were removed for not allowing permission to share them. They were made available on the Polish forum.
  8. The topic is directed to people looking for server files. Recently, server files have been made available Terabithia.pl on another forum. Files removed due to copyright. There is a person who sells them for 150 euro. Do not let yourself be a balloon buying something for over 24 hours.
  9. I said, the error was lying on the uitooltip side. I had to rewrite one function (it took me about 2h), now everything works fine.
  10. @Fleon Probably you are right. Of what I saw many people in the forum had a problem with this and probably no topic was resolved. Which of the files would you recommend looking through again to find the error?
  11. @ManiacRobert I do not use the original dump_proto. I have other program. If not, it would not work at all. There is no problem with the costume of weapons. The only mistake is the bad showing of the bonus value in the eqpiament. Using item the character receives the same bonuses as shown in the absorption window. I think this problem lies somewhere on the uitooltip side because half of it was fixed after changing the code from TekkForCe.
  12. @TekkForCe I tried. Did not help. // Otherwise. The only change:
  13. System: Shoulder Sash System With: update_12_09_sash_system 1. Showing bonuses while absorbing - works 2. Absorption - Works 3. Pulled item shows bonuses before absorption 4. The item gives bonuses after absorption 5. Error? Showing bonuses before absorption after absorption in the inventory The main question: Do you have a fix for this problem?