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  1. rawn3cr0


    @masodikbelaHow i can convert this system to save in sql table in db? no txt in quest
  2. rawn3cr0

    open How i can make to search item in this

    Up.. Something can help me?
  3. How i can to make search items in this? To make like this... https://pastebin.com/GJ6HQPLe quest https://pastebin.com/yjh8Dh7B gui python
  4. rawn3cr0

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    It works to make search from offline shop but effect do not appear. Like this. [tests] is not the seller. I think need change from normal shop to offline shop traget, but i don't know how. I have ken offline shop
  5. rawn3cr0

    open Search shop don't show all bonuses

    I send to dev a pm. How i can resolve?
  6. rawn3cr0

    open Search shop don't show all bonuses

    By WorldArd http://dosya.co/sqtxouwcxsmf/[System]Ticaret_Camı.7z.html
  7. rawn3cr0

    open Search shop don't show all bonuses

    Up.. Something?
  8. How do I make this system show all the bonuses? : Link search shop
  9. I want this too....
  10. rawn3cr0

    open Sash in inventory

    I send you PM with files.