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  1. Even if I set the ID manualy to int 42, the effect is showing but stil isin't returning true... ;/
  2. Hello, I am making new particle effect displayed for specific flag in database, it looks like this : if(GetGMLevel() == GM_HEAD) m_afAffectFlag.Set(AFF_HEADMASTER); Also added new Effect to my client in root chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_AFFECT+41, "Bip01", "effect/hm.mse") and it works perfectly fine, BUT... when i want to add additional script for this flag like this(in client source ) : if (m_kAffectFlagContainer.IsSet(AFFECT_HEADMASTER)) return true; it doesn't return true!! AFF_HEADMASTER and AFFECT_HEADMASTER are both set to 42, what more I have to do to make it work??
  3. MshL

    [Release]Custom NPC + Animation 1.0

    Bogdan, what are you using for skinning your mesh, and exporting it? (sorry for spam, i really want to know xd), it looks very good, love the texture
  4. MshL

    Natural boss 1

    Can you please tell me what software do you use for rigging such a mesh like this mob?? and to export are you using 3ds max 2008??