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  1. vamvam

    Urgent Arial font problem client

    I had this problem to.. U must decrease font size.. And it will be fixed. But maybe anyone have better solution.. This is only idea. Like: UI_DEF_FONT Arial:14 to UI_DEF_FONT Arial:12
  2. vamvam

    3+ bonuses to weapon

    Ok thanks, i will try find it in SRC.
  3. vamvam

    3+ bonuses to weapon

    Hello guys.. Can anyone help me with this? >x< x: I need add to weapon more than 3 bonuses.. I don't want to put the bonuses from: applytype0-applytype2, applyvalue0-applyvalue3. Beacuse i can't use more than 3 bonuses, and i need 3+. Any ideas?
  4. #solved i am blind
  5. Hello, tradehouse system: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/8244-pyluatradehouse/ I think i have problem in game.py(reason: When i login in, i am stuck in loading screen..) If i exit the client, sysser contains this: http://pastebin.com/MQrvRQZg game.py: http://pastebin.com/J4TLYDki Pleas, can anyone help me with this? I'll be rly happy. Thank u
  6. vamvam


  7. vamvam

    Client update toolset

    Thank u, i´ll try but with this update i need update API too or? EDIT: I Opened more then 15 files. No one haven´t Toolset. Then i try to find it in VS (all the files, no one).
  8. vamvam

    Client update toolset

    Hello , I am seeking a programmer who would be able to update the client from the V90 toolset, to toolset v120 (VS 2013) . I'll pay him for his work.(prefer paypal) Sorry for English, using Google Translator .
  9. vamvam

    I try to found TaskBar

    Hello guys, i wanna buy from someone rly good taskbar (graphics and code). Put me screenshot of it, and if it look like a cool i wanna buy it, sorry for my eng, thx.