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  1. I suggest not to help this guy, he would probably write a shit code using your functions and ofc after that he would probably post it on a romanian forum with "copy rights". Let him write the function himself. P.S: Because i'm a good guy i suggest you to write a function that returns a boolean if the npc is pc and then you may use the function as check on the kill statement
  2. Braxy

    open Reset skill group

    Am i the only one who read the "Whatever, shit code" phrase? Dude the thing isn't written by me... I just gave him what he asked. And for god sake why the hell are we talking about code when you don't even bother to help him with your "properly written code"? As i said this is a game bug, doesn't have anything to do with the quest file.
  3. Braxy

    open Reset skill group

    That's a game bug bro, if you choose the new skill group and the points aren't shown in the gui its a game bug, there is nothing to do with the quest.
  4. Braxy

    open Reset skill group

    quest skill_reset begin state start begin when 71002.use begin if pc.get_level() < 30 or pc.get_level() > 120 then say_title(item_name(71002)) say("") say("This item can be used in between level 30 and 120.") return end if pc.get_skill_group() == 0 then say_title(item_name(71002)) say("") say("You have no skill group.") return end say_title(item_name(71002)) say("") say("This scroll will instantly reset") say("your skill group, every skill you have") say("mastered will be losed in the process.") say("") say_reward("Notice: You won't lose any character points.") say("") say("Do you really want to do this?") if (select("Yes", "No") == 1) then pc.clear_skill() pc.set_skill_group(0) horse.set_level(horse_level) char_log(0, "RESET_SKILL", "RESET_SKILL_BY_71002") pc.remove_item(71002); set_quest_state("skill_group","run") end end end Whatever, shit code
  5. Braxy


    Why isn't he banned yet? I'm the only one who thinks that the admins are making fun of him and that's why he is not banned yet?
  6. Braxy

    Quest checker

    This is a windows option i guess, for those who can't buy a vps or hosting themselvs... (It is also released on this forum)
  7. Braxy

    Series Request

    Oh, i think the last season was left like that for the next one that must be the end of it... idk And why there is no one who said about Breaking Bad?
  8. Braxy

    Series Request

    Hmm how does Walking Dead ends? I know that the series are coming back in 22 octomber this year... Idk how you see the end so fast..
  9. Braxy

    c++ Auto Block Chat(Insult)

    Hei, i quess there is a method to pass the insult file and insult anyway i will try it and post it here if that's true.
  10. Braxy

    Looking for official like Group Search

    The system is already been posted here on the forum, as long as you don't know what a well code does why you ask for it? The system that Mali made is the same with the official. As long as there are sh** eaters replying his topic without knowing a word they say is normal that they trigger people not to use it. If you don't know what coding is you don't need to care about the code as long as the final result is the same... They are just "Dev's" spreding around sh** here.
  11. Braxy

    c++ Official Group Search

    Dude you are... What don't you understand in "release"? You came here out of nowhere blaming him because of his code. I suggest you to review your comments again, you pretend to be such a good programer, why don't you add the "Better code" instead of shiting words here? "You will see in 1/2 years that your code is a mess", ofc this is what's gonna happend because as long as you work you learn more so after a time you will see how much you learn. That's what you said BUT there is a thing, he don't need any of your messages to learn that, his gonna improve himself based on his work not your messages. You are just spreading shit arround here.
  12. Braxy

    c++ Official Group Search

    Atleast he has the humanity not to ask for money and give free these systems. There are people replying on this topic that don't even know what this system dose or asking for a better code and clean instead of making one themselvs. I tought just my Romanians are sh** but i see that also other people are. Everyone who's blaming him because he releases "sh** code" or whatever, you are just another crap of child eating sh** for attention.
  13. Braxy

    map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Glad you'r back
  14. Braxy

    open PM from quest?

    It's posibble, i made it myself, the client send a message from py and writes the message from lua, updated without reboot or so.
  15. Braxy

    open PM from quest?

    There is someone that already make that by using py and lua, but as you said is just on login, maybe someone update it to share the message when the admin wants...