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  1. map

    Glad you'r back
  2. open

    It's posibble, i made it myself, the client send a message from py and writes the message from lua, updated without reboot or so.
  3. open

    There is someone that already make that by using py and lua, but as you said is just on login, maybe someone update it to share the message when the admin wants...
  4. Very usefull, i like the idea of it, nice work.
  6. open

    Restart the client, sometimes even if u changed something in mob_proto the futures aren't shown without a restart of client
  7. I have no words.
  8. solved

    The function u asked for is at the end of every biolog quest
  9. Looks nice
  10. Yea that's the problem , the models work just if u have the higher version and they are lower , try to update your client to 2.9 i ensure you that will work
  11. Make sure that in the npclist.txt your monster isn't the last one.
  12. Add the msm for the specified mob in the specified folders , as example npc_pet (Ymir work/npc_pet/ten_warrior_monster/ten_warrior_monster.msm) add the ten_warrior_monster.msm in npc_pet/ten_warrior_monster/... and do those things with other ones too.
  13. Thanks dude , i will try that in couple of minutes :*
  14. Hi devs, I'm gonna explain quick the problem.. So the problem is that idk why but couple of texture work just if an ymir work folder with the textures is setup on ''D:'' partition . I don't have any idea why this thing happends but if the texture aren't in the D: partition the game change texture with other ones. Thanks ^^