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  1. Very usefull, i like the idea of it, nice work.
  3. open

    Restart the client, sometimes even if u changed something in mob_proto the futures aren't shown without a restart of client
  4. I have no words.
  5. solved

    The function u asked for is at the end of every biolog quest
  6. Looks nice
  7. Yea that's the problem , the models work just if u have the higher version and they are lower , try to update your client to 2.9 i ensure you that will work
  8. Make sure that in the npclist.txt your monster isn't the last one.
  9. Add the msm for the specified mob in the specified folders , as example npc_pet (Ymir work/npc_pet/ten_warrior_monster/ten_warrior_monster.msm) add the ten_warrior_monster.msm in npc_pet/ten_warrior_monster/... and do those things with other ones too.
  10. Thanks dude , i will try that in couple of minutes :*
  11. Hi devs, I'm gonna explain quick the problem.. So the problem is that idk why but couple of texture work just if an ymir work folder with the textures is setup on ''D:'' partition . I don't have any idea why this thing happends but if the texture aren't in the D: partition the game change texture with other ones. Thanks ^^
  12. I love the video because of music xD . Nice work :*
  13. The and means kind of between these 2 index you can't summon the horse xD . Like if the player is between these numbers ( 25000 / 27000 ) the horse summon isn't available xD If u write ''or'' will get just the map index's you write, on this example just 25000 and 27000
  14. I can recommend you this man right here : @Legend