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  1. TekkForCeAD2

    Shearing a Python Coder for Login Interface

    Push still looking for a python coder.
  2. TekkForCeAD2

    Search Help Disable Yellow Kingdom

  3. TekkForCeAD2

    Good performance Mysql, my.cnf

    Hello, I wanted to ask how you set up your my.cnf for a good perfomance. Here is my.cnf: #INNODB innodb_buffer_pool_size = 378M innodb_log_file_size = 64M innodb_file_per_table=1 innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT #MyISAM key_buffer_size = 64M #OTHER tmp_table_size = 32M max_heap_table_size = 32M query_cache_type = 0 query_cache_size = 00 max_connections = 500 max_connect_errors = 500 thread_cache_size = 50 table_open_cache = 800 open_files_limit = 65535 innodb_force_recovery = 0
  4. Hello, I shearing a Python Coder the can Code my interface design Psd to Python Code for my client. Please Contact me.
  5. Hello, I wanna disable the Yellow Kindom. Someone can please help me. my introempire.py http://pastebin.com/BuFKCMKR thanks
  6. TekkForCeAD2

    Disable Normal Empire chat

    Hello, I search a tutorial how i can disable the normal empire chat. That all can speak and understand.
  7. Hello, How i can Deleted spirit stones drop from Metin stones ? Thanks for every help
  8. Its a little bit Midschool
  9. Youtube Promotion: *Wir sind für jede Art von Promotion offen, wer Lust hat bitte melden natürlich gibt es von uns eine Gegenleistung. Giveaway: Wer als erstes das Maximale Level 99 erreicht bekommt ein 50€ Amazon Gutschein. Wer als zweites das Maximale Level 99 erreicht bekommt ein 30€ Amazon Gutschein. Wer als drittes das Maximale Level 99 erreicht bekommt ein 20€ Amazon Gutschein. http://adrium2.com/
  10. TekkForCeAD2

    Mega Pack New Item Icons

    Hello, I´m wanna search an icon pack with you. Download FULL: http://platine.us/new_icons.rar Have fun!
  11. TekkForCeAD2

    C++ HELP Drop Items in the Inventory

    Thanks ! work fine.
  12. TekkForCeAD2

    C++ HELP Drop Items in the Inventory

    error: 'AutoGiveItem' was not declared in this scope Dont work
  13. Hello, if (pkKiller->GetLevel() >= 15 && abs(pkKiller->GetLevel() - pkChr->GetLevel()) <= 10) { int pct = quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetEventFlag("mondi_drop"); if (pct > 0) { const DWORD ITEM_VNUM = 50011; if (number(1,400) <= pct) { if ((item = CreateItem(ITEM_VNUM, 1, 0, true))) vec_item.push_back(item); } } } What i must change that the drop came in the inventory and not on the floor.
  14. TekkForCeAD2

    Unpack Oficial Gameforge Client?

    Hello, Is here a packer public that works with gameforge client?