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  1. Draktharon

    Special effect for [+7+8+9] Preview

    Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Draktharon

    Special effect for [+7+8+9] Preview

    hi to all! this is my last work, what do u think about it?
  3. Draktharon

    [Preview] Animated Armor & other

    Hi to all, i'm Draktharon and this is my last work! What do you think about it?
  4. Draktharon

    [Search] Designer skills

  5. Draktharon

    Armors set v2 - Chinese style

    Yes, i find game when he take this model and i have remake all becouse only Kidu has it and he don't sell this armors set.
  6. Draktharon

    Armors set v2 - Chinese style

    Hi to all, this is my last work: Thank you for watch!
  7. Draktharon

    New Animated Bow!

    Yes, look in my YouTube channel
  8. Draktharon

    New Special Skill for all Characters

    Hi to all! If you do not know me, I'm Daktharon. A 3d modeler and effecter. This is a test of my new skill. It is not yet complete at 100%. It will be an additional skill for all races. This is an attacking skill, the effect you see on the warrior in game will be around the opponent and at the time of the explosion will vibrate the screen. Thanks for watching - Sorry for audio but this is only a test
  9. Draktharon

    New effect for Weapons and armors [+7/+8/+9 or other]

    thank u to all
  10. Hi to all, this is my lady work! what do u think? thank u for watch!
  11. Draktharon

    [S] Effect creator (pet) and client decrypter

    Hi, i'm effecter. Add me on skype: DraktharonShop
  12. Draktharon

    Looking for MDE Set

    Hi, i can made mde set. Send me a message (Skype: DraktharonShop). this is my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrNJZe8ZPIukg71CukFo4w
  13. Draktharon

    Darkskill - SKILL OVER P

    Hi to all, In the past I have work with COOB (RR founder) for make this skills! 5 years ago!
  14. Draktharon

    Search Multi Language System for Quest !!

    I've send u a message I have this system