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  1. MooFuuuuck

    c++ C++ | Metin2 | Mount System Renewal

    do u still have it's bonuses, when you are unmounted?
  2. MooFuuuuck

    ShoX-Network - Feel the Middle!

  3. MooFuuuuck

    [HowTo]Building our Extern from the very beginning

    I'm having a Problem with my new libgtest.a I'm getting this linking error http://prntscr.com/hnxcru I compile with gcc48
  4. It doesn't work for me. There is no difference to before . my syssr is empty
  5. MooFuuuuck

    Client closes after character selection

    thx man i tried it with an other packer and it's working.:)
  6. MooFuuuuck

    Client closes after character selection

    What should i do?
  7. Hey guys, I just added some new weapons to my server and now i can't login anymore. Here is the syserr