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  1. Translation not working

    WOW xD
  2. [Metin2] #1 - Wood Map

    He is a scammer.
  3. open Disable log.cpp

    Thats a way xD but the better way its to search where this log functions you dont want called on your source and comment this or make it with defines if you want someday to open them again
  4. Ridack Animation $ Throw Money $

    hahaha nice xD
  5. open bug

    You dont need to show the flag when player is vip? instancebaseeffect.cpp replace this: else if (pkInstMain->IsVIP()) { } with: if (pkInstMain->IsVIP()) return;
  6. open Theory behind MT2 serverfiles

    Mt2 serverfiles was leaked i think on 2007. i think new versions/updates are fanmade (not surely about all that )
  7. Simple photo upload DB

    Its not bad cause i forgot to put the .htaccess in this folder. lol now as you see its ok.
  8. Yeah i copy paste it from the other forum that i post it cause i was bored to write it again. yes. if is possible some mod delete this spam
  9. I post this on one more forum (can't tell name here) and in the other forum i have a different name but im the same person
  10. Copy paste what? i take the login form from boostrap and made the php script by my self.
  11. Hello community. i had some free time so and i did this. is not something special but someone might want to use it Download: Mega You put your database information on include/dbconfig. You put your client download link on index.php variable: $DownloadLink IF something not work good just report it here and i will fix it.
  12. open Official Group Search

    Man criticize sometimes is good think. it will make you better everytime someone criticize you like this "your coding is bad" this would be something that i would take it as a test to make my programming skills better.
  13. Zeke MT2Site Alpha Preview

    Hello guys. cause i have some free time i started work on site for metin2. this is the first preview. as you see in video site will be very dynamic and admin will can edit many things if he is logged with an admin account. i hope you like this. if you have any good idea for my site feel free to tell me Video :
  14. open [WTB]Serverfiles+client+Source[FULL]

    Best clean files + source you could take is Ira's . i have bought from this guy. its expensive but this files/source is truly awesome.
  15. Simple photo upload DB

    Hello community. as i bought yesterday a web hosting for my services and i saw that i have 30GB space and its pity to be wasted so i decided to make a simple photo upload site. i dont know how much time i will have it open but if you want you can use it Site: http://photo.zeke-php.com/