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  1. JarajTo

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Looks great but in Deutsch. I suggest to add en
  2. JarajTo

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    I think that adding such things as this one, biolog in panel, mission in panel is one big no sense. It kills npc/server board. But nobody is stupid like gameforge which add auto hunting System performance is probably good but as i wrote above, it does not make sense.
  3. JarajTo

    open Sash in inventory

    Send me pm with files: pythonitemmodule, gametype and inventorywindow.py from locale
  4. JarajTo

    open Sash in inventory

    Yes, you can. Just change the slot in binary, UserInterface/gametype.h / pythonitemmodule.cpp Don`t forget to edit inventorywindow from your`s locale. protip: Do it like shield
  5. JarajTo

    open How can I trade untradeable items?

    ^^ ??? You can use orginal function like IsGameMaster or GetGMLevel Be careful, don`t give this permission to all teammates. Just use != GM_IMPLEMENTOR This will work if (IS_SET(item->GetAntiFlag(), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_GIVE) && m_pOwner->GetGMLevel() == GM_PLAYER) { m_pOwner->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("???? ??? ? ????.")); return false; }
  6. JarajTo

    open [HELP]Trick For a Dungeon

    Ok i understand, but you checked without this if? if (!__CanActMainInstance()) return true; Could you pick up item from ground when you die? If u want do this what u write above, 1st we need make item "pickable" when u die -- rest is simple.
  7. JarajTo

    open [HELP]Trick For a Dungeon

    But what u need now?
  8. JarajTo

    open [HELP]Trick For a Dungeon

    I'm not sure, and I don`t have time to check, but maybe it bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendItemPickUpPacket(DWORD vid) in userinterface PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp: if (!__CanActMainInstance()) return true; Check and let me know
  9. JarajTo

    open [HELP]Trick For a Dungeon

    Maybe char_item.cpp bool CHARACTER::PickupItem(DWORD dwVID) if (IsPC() && IsDead()) { return false; }
  10. JarajTo

    open Cube percent in gui - what i forgot?

    How can I help you?
  11. JarajTo

    open How to block deal damage

    Yes, good code. It definitely works recommend
  12. JarajTo

    open C++ Bosses stand still

    In binary, gamelib->ActorInstanceBattle.cpp function: bool IS_HUGE_RACE(unsigned int vnum)
  13. JarajTo

    open How protect pack client?

    You must make a good packer O.O My name is Christopher Columbus
  14. JarajTo

    open Texture problem directx9

    Panie kto Panu te płytki kładł, ewidentnie spierdolona robota płytkarza, jasno na ciemnym? To powinno być ciemne na jasnym panie
  15. JarajTo

    solved Reload() function

    I mean the function from the client to reload .py