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  1. open NPC Translate

    https://mega.nz/#!5c5WTCZZ!u8YpVW3Hq_ur8R6qMLaRa95W2ybNLz2Q11Pg2G9AzZY download this go in locale/de/ro/pl whatever you have put the mob_proto on "Decripteaza mob_proto.bat" look in the folder find mob_proto.xml open modify the names of the monsters put the mob_proto.xml on "Cripteaza mob_proto.bat" look in the folder for "mob_proto_new" go in locale/de/ro/pl delete the old one put the new one put the new locale.eix/epk in /pack
  2. solved Mob drop info system problem

    same problem for like 15-25 m. then i realized that i didn't put the files in ymir work/ui. Did you put them?
  3. How to change discirption of item

    item_desc.txt from locale
  4. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    Yes you press "fight" and then you whrite the amount of yang/gold then you accept on player's 2 game-window will apear same window he accepts and the timer starts
  5. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    80 is the amount of gold (yang)
  6. c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    There aren't any effect in the archive.
  7. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    @Mali61 if you changed something in the system,something doesn't work in cmd_general cmd_general.cpp: In function 'void do_pvp(CHARACTER*, const char*, int, int)': cmd_general.cpp:802: error: 'tch' was not declared in this scope cmd_general.cpp:808: error: 'tch' was not declared in this scope
  8. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    can you resolve the problem with different channels?
  9. [Py&C++] GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System

    that's what i said why you tagged me? : ?
  10. [Py&C++] GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System

    When you open exchange,storage e.t.c the system shows the items that you can't sell/exchange/deposit etc.
  11. c++ Auto Block Chat(Insult)

    why i get this when i get muted " 0917 06:28:38516 :: Phase Game does not handle this header (header: 4, last: 4, 4) " ?
  12. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    you can insert that if u want to do something by yourself. I mean if pc.is_blocked == true begin say("somebody hates you") .Function that you can use in client/server source /quest.
  13. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    if you do this, you can send/recive mesages to/from the person you blocked without any error.
  14. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    in cmd_general.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_MESSENGER_BLOCK if (MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkVictim->GetName())) { //ben blokladım hacı ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("%s blokkk"), pkVictim->GetName()); return; } if (MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkVictim->GetName())) { //o blokladı hacı ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("%s blokkk_me"), pkVictim->GetName()); return; } #endif the second must be IsBlocked_me same thing for exchange.cpp same thing for imput_main.cpp : partyInvite cmd_emotion.cpp
  15. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    I will remake all the server side again.