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  1. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ Chat Message(@name message)

    It's working but there's a problem..You can spam without geting kicked..can you put a timer?
  2. SergiuAndreiM

    open Mount Bug

    If i have the type 16 slots occupied with 2 items when i pess L.CTRL + G to mount it's says "You didn't call the horse yet",but if i unequip one of those 2 items it works. The mount is type 28 with subtype 4..
  3. SergiuAndreiM


  4. SergiuAndreiM


    So i found this .exe inside of an client with 2 .gr2 files besides,i tried to put the .gr2 file on the .exe but nothing happend. The name says it all,it's made to delete the logo's from the 3d models. Can somebody find how it works and if we can use if? https://mega.nz/#!9NBHQBhA!UwETphDG1BnxJENpd3EWSpXU23rJf19Eaufghuch_1I
  5. SergiuAndreiM

    open NPC Translate

    https://mega.nz/#!5c5WTCZZ!u8YpVW3Hq_ur8R6qMLaRa95W2ybNLz2Q11Pg2G9AzZY download this go in locale/de/ro/pl whatever you have put the mob_proto on "Decripteaza mob_proto.bat" look in the folder find mob_proto.xml open modify the names of the monsters put the mob_proto.xml on "Cripteaza mob_proto.bat" look in the folder for "mob_proto_new" go in locale/de/ro/pl delete the old one put the new one put the new locale.eix/epk in /pack
  6. SergiuAndreiM

    solved Mob drop info system problem

    same problem for like 15-25 m. then i realized that i didn't put the files in ymir work/ui. Did you put them?
  7. SergiuAndreiM

    How to change discirption of item

    item_desc.txt from locale
  8. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    Yes you press "fight" and then you whrite the amount of yang/gold then you accept on player's 2 game-window will apear same window he accepts and the timer starts
  9. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    80 is the amount of gold (yang)
  10. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ [C++/PYTHON]New Duel System [By Yang]

    There aren't any effect in the archive.
  11. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    @Mali61 if you changed something in the system,something doesn't work in cmd_general cmd_general.cpp: In function 'void do_pvp(CHARACTER*, const char*, int, int)': cmd_general.cpp:802: error: 'tch' was not declared in this scope cmd_general.cpp:808: error: 'tch' was not declared in this scope
  12. SergiuAndreiM

    c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    can you resolve the problem with different channels?
  13. SergiuAndreiM

    [Py&C++] GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System

    that's what i said why you tagged me? : ?
  14. SergiuAndreiM

    [Py&C++] GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System

    When you open exchange,storage e.t.c the system shows the items that you can't sell/exchange/deposit etc.
  15. SergiuAndreiM

    Blue death skills

    can you give me "12_tex_tornado3.dds" ? please?