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  1. [Dedicated Server] Elyas II | Friday opening

    Mai , mai ... nu va mai ajunge forumul just4metin #patetic
  2. Close

  3. Close

    Source and client from karma2 is free on other forum,
  4. EnergyMetin2 - Ultra FUN!

    Ati ajuns si pe aici cu gunoiul
  5. WTB Custom pvm event

    As I can see nobody is able to create a unique pvm event. This topic can be closed. Thank you!
  6. WTB Custom pvm event

    Topic up.
  7. WTB Custom pvm event

    Hello dev.I am searching for somebody that can create a unique pvm event. If you have some ideas and inspiration and you can create a unique pvm event answer me in this topic or skype. I can pay paypal for your services. PS:Only good coders. I am not looking for kids that want to make quick money. Thank you!
  8. Solved

    Close topic/Solved
  9. Solved

    Pay up to 200 euro. Still waiting for someone who has a good antihack.
  10. Solved

  11. Solved

  12. Solved

  13. Crash core

    Altu care pe dev este gen : "tipul cu probleme , ceva gen .. nu ma bate nenea.' , iar pe just_patru_metin este dev de la Nasa... Ce sa faci , n-ai ce sa faci . (Ti-am scris in Romana sa nu mai dai translate , m-am gandit la tine.)
  14. Buy Wikipedia

    Hello dev.I'm searching for Wikipedia something like official. If someone has it contact me. I can pay paypal. We will discuss price in private.Thank you!

    Hello. I have contacted you in privat. Can you give me an answer? Thanks.