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  1. It looks really nice, but why do you use qt?
  2. open

    This hack is so old. I've tried in past and when a do some skill he takes 3x the same damage
  3. open

    i think that you have to write "DELETE" when button or info begin cmdchat("getinputbegin") local cmd = split(input(cmdchat("ITEMZER SELECT|")), "|") cmdchat("getinputend") if cmd[1] == "DELETE" then
  4. You just have to put "index.php?" between "board" and "topic" like this
  6. Ask noxxi, he create that system, if you pay well maybe he could sell you that
  7. Awesome
  8.   Thank you for your quick answer, the thing is in novaline as in mainline i have 2 folders named "client" and "server" so what you are saying is that I should use mainline srcs to compile server only and novaline for client ? Yes
  9. The source is public. He used the source that it's public in many places, he just compile it in windows (virtual studio). Sorry for my english