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  1. #refresh, don't offer me shit...
  2. I'm not searching protection agains "Bob".. Read topic before you write anything. I need injectors blocker.
  3. Hello! I am searching protection who block 100% of injectors. I pay well via PayPal / bank transfer / PSC. Contact: skype: / PM Best Regards, Asdator
  4. open

    Just use other ports, and create new databases. Example: player_server1 not player, and change it in chanels configs.
  5. Ohohoh, nice work bro, really like it!
  6. Ohoho, nice bro :).
  7. @VegaS What with winners?
  8. Send me PM with Skype.
  9. Pm me!
  10. U can do this even with questflags.
  11. You have full message box.