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  1. open Question about pet.is_equipped

    "equip" and "unequip" EVENTS not FUNCTIONS ... when 19.equip begin syschat("You equiped a weapon.") end when 19.unequip begin syschat("You unequiped a weapon.") end
  2. open Question about pet.is_equipped

    I already told you some days ago you can't do that with actual metin2 quest events. You need new quest events for that like "equip" and "unequip"... Or try with "use" event, It might work.
  3. solved I'm looking for this file "CRC32_inc.h"

    Replace: #include "CRC32_inc.h" With: #include "../EterBase/CRC32.h" // OR #include "CRC32.h"
  4. open Refresh real time maintenance by vegas

    Download Rubinum / Inception source and copy / paste from there, or you don't know to copy / paste ?
  5. open [Request]Decrypt official Item & Mob proto

    https://mega.nz/#!N11SVS5B!7pUoXQ1Y6gHR7qLU7XeHsXLtY_bm6GM633XHtwyBZP4 Is not the original structure but is a close one...
  6. if pc.get_wear(4) == 469 then syschat("You have weapon 469 equiped.") end -- 4 is slot number, check the list i posted abobe -- 469 is weapon vnum
  7. open Help Exception C++

    Ofc it crash when you call function GetVnum() through a null pointer bool CItem::IsExceptions(DWORD dwVnum) { switch (dwVnum) { case 30036: return true; break; } return false; } bool CItem::IsItemBox() { //LPITEM item; // why ? return (GetType() == ITEM_MATERIAL && !IsExceptions(GetVnum())); // Just call GetVnum() or like that: this->GetVnum() }
  8. open Help with use case

    if (item->GetVnum() > 80002 && item->GetVnum() <= 80008) { if (item->GetValue(1) + GetGold() > 1999999999) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You cant have more gold.")); return false; } //ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("you have got %d gold"), item->GetValue(1)); //Already is in python PointChange(POINT_GOLD, item->GetValue(1)); item->SetCount(item->GetCount() - 1); }
  9. solved Guild Alchemist Melting

    For inventory problem: ## uiselectitem.py ## Search: for i in xrange(player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE*2): ## Replace with: for i in xrange(player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE * player.INVENTORY_PAGE_COUNT): For +3 stones: -- guild_building_melt.quest -- Search: if item.vnum < 28000 or item.vnum >= 28300 then -- Replace with: if item.vnum < 28000 or item.vnum >= 28400 then
  10. open Bug horse appearance

    It should save in database horse appearance when you call that function "horse.set_appearance(20114)" and on the next login should summon horse with new appearance. You forget some steps from Alina's tutorial or the tutorial is wrong.
  11. open Bug horse appearance

    Try like that : quest mount_system begin state start begin ------------------------------------------------------------- when login with horse.is_riding() begin horse.set_appearance(horse.get_appearance()) end ------------------------------------------------------------- when 71124.use begin horse.set_appearance(20114) if pc.is_polymorphed() then syschat("Nu poti calarii cat esti transformat.") elseif pc.is_riding() then syschat("Nu poti invoca un mount cat timp calaresti!") else if true == horse.is_summon() then horse.unsummon() else horse.summon() end end end end end
  12. open Mob drop name lock

  13. open Bug horse appearance

    Post the quest, who the f*** can help you without files ?
  14. I speak about source server side checks , not python ... Take : SetExchangeTime() // GetExchangeTime() like example.
  15. Same shit, cancel change channel event when add new item and make a 10 secunde timer after add new item . (Is not that hard)