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  1. c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    There are more classes in uiGuild.py , make sure you put in right class (GuildWindow).
  2. [MiniFix] PartyRemovePacket

    When you try to remove a player from party with target button, it will not work.
  3. Item Proto / Mob Proto

    https://mega.nz/#!s8NxiBoD!8YgUJnrtRTBYr9cv1ZeOa9mVA3V9kZzzqr7hI1tg8Sw mob_proto has the structure changed and i can't decrypt (yet).
  4. I seen this on 2089 game (3-4 years ago), but is not actually a bug and the "fix" is not in server source. Check item_proto -> GainSocket collumn (for accessories need to pe 0) =))) I don't know why you try to fix everything on server source. To look smart ? if (table->bGainSocketPct) item->AlterToSocketItem(table->bGainSocketPct);
  5. open Halloween 2017

    You need to write #Dumb
  6. 1. Make a guild 2. Put that code in uiGuild.py in OnUpdate function net.SendGuildPostCommentPacket("") 3. In your console type "top" and check "mysql" process 4. Check your table player.guild_comment to... Fix: ## 1.guild.h // 1.1.Search: EventMap m_GuildInviteEventMap; // 1.1.Add after: protected: int m_guildPostCommentPulse; ## 2.guild.cpp // 2.1.Search function: void CGuild::AddComment(LPCHARACTER ch, const std::string& str) { ... } // 2.1.Replace with: void CGuild::AddComment(LPCHARACTER ch, const std::string& str) { if (str.length() > GUILD_COMMENT_MAX_LEN || str.length() == 0) // Added string null verification return; // Compare last pulse with current pulse and notify the player if (m_guildPostCommentPulse > thecore_pulse()) { int deltaInSeconds = ((m_guildPostCommentPulse / PASSES_PER_SEC(1)) - (thecore_pulse() / PASSES_PER_SEC(1))); int minutes = deltaInSeconds / 60; int seconds = (deltaInSeconds - (minutes * 60)); ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You can post a new comment in: %02d minutes and %02d seconds!", minutes, seconds); return; } char text[GUILD_COMMENT_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1]; DBManager::instance().EscapeString(text, sizeof(text), str.c_str(), str.length()); DBManager::instance().FuncAfterQuery(void_bind(std::bind1st(std::mem_fun(&CGuild::RefreshCommentForce),this),ch->GetPlayerID()), "INSERT INTO guild_comment%s(guild_id, name, notice, content, time) VALUES(%u, '%s', %d, '%s', NOW())", get_table_postfix(), m_data.guild_id, ch->GetName(), (str[0] == '!') ? 1 : 0, text); // Set comment pulse to 10 minutes m_guildPostCommentPulse = thecore_pulse() + PASSES_PER_SEC(10*60); }
  7. solved Resolve

    Just a visual error. If is that important for you: ## uiaffectshower.py ## Search: if level==0: self.horseImage=None else: ## Replace with: if level==0: self.horseImage=None self.__ArrangeImageList() else:
  8. open Offline Shop duplicate bug

    This bug is old =) Very old. In : void COfflineShopManager::TakeItem(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bPos) Search: "FROM %soffline_shop_item WHERE owner_id = %u and pos = %d", get_table_postfix(), ch->GetPlayerID(), bPos); Replace with: "FROM %soffline_shop_item WHERE owner_id = %u and pos = %d and status = 1", get_table_postfix(), ch->GetPlayerID(), bPos);
  9. Found a bug with resolution for AMD players

    I had that bug too, for me was a python problem . (For me not just freeze, it was like some windows are opened and opened again) In uiplayergauge.py result of some operations was NaN and tried to put Gauge on NaN position. eg.: (x - self.GetWidth()/2 = NaN). Try to use this file: https://ghostbin.com/paste/8kf22
  10. c++ [FIX] Yang Gold Bug Negative!

    http://cpp.sh/2qr6b Are you sure total money will be -475000 ? In your code is no condition and your print of nTotalMoney is wrong , a unsigned variable should be printed with %u. Ofc if you print a unsigned variable with signed type it will make automaticaly conversion. (Like you put (int) before variable). http://cpp.sh/9gvt6 So Mali61, if you really want to use that condition try like that: (or use @xP3NG3Rx code , is better) case POINT_GOLD: { unsigned int nTotalMoney = GetGold() + amount; if (nTotalMoney > GOLD_MAX) { return; }else if ((int)nTotalMoney < 0) { return; }else{ SetGold(GetGold() + amount); val = GetGold(); } }
  11. c++ [FIX] Yang Gold Bug Negative!

    unsigned int nTotalMoney if(nTotalMoney < 0) Really ? nTotalMoney never can be negative.
  12. c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    https://mega.nz/#!AwdhHZRD!qQIBjkwBNx-vRWLNst-ilwQLlylid-_cVZYgjDdZ0jE https://s26.postimg.org/v3s2of6ix/screenshot_92.png d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/select_btn_01.sub ...
  13. Series Request

    Game Of Thrones The 100 The Originals The Vampire Diaries Teen Wolf 13 Reasons Why
  14. open Drop dialog

    Search @martysama0134 , he has that system in his source. Maybe he sell separated for a good price .