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  1. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    Would rather try to get Them fixed Currently a running server that ppl like
  2. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    I have problems with duel, group invite, change empire scroll, horse seems like it summons with item, but its not there + no icon of the horse. But i can summon on gm with command no problem. Last problem is i cant set pvp mode to free etc nothing of that. Adding skill books to trainers.. I need help with this bug fixing - plz help me. I can pay a little if you like? I want to be able to trade infinite yang too.
  3. dawnofthedead15

    Translation not working

    pack it
  4. Looking for legit website coder for my website design
  5. dawnofthedead15

    Search best metin2 2017 serverfiles ever

    I need them with all the new system serverfiles - clientfiles - source files - website with all the new systems - MUST BE IN ENGLISH! The better they are the more i pay!
  6. dawnofthedead15

    Looking for english sfiles metin2

    Hello i am looking for metin2 english serverfiles + client + source with all the new systems 2017 for some money. Anyone?
  7. i can pay a little for it + i have a dedicated server. I failed to set all this up so it would work. -link removed-
  8. dawnofthedead15

    English hosting site metin2?

    Anyone knows if there are any hosting companies that offer metin2 serverfiles included - setup included - patch included etc?. - Thanks in advance.
  9. dawnofthedead15

    Looking for very high graphic server files..

    Im looking for Very high graphic, server files. IDK if 40k is the newest. Please post a comment or write in PM.
  10. dawnofthedead15


    I really need a developer to help me with updating my server with a lot of new stuff... ticket system automatic giving coins to donators.. sash system - pet system - costumes - switchbot etc... My server is avatars2.com and i really need help... the server is really at the edge and i need help its very crucial.
  11. dawnofthedead15

    Vote4coins script

    Have no idear how to make it xD
  12. dawnofthedead15

    Searching for vote4coins script

    Anyone can help me make a vote4coins script on my website?
  13. dawnofthedead15

    Vote4coins script

    Anyone can help me with making vote4coins script on my website?
  14. Max Level 135, English (International) Medium server. Multi generations and high level items (not overpowered)! Honorable and responsible owner and sweet staff... Features: Max stats: 110 , many new features, more comming soon. Extra: Exchange Office, Central Marketplace, New maps, New Mobs and Much More... Server bonuses: 200% Experience Rate; 200% Gold Drop; 200% Item Drop. Join us at avatars2.com