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  1. dawnofthedead15

    Developer for solve Translae Problems.

    Add me on skype - dawnofthedead15
  2. dawnofthedead15

    Inventory sidebar Buttons

    Pretty straightforward and easy system - nice share
  3. dawnofthedead15

    Client protect

    I can code one for you if you want?
  4. dawnofthedead15

    [Pay] Looking for client protection

    I can help you with that, throw me a pm or add me on skype: dawnofthedead15 I will be creating it myself.
  5. I am a developer i can help if you want. I can offer you these services: If you need any help in all terms of work from a metin2 Developer im your guy. My name is Julius im 23 years old. I work as a datatechnician in a company. In my freetime i work freelance as a metin2 developer - ive created a few servers of my own including Avatars2. I can do everything from website to creating servers. Working on source, client or patching. LUA Programming. If i missed something please let me know. If you need any specific kind of work please let me know in a pm. Looking forward to working with you Cheers!
  6. dawnofthedead15

    metin2 developer

    still need help?
  7. Hello there throw me a pm i can help you with your project.
  8. dawnofthedead15

    Staff italian project

    Hello do you still need help? part 3. i cant do but the other things i can do.
  9. dawnofthedead15

    Need a co partner for my server.

    Hello i can help you - throw me a pm
  10. dawnofthedead15

    Buying metin2 server files oldschool

    Still need help? If you have files i can help you.
  11. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    Would rather try to get Them fixed Currently a running server that ppl like
  12. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    I have problems with duel, group invite, change empire scroll, horse seems like it summons with item, but its not there + no icon of the horse. But i can summon on gm with command no problem. Last problem is i cant set pvp mode to free etc nothing of that. Adding skill books to trainers.. I need help with this bug fixing - plz help me. I can pay a little if you like? I want to be able to trade infinite yang too.
  13. dawnofthedead15

    Translation not working

    pack it
  14. Looking for legit website coder for my website design
  15. dawnofthedead15

    Search best metin2 2017 serverfiles ever

    I need them with all the new system serverfiles - clientfiles - source files - website with all the new systems - MUST BE IN ENGLISH! The better they are the more i pay!