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  1. Are you planning to make a bin fixed like your cores?
  2. It's the first time that i am having such trouble with mysql. I am installing mysql and i get the commands of mysql are uknown . Mysql is on the autostart list , also i've tried reninstalling 2times my os and i am having the same problem ..I can't install mysql via pkg..
  3. I can pay for fixing compile errors..
  4. I think thath's why..
  5. Are you are using?Via the bin's source code.
  6. #up
  7. Are you are using a binary with upgraded directx?
  8. When I'm trying to compile my gamefile i get this error.. DB compils fine..
  9. download kraizy.tgz
  10. -ftree -loop -vectorize it's a flag
  11. This is my currently problem bro , so the infos are 2much ...
  12. You don't know who is your dad?I am feeling really sorry for you .. :/
  13. No it is not...I've disable a flag i think is thats why (-ftree -loop -vectorize ) , it makes me problem and says unregognized command line option ..Do you know what must i install?I am using freebsd 9.2 Thanks anw for replying me