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  1. open

    Thanks for your reply. I've replaced these and now I have these errors:
  2. open

    Hello guys, I am trying to compile a source code and i am getting these errors: Material.cpp: Please somebody could help me? Edit: I think it has to do with the include ,lib dir.
  3. dir /etc/mysq; doesn't it strange?
  4. I reninstalled my os from 10.3 32bit to 64bit because i had this trouble: After that i made the same exactly installation like i was doing on 9.3 and i did on 10.3 and i had a really strange problem, i can run perfectly commands , the mysql is running but i can't login into navicat . Here is all my errors of db: Something else strange is that when I am running these commands and delete the error files I can login into navicat but after crashes again. Thanks for reading my post , wishing the best for all of you guys.
  5. You mean to contact with my host?
  6. I did posted it my friend thanks for your reply.What should I make?
  7. Okay i mananged to fix it after 20 minutes of posting it but i hadn't got connection to check the post.. Now when i open my server i get this error. DB error file Also i can't connect with navicat.
  8. I 've ordered a vps and i've installed my sfs succesfully but mob_proto table can't be readed ,it says that it is corrupted but i can open it fine in my other virtual memmory on my pc. I have tried to import the sql file but again i am getting errors , the table is created but with no data .. All the tables as i can see are fine except this.. When i try to add a mob with no query i get this message "1265 - Data truncated for column 'size' at row 1 .
  9. Are you planning to make a bin fixed like your cores?
  10. It's the first time that i am having such trouble with mysql. I am installing mysql and i get the commands of mysql are uknown . Mysql is on the autostart list , also i've tried reninstalling 2times my os and i am having the same problem ..I can't install mysql via pkg..
  11. I can pay for fixing compile errors..
  12. I think thath's why..
  13. Are you are using?Via the bin's source code.
  14. #up
  15. Are you are using a binary with upgraded directx?