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  1. Is there a tool that converts a/some quest(s) to gameforge style? I mean all text be read from translate.lua Thanks
  2. solved GR2 Export Alignment Problem

    first say how after i'll say you the fix
  3. open Extern for VS2017

    Please someone could send me an extern that works for visual studio 2017?
  4. Searching for fixing bin error

  5. When i'm running client in release mode i get just "client not responding" at the client that the client must be showed. When i'm running client in debug mode i get this error. Here's all the log I can pay for the fix
  6. Searching for fixing bin error

  7. The best ServerFiles?

    Please answer me in skype just to know how i'll continue.
  8. Searching for fixing bin error

    #UP i'm having a small error if anyone is interested please leave me a private message. Only persons that have free time these days...
  9. open Libjpeg error

  10. open Libjpeg error

    now i get these errors
  11. open Libjpeg error

    The path is not the problem i just changed it
  12. open Libjpeg error

    I upgraded vs version to my source ,after cryptopp and libjpeg and i had some errors like this so i changed jpegfile.cpp & .h with a fixed version and i am getting now like these Do anyone can help me?
  13. I am trying to open my sln file and the folders are not read from visual studio
  14. I am searching someone with free time who knows python to help me with some client issues... i am paying